Friday, June 1, 2012

all I have to say...

Can't really start today's post without saying first

Dunno no why but this week felt like it had more than 24 hours a day and more than 5 working days.

But now I am so ready for the weekend I feel like jumping up and down, specially because Monday is yet another holiday on the island, this time we are celebrating the 60 years of the Queen Elizabeth's reign. (So congrats to the Queen!)

Lately I've been sort of "addicted" to the Instagram app on my phone so here are the latest photos I've taken...
Cayman Sky

blueberries and toast for breakfast
Our cat LT
Cruise day on George Town, Grand Cayman
Sheba's new haircut
Yellow sidewalk

Shopping area in town
Pretty Garden Weeds

Pool at Inner Space Event
And that's it for today, like I said before, looking forward to a 3 days weekend, hope to hook up with Yanique among other things!

On Sunday we are expecting a new gardener to come over and take care of our "pretty garden weeds" and super tall grass because I almost need a machete right now just to get to my car, LOL!

Wishing everybody a wonderful weekend!!!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

CR: Get Living

Although the following video makes me very homesick, I decided to share it with y'all because it very well show how Costa Rica is like.

To me, the best part of the video (besides the pig on 2:29) is that a little of the country as well as the culture is shown through the eyes of a tourist that just went for a visit and decided to shared his experience.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and perhaps some day visit... Oh and in case you need a tourist guide, just let me know!!!

Have a wonderful Thursday : )

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

over the hump...

Talk about frustration with the new blogger interface. I had a whole post ready to go with pictures to light up the text and it was impossible to post it.

Why? Because the caption on each photo would appear half way down the photo and it was impossible to read and correct, so I just gave up....

Weather is still kind of iffy here but at least it's not torrential rain 24 hours a day like it was last week, did I mentioned we got about 19 inches in 3 days? Yeap, people where literary kayaking in some of the roads in town because of the flooding... and this was just rain, not even a tropical storm, yikes!

My husband's been participating on Inner Space which is sort of a Rebreather "conference" all week, he is diving every day and then in the evening there are all sort of presentations and lectures about different systems and new products related to the industry. This is his 9th year that he participates.

Last weekend I had to work so I was unable to meet with Yanique, I am making a big effort to make sure we are not missing our date day this weekend.

On our last review meeting for the program we decided that we are going to start a calendar of monthly events so we can start focusing more on school related activities as well as perhaps encouraging her to try some arts and crafts.

The reason why we decided to come up with a schedule is because this past 6 months have been great and we've done all sorts of fun activities, but there is so much we can do on the island and with the rainy season coming up (well, it's sort of already here) we need more indoor activities as well.

Not much else to share today, in the evening I am stopping by Inner Space as they are having a "fashion show" of this line of wet suits called Four Element and are really nice and good quality, I have a vest from that brand that my husband got me a few years ago and I love it and wear every time we go diving...

Happy Hump Day!

Monday, May 28, 2012


Lately I've been contemplating a few changes in my life, from painting the kitchen cabinets white, to becoming vegetarian. Of course once I discussed it with my husband I did not get the reaction I expected, or perhaps I did but I was just in denial.

His worst reaction was towards me becoming vegetarian, can u believe it?

Mainly he thinks that if I change my eating habits he has to change his as well, as if...

I say: Not at all!!! If I decided to stop eating meat, that doesn't necessary mean that I would not cook it for him... So, oh well, I guess I am going to have to give it a little more thought or perhaps do it gradually so he doesn't really notices it ( right, like I have a chance on that, being that he reads my blog and all...)

Now, becoming vegetarian won't be that difficult for me, the part of loving veggies I already have and perhaps the main deal would be surviving dinners without chicken which is the easiest thing to cook (most days!).

On the other change, the kitchen cabinets, I really want paint them white, but I know it's a very big job and my husband says that once we paint the wood, there's no way back... I have just always loved white kitchens, they look awesome, like these ones...

Another reason why I wanna paint our cabinets is because our kitchen is very small so I think white cabinets will make it look brighter and bigger... or not!

What do you think? Should I attempt to do it or not?!?!? I could use opinions on this.

On another note, yesterday my lovely godson Julian turned 1, wish I could have been there to see how big he is... I do not have a photo of the birthday boy on his day but here's the most updated one I have... Isn't he adorable and such a big boy?

Hoping everybody had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and a great week ahead!!!


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