Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday post

It's not very often that I post on weekends, but it's Sunday and I am home by myself because my husband is participating on an annual diving week event call Inner Space.

This is the 7th year he has done it and for the first time ever I will be joining one of the boats tomorrow.

I haven't been diving on my rebreather since last November, so to be honest I am a bit nervous. Fortunately there's a married couple that have become quite good friends with us (as they come every year), so they have offered to take me in the morning for a check up dive near the shore and then if everything works good and I feel confident, we will join the afternoon boat for a real dive, I hope everything works out alright!

Yesterday was a pretty nice day, I had to run an errand so I decided to take the dogs with me for a car ride, after I did what I needed to do, I decided to take them for a walk near the Ritz Carlton Golf Course where there's a sea canal and some pretty nice houses, we had a great time.

this is the canal we walked by

Nice house with big catamaran and small boat

nice crib! (LOL)

Dogs got back very thirsty...

but very HAPPY!!!

Then in the afternoon I work on fixing an Aluminum Sun fixture that we have on the front of the house, it's been out there for over a year and you can start to see the damage of the wind, sun and rain, so I bought some spray paint and it went from this

to this
Much better, right?

As I mentioned before, tomorrow is a holiday on the island so I should be getting my rebreather wet again, wish me luck! Have a wonderful week :)

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