Monday, February 15, 2010

Yesterday's future

For those who read my post from yesterday, you might have noticed that you were taken to the future, all the way to December 14th 2010... Now I have changed it to the original date.

My blog is acting crazy as I originally published that post when I was in FL... maybe I was so tired that it posted on the date of Feb. 14th 2009 (I didn't even have my blog back then).

Last night when I got home I decided to check if I had any comments and I couldn't even find the post. I finally found it, so I re-published it and now it appears in the future... crazy!

This shows how tired I am from those 4 days of the Miami Boat Show... I didn't take many pictures but I have a couple I will post tomorrow.

Well, I'm finally back to Grand Cayman, the weather is so nice and sunny, being around low 50's for a few days was pretty hard, can't even imagine what other people in the Northern parts of the world as experiencing right now, but one thing that I'm sure of is the fact that I am glad to be back in the tropics and that I live here permanently.... aaaahhhhh!

So for those who didn't read yesterday's post with the wrong date, do it now in the present and enjoy!

Have a fab week!!!

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