Thursday, June 18, 2009

All about work...

When you live on a Caribbean island or just any kind of vacation destination, people tend to think that all we do is go to the beach, lounge around, catch some rays, dive, read books on a hammock... and although I try to do that as much of that as I can... I also have a real job, with a real boss, responsibilities, deadlines, ordering products, doing inventory, etc, etc, etc.... Yeah, really I do!

But even though I have a real job, I think my job is definitely better that most. I am the Art Directory of a Gallery own by a local artist, Guy Harvey.

To give you a little background about my boss;
Guy Harvey is a unique blend of artist, scientist (with a Phd on Marine Biology-Fish Anatomy), diver, angler, explorer and conservationist.

Mr. Harvey natural talent and ability to recreate mainly marine life, has giving him the opportunity to combine his love for the ocean with research and conservation efforts to preserve it as well as many species, specially the bill fish (ie. marlin, sailfish, swordfish).

In 1999 in collaboration with the NOVA Southeastern University in FL he founded the Guy Harvey Research Inst. and in 2008 he also founded the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation, a non-profit organization to preserve the oceans and its species.

For more information about Guy Harvey, his art and even his organizations, visit

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