Tuesday, September 14, 2010

called for help?

Yesterday I got a most unexpected phone call from our former manager at the store, she got fired last year for reasons that I am not going to get into, all I can say is that she was making the wrong decisions that once some of us found out about it and even after trying for her to come clean about her wrong decisions, she did nothing, which made us feel like her accomplices, so instead we did the right thing...

Later on she got fired in part for her wrong decision making, but mainly because of the way she handle the whole situation, by not accepting her responsibility and kept on lying about it...

Of course, once she was out, she took it against me (mostly) and started sending me some very harmful and mean texts (from an old phone of mine that I gave her as a present cause she needed one in the past- ironic!), calling me names and all. But, even though her behavior made me feel kind of sad, I never felt bad about coming out with the truth about the situations at work, because I know I did the right thing...

Well, back to the unexpected phone call... She called me yesterday asking me for help, she wasn't very explicit over the phone and only did say that it was something to do with Costa Rica, about some documents in Spanish and since I am the only Costarican that she knows and "trusts?", she wanted to meet and talk to me about it. 

I accepted and I am going to meet her tomorrow... But, of course I very cleverly choose a cafe where they know me at, so in case all of a sudden she starts acting up, at least I will be around people that know me and can "come to my rescue", right? 

So I figure, why not helping her? I never did anything to hurt her, in fact most of the time while working with her, she did several things to hurt me and even after I distanced myself from her and tried keeping a very professional relationship she always managed to find a way to mess me up. (I guess forgot to mention that she also claims to be bi-polar, so that doesn't help her behavior at times!).

I am a firm believer that in life you need to do good without looking at whom. If she needs my help (as long as it's not anything beyond my power; monetary or illegal) I will do my best to help her. 

After all she did to me (and other staff members) last year, it must have been hard for her to swallow her pride and call me, so that proves that what "goes around, comes around" and I don't want to be the one ever in trouble or in need of help and having a hard time calling somebody for help because of my bad karma...  I figure it just adds good karma to me... Let's just hope that she honestly needs my help but mostly that she is willing to be helped, right? 

Here's to hoping I don't get dissapointed and have a tough time talking to her..Wish me luck!

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Janelle said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I was wondering what happened to her when I was reading of your boss' bday on today's post. Good for you being the bigger person and not allowing the past to prevent you from helping someone. But tread lightly. Good luck.

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