Sunday, April 10, 2011

Delicious Sunday

Today the photo challenge is about posting a picture of my favorite place to eat.

Well, I could post a picture of a couple of restaurant where I like to eat, but if it comes to my favorite place I am going to go with my #1 place and food, which is here...

I love everything about my Mom's cooking and eating there is always delicious, enjoyable and with the best of company. I am sure plenty can relate to this feeling, right?

If you are ever in Costa Rica, make sure to contact me so you can go visit "La Cocina de Lorena" (see the sign on the picture above? that was made by my husband and me for my Mom's kitchen)... I am already dreaming of my next time there and looking forward to some "comfort food"....Buen provecho!

Have a delicious Sunday :)

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The only thing better than your Moms cooking is YOURS!

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