Monday, August 3, 2009

My plans for August

Well, another month has come and go, and we are finally in August!!! I say finally because I've been looking forward to this month for a couple of weeks now and the reason why is because I am going back home to Costa Rica on August 20th and I can't wait.

Although this is really an "official visit" and not a vacation trip. The main purpose of the trip is because my American Visa is going to expire on Oct. this year so I have to go apply for a new one and for that you need to make an appointment, get and interview, bring a whole bunch of paper work and then hopefully get approved for another one.

But besides, that I also need renew my passport cause it is expiring on Jan. of 2010 so in order to apply for the American Visa I need to have plenty of time on my passport, otherwise they would not approve me for another visa.

I'm pretty confident that my embassy interview is going to go pretty good, I have all of the forms filled up, copy of the registry of my name (under my name), bank account statements, letter from my employer, 2 passport pictures and the rest of the stuff...

So, once I get all that done, then I can just lay back and relax, as I have to wait 4 business days after my appointment to get my passport back + there's a weekend in between, so in total I will be back home for 16 day, yey!

I am going by myself, and although I would have loved to go with my husband, I know that going by myself will give me the opportunity to go see a lot family and friends I haven't seen in years. I am already in contact (through facebook) with some of my friends from high school to get together while I'm there and most of my best friends are already planning a couple of parties.

And last I can't wait to go see my Labrador (Gaia), her mom (Negra) and her sister (Emma)...

The girls coming to greet me, last time I was home (march 09)

Negra (in the back is the mother), Gaia (my dog laying down) and Emma (closer to the camera)

I'm also looking forward to see my parents cat (Lea), she is just adorable! I am going to have a fab time...
Lea (aka: meuw) and Me!

So, as of today I have put a little countdown timer with a background image of my parents house to remind me every day that I am one day closer to see them again... Check it out on my side bar!!!

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How fun!

It's so complicated to get a visa nowadays! Such a pain. My dad's in CA and I've been wanting to go visit him but just to think about all the paper work and everything else... gets me dizzy. @.@

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