Wednesday, August 8, 2012

C is for Courage, Commitment & Chacon

In case you are wondering why I haven't posted anything about the Olympics?

Well, in fact I haven't been watching them at all!!! We don't really have cable tv in our house and the only two local channels are not very good reception either, so I just don't bother with TV much at all...

The other day while at the bank waiting for my turn at the teller, I happened to catch a kayak race which was pretty cool.

But although I haven't really been watching the events, I do follow some of the news about it and specially those about my fellow Costarican's representing my country.

And that's why today I would like to dedicate my post to courage and commitment in the form of triathlon athlete Leonardo Chacon, a 28 year of Costarican that was prepares (as many others) to give it all on his sport at the 2012 London Olympics, but failed to do it.

But the thing is that commitment and effort doesn't necessary get you there, you always have to remember that there are other factors that could affect your performance and that is why a winner is not necessary the number one spot on the race.

As many of you know, in triathlon there are 3 sports in one; swimming, biking and running which for the 2012 olympics were 0.93 miles of swim, 24.8 miles of bike and 6.2 miles of running.

Now off the Leonardo's story... 

He started his swimming and came out #17 just about 28 seconds behind the #1. Then he got into his bike expecting to get some advantage (as the bike is his -according to him- strongest sport), and that's when Canadian Whitfield (who has won Gold in Sydney and Silver in Pekin's games) fell off his bike, taking Chacon along with him.

Leonardo fell of the bike, his helmet broke hitting and cutting him in the shoulder, the bike's chain came loose and the handle broke as well...

But Leonardo did not gave up, bleeding from his back and hip, he got back in his bike and gave it all he could. But by the time he finished the bike (he was in #33) but then he still needed to run. While running, the pain and soreness caught up with him, making him loose stamina and places in the final run.

Leonardo Chacon, bruises and all, finished the race!
Leonardo finish, despite it all in #48 of 55, striking for the best.

And that's exactly why I dedicate today's post to him, because to me, he is already is in the book of best, as so are all those athletes that work hard for their dream to compete among the greatest and represent their country.

So, yeah, while lots of countries and athletes have many medals, others (like Leo) just have to be happy to have what it takes to never give up and live life with courage and commitment.

Congrats Leonardo, you made me and many Costarican's very proud!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Heather said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

What an amazing story! The media focuses so much attention on only the gold medalists, when there are so many other athletes with incredible and oftentimes even more inspiring stories.

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