Saturday, April 23, 2011

Late Post

Date 48 of the Photo Challenge is A picture of your favorite actress/actor.

My choices would be: For actress:

Kate Winslet
And for actor, I am in between;

Phillip Seymour Hoffman
 And also I really like him...

Kevin Spacey

Those would be my choices... Although there are many other talented actors/actresses that I like to. Once again I am not a person of "total favorites" so that's why I don't really have just one.

How about you? Who are your favorites?

Happy Weekend : )

Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 47

Today's Photo Challenge is to post "A picture of your favorite place to shop".

It's not that I don't like shopping, a mean c'mon I am a girl and I love shopping but in this case I don't really a favorite place to shop and for the following reasons:

a. I live on a Caribbean island where most shops consist of: Souvenir stores, t-shirt store, perfume stores or jewelry stores.
b. You can't find everything that you want concentrated in one place because there's not such thing as a Mall.
c. Everything is at least 2 (maybe even 3) times more expensive than most places in the world.

So in this case I really do not have a photo of an actual store to post...

I do have to say I love online shopping, specially here...

I love amazon because I can find lots of stuff and lots of great deals at the same place, I've had an account with them for over 10 years and not once I've had trouble with them or any of their orders.

In fact one time the sent me the same DVD twice and when I called to tell them I was in the Caribbean and could really return it, they told me to keep it and they didn't even charged me for it!

So I guess that store falls into my category of  favorite ones to shop at.

Oh, I almost forgot, HAPPY EARTH DAY (Easter version), "May we all do something everyday, to help our planet get in better shape".

Thursday, April 21, 2011

the place to be

Day 46 of my photo challenge: A picture of where you wish you were right now.

For today's challenge I am going to go with this... "Sun, Sand, Sea, a Hammock, Pillows and even cold Champagne", I believe this is where I would like to be today.

Have a wonderful day and wonderful Easter Weekend... I am off work tomorrow but I'll still be around to post!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

in my room

Photo Challenge Day 45- A picture of how you wished your room looked like.

Well, I wish it would look neat and spotless clean, LOL!

But c'mon it's not like I can actually post a picture of THAT! Well, unless I actually spot clean and sort out my messy room,  aaaaand then post it. Sorry I got news for y'all: that ain't happening today... unless I happen to run into a Genie in a bottle, so then maybe I can wish for that!

I actually like our room very much, the only things I would change is a higher ceiling (because I love rooms/houses with high ceiling), a little bigger and with more storage space... but other than that I am happy with it.

But one can only dream and wish without having to pay a big price... So for your eyes only (as this post do not contains either audio or smell), here are some pretty awesome room and bed where I could totally lay my bones every night!!!

for the white/classic look lovers... I would choose this one (notice the high ceiling)

for the more modern dark wood look, this is fab (again with the ceilings!)
So there you have it, my choices of "how I wish my bedroom would look like". Have a great day!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Face double?

Have you ever noticed that when people say you look like somebody you can't see it at all?

Today's Photo Challenge is: A picture of someone you've told you look alike.

In my case a couple of time people have said I look like the Mexican actress Salma Hayek (I wish!), but I definitely don't see it...

One time in the US, I walked into a Circuit City with my husband and Mother in Law, while they were shopping I was just browsing around the store (back then I was about 15 lbs lighter and I am about 5'4), this day I was wearing this big, dark sunglasses and a hat. All of a sudden this store clerk started following me but would not approach me... Finally another girl (store clerk) approached me and after talking for a few minutes, she said: Are you Salma Hayek? Say whaaat?

My friend Jason used to call me Salma after he watch "Fools Rush In" but I always though he was just messing with me...well, guess he's not the only one that sees it. I still don't!

So yesterday while thinking about today's blog I went to this website where you upload a photo and they will match you with a celebrity... well, guess who was my match? Salma Hayek!

Here is my result:

All I am going to say is, Salma wishes she could look like me, LOL!!! Do you see any resemblance?

Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 43

From this...

then this...

and finally to this...

Today's photo challenge is- Post a Picture of something you can't function without... COFFEE!!!

Some might say that is bad, some coffee drinkers might agree with me that is good. There's always been all sorts of versions and points of view about the negative effects of coffee and then there's others that advocate the healthy benefits of it...

Well, to me the worst coffee is the one you don't have.

I simply love and enjoy drinking coffee. Yeah, maybe it's not entire the best thing to drink but is not like I only survived by drinking coffee, I don't, I drink plenty of water, take my vitamins, each my veggies, etc, etc, etc...

Although I don't drink as much coffee as I used to, at this point in my life I have about 1/2 a cup at home in the mornings and then one cup at work (every day) and that's about it... it could be worst, right???

Anyway, I could think of other worst things to be dependable on (like drugs, alcohol, cell phones...), mine is just pure, delicious taste that gets me going in the morning.

Have a great day, week and beyond...!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

I could live here...

Day 42- A picture of your dream house.

Well, once again I am not sure if I have a "dream house", because dreams can change the minute you see something you liked better the day before, plus dreams are infinite if that is what you want them to be, right???

But, if I was to try to put into worlds a "dream house" I guess it would have some or all of the following elements;

- It would have to be close to either ocean of forest... no city living for my dream house.

- High ceilings with lots of fans for air circulation.

- BIG family room, spacious and with few walls.

- BIG windows to let the sun shine in and the surroundings be part of the house decoration.

If I was to go with an architectural style, I guess my favorite is the Mexican Modern look, with thick stucco walls and many colors or just plain white... Sort of these styles.

stucco walls is the way to go!

white with color decoration makes every look nice and simple

intense color and contrast with the surrounding nature is the way to go!

outdoor areas are a must

BIG family rooms for everybody's enjoyment
So, I guess that would be close to my dream house... now when it comes to a HOME, I believe my life is pretty close to me dreams!!!

Have a wonderful Sunday!


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