Thursday, July 28, 2011

hair issues

Lately I've been pretty tired of my hair.

When you have very tick curly hair, maintaining it moisturized and in good shape is HARD WORK.

Back in high school I was never pleased with my hair, always wanting and trying the latest product or treatment on the market to make it straight and manageable. But in many ways I sort of felt like I was living in function of my hair and it was the ruler of my life.

Until one day I say: "the heck with it!" and cut all off, literally, went to a barber and asked him to use the #2 blade on me... And oh boy, did I felt great, renewed and from then on, during the years I used my hair short, it was lovely not to live around the fact that my hair needed styling.

me with some friend in Egypt, when I had my hair shorter

By the time my hair started growing I had already made peace with my appearance and instead of fighting the fact that I have very curly hair, I just decided to make the best out of it and let it grow, be happy and grateful, I believe that this phase in life is called "maturing!"... LOL!

Time went by and I've had very long hair since, at times it's in good shape, but at times not so much, lately I feel my hair is pretty bad, lots of tangles and definitely need some chopping (but I am scared because most people can't really cut curly hair well, and this could be a disaster!)....

Another little detail is the fact that during the years I have acquired quite a few gray hairs and although I am still pretty young, I believe it comes from the fact that my Dad has had gray hair from the age of 21... perhaps it's in my roots (literally!) and it's something I just can't avoid, well, that is unless I get it color.... Which is what I am planning to do tomorrow!

Dunno yet what I am going to go with exactly, but at this point and because of how bad it looks, perhaps even this psycho Bob look is an option

Kidding! I am not that crazy desperate!!!

And I promise I won't go for something like this either... that is just plain ugly and ridiculous!!!

So, although I am not sure what I want, at least I am sure of what I don't want... A crazy looking hair color or anything blond (because that is just not me!)... But I do need to revive it, with color, some light or just something different for a change.

Tomorrow is the day and I am looking forward to it, will be posting some photos next week, hopefully I will be happy with the result, wish me look!

Have a great Thursday!!!

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Holly said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I can't wait to see how your hair turns out!!! I'm sure it will look so good on you no matter what :)

Gods Little People said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Oh my goodness - you have to search far and wide to find a hairdresser that truly knows how to "honor" curly hair. I've only got gently curly hair but in my teens it was a continual drama every time I went to the hairdresser until I could afford a trendy hair salon (what a treat it was!). Anyhow... wish you great luck! I mentioned it before, but I think you looked hot with your short hairdo!!

~*zOee*~ said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I totally understand how's your feeling right now. Hoping to get a revamped look but nervous at the same time as bad haircuts really is a disaster!! I've had too much experience! So yea, WISH YOU THE BEST OF LUCK! looking forward to see the new you!

Anna E said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Curios how much affect hair has on a person! I have always had very thin hair (with a few natural curls in it) and my greatest wish all through childhood was to be able to have long and thicker hair! I even said to the hairdresser "could you pleeease cut it long?" with the result that she gave me a free wig!! It was not that long, till about shoulder length, and the colour was like a red fow! So out in the small village I went with the wig on my head, and people looked at me like I was mad, so I only did that once ;-DD It was a stiff wig and very warm to wear but great fun for playing indoor games! Now I have settled to the fact that I´ll never have long hair, but I simply love curly hair like yours, so you are wellcome to swop with me if you wish LOL I did´t know it takes that much work to have your type of hair. Anyway, I´m glad I do have hair, and when I look at women without hair because of chemo therapy, it makes me even more appreciative. Look forward to seing your new look! :-))

MarkD60 said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I think you could easily do you hair like the redhead in your pics....
I'd like to see that!

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