Tuesday, December 21, 2010

it's the season to give

Our dogs (like many other pets) are very blessed animals. The have a nice house, people that love and care for them, food & water, medical care (if needed), they go on walks when needed and even get treats every now and then.

On the other hand there are many, many domesticated animals that do not have the same privileges as our dogs do. Some are born to live in the streets, having to constantly look for food and shelter to survive. Whenever I hear about terrible snow storms, hurricanes and any other bad weather situations, I think about those animals that have no place to be safe.

Now, there are others animals that thanks to the love and care of certain people and organizations, have the opportunity to be in a shelter area where they are safe and can get fed. Maybe they would even have the opportunity to one day be part of a family that will love and care for them the way it should be.

So this being the season to give, let's try to focus on not only getting things for people that  sometimes don't even need anything at all, let's not forget about others and specially those lovely animals in need of so much.

And that's why this year I decided to donate more than just money to the Cayman Islands Humane Society, because sometimes money can end up in the wrong hands or used for the wrong things.

This year I am buying a 52 lbs bag of food for the shelter dogs and a 30 lbs bag for the kitties, so they can have a few set meals to finish and start the year with a full belly.

As I can't adopt them all (even though I wish I could) I am also including a new resolution on my list for 2011 and it's to give them a bag every 3 months (if my budget allows it)... Have a wonderful day!!!

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Jess said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Such a great thing! Animals are my heart and I can't even go to the humane society without tearing up. I want to take them all! For our Ugly Christmas Sweater party this year I bought a majority of our outfits from the Humane Society Thrift Store, so all of the proceeds go right back into the Humane Society. It was a win/win!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Such a nice thing your doing. We also have been giving our shelter dog and cat food twice a year (Jan n July) for the last 8 years. They do so much good for the lost and thrown away pets. We are in the throws of getting money for a new shelter here. The land was donated by a wonderful couple and now we are trying to raise $800,000. - So far they have raised $380,000. so we're nearly half way! Are both your sweet pups from the shelter? Our kitty Ernest T. Bass who died in May at age 12.6 was from the shelter. Bless you for what you are doing!!MERRY HRISTMAS...debbie

MarkD60 said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Once the humane society ran an advert asking for donations of supplies. One of the things the things they wanted was cleanser. I remember taking a whole bunch of stuff down there.

Joey Y said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

So kind of you Sunshine! Applause ~ It's just so touching that you have such a kind heart for animals.

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