Thursday, May 6, 2010

Joy Ride

There are a lot of things in life that fill my life with joy, some are complex but others very simple ones that just bright my day and make me enjoy being alive.

People make me happy but also sometimes make me very sad, human relationships are hard and definitely not simple, still when they are positive influences in your life they can definitely bring you much, much joy.

Now, when it comes to animals, this is a completely different story in my case, I love animals and most of the time they make me very, very happy. More and more everyday I come to find out how amazing they are, how awesome it's to be able to share my life with them and wish more people would realize the same; that way they would be more loved and protected.

I have to admit that one simple thing that makes me really happy is; whenever I see a dog riding in a car. Why this makes me happy? Is not mainly because of the dog being in the car, but the fact that the people with him/her really appreciate their relationship and it goes beyond a human-pet type, is like they give their animal the value of life companion, and that is priceless.

Yesterday morning, I was driving to work, nowadays I always carry my camera with me in case I encounter one of those "Kodak moments", then all of a sudden on the side of the road while I am waiting on a red light, here comes a man driving a scooter with the most wonderful passenger...

Isn't he great?

After I got home that afternoon I told my husband:

-You won't believe what I saw this morning and took a picture of? and he answered:
-You saw a guy riding a scooter with a dog in the back!
I was like, WOW! How did you know? He says because he saw it too around the island (twice) and each time he thought of me!!! (And that's another reason why I love my man).

Have a wonderful day!!!

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Buy a motorcyle and take your dogs for a spin too! LOL!

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