Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sunny Saturday

Well, last night was 1/2 mission accomplished, and the reason why is only 1/2 is because I did managed to get some sleep but I haven't been able to get rid of my cough 100%. I do have to say that the natural remedy Hyung (my Korean friend) gave me works pretty good, but does not cure the cough 100%.

Something else I tried last night right before going to be was: carrot juice with hot water and honey, that works pretty good for relaxing you and taking the itching off your throat, so that's another natural remedy I recommend for when fighting that annoying cough while trying to get to sleep.

So, it's Saturday and I'm really hoping I get some well deserve rest and manage to get rid of this annoying sickness that's being around me way too long.

This afternoon we are planning to go to the opening of a new nursery and I expect to find some good deals as we need more stuff for our garden, but even if we don't buy anything it makes me excited to go cause I LOVE PLANTS and I love going to nurseries, I will probably take some pictures too, although I have not being using my Nikon lately cause I left my charger in CR last month. My mother put it on the mail about a month ago and I'm still waiting for it....

Anyway, here are some pictures of some flowers I bought last weekend, I think they are so beautiful and simple, they are for full sun and require almost no attention at all... Have a great weekend!

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I like the top photo, Flowers in prison!

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