Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Today unfortunately I'm not writing about the movie with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, the one where they finally meet at the top of some building in Seattle... I am writing about last night.
Pretty much my entire life, sleeping is something that has come natural to me, I have it down to a science (or at least used to), if I am good at something sleeping will be on that list.
But now with this situation I have on my arm it's very difficult for me to feel comfortable and find a right way to sleep, I have a hard time sleeping on my right side cause of the pain of my neck, shoulder and now the elbow. Last night my tennis elbow situation took a big toll on me, I was awake most of the night in pain, finally got up to look for some pain killers, my lovely husband rubbed my arm to release some of the pain (and it helped), finally the pain killers kicked in and I felt sleep past 3 o'clock, of course by 6:30 am when I had to get up to go to work I was finally enjoying my sleep... ugh!
It's Tuesday and my next doctor's appointment is on Thursday and finally next week I am starting physio therapy on the arm, looking forward to get my arm in good shape and my sleeping back.... Have a nice day!

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*hugs* I hope you arm pain goes away soon and you can finally get some real true rest!

I hate it that when you are finally falling asleep you have to wake up it is awful!

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