Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekend review

Saturday was one of the best weather days we've had in the month of October, I had to work from 9am to 3pm but it was good, got a lot done and changed a few wall displays, I think my boss is going to be pleased with what I came up with, we shall see...

After work I managed to get everything else I need for the Florida trip (which by the way is tomorrow am) so I got both my two outfits for the two events including my pirate theme outfit... Oh yeah, I forgot to mention about that. Like I said on my past post about my October events, turns out the company decided to make the GH Ocean Foundation Dinner a Pirate Theme event, so that dress I posted a picture of here, is going to become a pirate dress (but a fancy one, of course!), got my high boots, my big gold earring hoops and all... I'm going to look fabulous!!!

Anyway, back to my weekend... So after working Saturday and missing the opportunity to go to the beach and enjoy a nice sunny day, we got up today, got some breakfast and around 10 we left to the beach, laid down, did some snorkeling and a few hours later it was raining again, then it rained pretty much the rest of the afternoon and night.

Now it's off to bed, working tomorrow and then off the Florida for a few day... Have a great weekend!!!

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