Monday, August 16, 2010

New week, New museum

My weekend was pretty smooth, no hard turns or sudden movements, just chilling, the weather was rainy but still super hot.

I forgot to mention that last Thursday we visited the new Cayman Motor Museum, a private museum with a very special and valuable car collection. The owner Mr. Andreas Ugland has this amazing collection and was kind enough to share it with the world, here are some of the most amazing cars he has.
nice spread of Ferrari
1954 Rolls-Royce

the original 1966 Batmovil
my favorite, Mustang
Bentley previously owned by Elton John

"tailor made" Rolls-Royce Limousine for the owner
Aren't those cars amazing? The whole place is very nice, very well set up and with very nice memorabilia and decoration! If you are every in Cayman, it's a no miss, a 100% worth the visit!

Have a nice week!

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