Tuesday, November 17, 2009

End of a state of war

Lately in my dreams I've been battling a terrorizing war with this monster

and even though the monster looks like he's just out of a science fiction movie, it's no other that Aedes taeniorhynchus a.k.a common mosquito.

It's been a few weeks that the situation human vs. mosquito in my house is being a very, very bloody battle...

Our house (as you can see in the above picture) is built on 10 foot stilts so we get very nice breezy most of the year, we have a nice deck in the front as well as in the back so we keep the doors open to get even better air flow during day and night, also this way we do not have to always run the a/c and feel like we live in a jar!

These past few weeks we have had a lot of rain and not so much wind so mosquitoes took advantage of that, coming into the house and hiding in the dark spots so when the night comes they come out to haunt us, bite us and make our night a nightmare....

But not anymore, after weeks of battling those annoying insects, we have come up with the perfect solution; a way to sleep better at night, still with all our doors open and not worry about them annoying visitors harassing us!


We installed it last night and we had a pretty good night sleep. I really like it mostly cause it brings back memories of when I lived in Mexico and had one just like it, besides it looks nice and gives you the feeling of a little camping/romantic mood, LOL!!!

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You have a BEAUTIFUL HOUSE!!! And it is true it does look kinda romantic!! :D I hate the mosquitos too! It's ok right now we don't have too many now!

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