Saturday, July 18, 2009

NO Diving weekend

Although I'm do much better of my dislocating ribs, I've decided not to dive this weekend so I can be 100% back on my feet and start diving again soon!

I feel good again but I think that if I underestimate what happened to me last weekend I might go back instead of forward.

And boy I do love diving and I want to enjoy many more years of it, so I should take it easy for now!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Humor

Have a great weekend and either blog or bark!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kuroshio Sea Video

I found this awesome video and information about the Kuroshio Sea, which is the second largest aquarium tank in the world.

The tank holds 7,500-cubic meters (1,981,290 gallons) of water and features the world’s second largest acrylic glass panel, measuring 8.2 meters by 22.5 meters with a thickness of 60centimeters. Whale sharks and manta rays are kept amongst many other fish species in the main tank.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Quick Tip

Don't you hate it when you have a beauty product in a soft package and you can't squeeze any more out of it??? Well, I have a quick tip for you (but this only works with soft plastic like containers).

When you are almost out, just get a pair of scissors and do this:

Cut almost in the middle of the bottle,
make you you'll be able to reach the bottom with your fingertips.

Once it's cut you'll be able to use the remaining product

To preserve it so it does not dry,
slide the top part on the other or the other way around

Another example:
Make sure you use good scissors so it's easier to cut

And voila! Now you'll be able to use till the last drop.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Still hurting, but @ work...

Today I got up and my body is still very, very sore... Went to the chiropractor again and he said that the only reason why he thinks I'm still in so much pain is because of the pressure that the second dive caused on my body after I dislocated my ribs... So, I'm just going to have to take it easy.

So, I'm back at work, trying to take it easy but still in very much pain. There are 4 cruise ships in, so we are expecting a very busy day, I talked to my boss and she knows I'm in pain so I will leave in case I can't take it any more...

Here's an aerial picture I found and it shows a day on the Georgetown Harbor with 4 cruise ships in.

Monday, July 13, 2009


Today I am in a quite a lot of pain, but not as bad as yesterday... Where is this coming from?

Well, on Sat. morning I did two boat dives on my new rebreather unit, in between dives I was very hot on the boat so I decided to jump from the side into the ocean like I always used to do. So I did a "cannonball" dive and once I hit the water I felt this incredible pressure in my back and going up to my head... but I was alright.

The rest of Sat. I was very busy getting everything ready for my husband birthday party (which was great btw) and I felt fine the whole time.

Yesterday morning I woke up with a very tight muscle on my back and shoulder blade... took some pills, took a very hot shower and called my chiropractor and left a message.

Hours went by and the pain did not get better, in fact it got worse, so I iced the area for about an hour, by that time my chiropractor got back to me, so I went to see him at around 7pm... Well, I was very tight, and because of my symptoms it looks like a have a dislocated rib.

Well, today I woke up even more sore all over because of the adjustment (but not as tight). So, I'm home, resting and trying to get better so I can finish my dives and get my certification.


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