Wednesday, February 3, 2010

running in "auto pilot"

Work and life in general's been NON STOP for me since last week Thursdy.

Events on the weekend (that I mentioned on my previous post a few days ago) and then continued until even today. So, I'm exhausted + I'm also taking some "meds" cause my arm/shoulder/neck problem is still around and getting to me bad.

I have tons and tons of pictures to share with the world, specially of the new painting/collaboration between two of the world's most famous marine artists Guy Harvey & Wyland, here's are 2 pics of it, first one is when it was still on the process and then the end result, enjoy!

The name of the new piece is "Cayman Treasures"...Promise to get back to blogging regularly as soon as I get my energy back after I manage to getsome rest... buh-bye!!!

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It is gorgeous! I love art and paintings like those always cheer me up for some reason. I love paintings that have to do with the beach or the ocean, I find them to be very relaxing and so beautiful.

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