Friday, December 4, 2009

TGIF 'cause IAE!

Yes, it's Friday and I Am Exhausted!

Yesterday's gallery event was good, we sold a few pieces but nothing very big and I think the main reason for that is because there was so many people there, so people do not have enough space to really focus on the art so instead they focus more on the drinks, the food and the conversation.

But all in all we are very confident that the event is going to generate a halo effect and have people come by in December to purchase some of the new pieces that we have available.

So, that pretty much covers it all, but the fact that today I am just exhausted, worked hard for many days before the event, then this morning everything had to get back to normal so lots to do... What keeps me going is the fact that today is Friday.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Yesterday, today and tomorrow...

I am a veryWork is being crazy busy because we are getting ready for our Holiday Event at the gallery tomorrow at 6:30pm, we have over 60 people RSVP so we expect it to be quite nice.

Today was a very busy day and I finally manage to get a post done by 10pm, tomorrow is going to be even busier so I am not get around to post at all, more updates on the event on Friday... 'til then!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Are we there yet?

December has finally arrived and so has the Christmas lights, trees and even an early gift for me. I finally got a brand new (second hand) car to upgrade my little one, check out my new ride, it's a Honda CR-V 2001, u like?

I am very happy and excited, unfortunately I still don't have it under my name, so for today is staying parked at home until I get around to do all the registration/insurance, then tonight after work we will take it for a ride.

Besides my early Christmas this year, I decided that today being Tuesday and the first day of December, I am going to post a picture of a local Christmas Tree and I will do so every Tuesday to show the world out there how Grand Cayman looks and celebrate this season, so here's the tree #1:

This little tree was found in a local nursery/store call "Every Blooming Thing", I love it because it is very simple, no lights and really reflects the woods (maybe cause it's made out of wood)... well I just love it and hopefully you like it too!

And in other news, today is my 150 blog post, yoo-hoo! It's unbelievable how fast time flies and that I've been able to find the time, the energy and specially the inspiration to share parts of my life, my ideas and just random thought with the world through blogger. Thanks to all of you that come by my blog, read it and maybe even leave a comment!

Besides that I also have to mention that being already in December, today's date marks the official end of the hurricane season and that makes me very happy because it was a very quiet season, hoping for a same or even better one next year!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Maniac Monday

The weekend was good but now we are back to Monday and I foresee this one to be a pretty Maniac one, for one thing it is the 30th so it's Pay Day, then we are a day away from December so I expect this to be a busy day at work.

Anyway, back to the weekend, it was a good one, pretty cool weather for the Caribbean as we have a cold front around, so it was also very windy.

I apologize to those out there that actually take the time to stop by my blog, read it and even some times leave a comment, I've been kind of away from my blog mostly because my shoulder injury (the one I talked about here) is back with a vengeance so I was in a great deal of pain on Friday and even Saturday, I think that typing as well as using the mouse makes it worst. So I iced it a lot during the weekend and feel much better today. Went to the hospital on Friday afternoon to get some x-rays and I have a doctors appointment tomorrow morning to find out what they say, wish me luck!

So on the weekend, besides staying away from the computer and typing a lot, we went to check out some cars as I've been wanting to buy a bigger car for a while. We checked out two 2002 Jeep Liberty's (which I think is a fab looking car) but they are kind of too high for our budget and then yesterday evening we saw a 2001 Honda CRV and I think this might be the one... We shall see, I'll keep u guys posted!

Anyway, back to Maniac Monday, hope I'm mistaken and it's actually a quiet one, like the hurricane season this year, that by the way ends up officially tomorrow, Yoo-hoo!!!

Happy Monday and Happy Week to you!!!


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