Thursday, November 26, 2009

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving holiday is not really part of my culture (as I was born in Costa Rica), still, I believe today's holiday is easy to "adopt" as I think giving thanks is an essential part of daily life.

Everyday I give thanks for everything; for walking up, for my life, for all of my relationships (human, animal and even plant- some have come and gone, others are still here and some I'm going to encounter in the future), my job, my health, and many more blessing that I have received over the years.

So today besides spending time with family and eating lots of good food, I will give thanks with an open heart, but not forgetting to give thanks to YOU for being here today and every day that you visit my blog!!!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING today and every day!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What's your super power?

At least once in a lifetime people think (or desire) to have a super power.

In my case that desire has changed a few times. At the beginning ( like most people) I liked the idea of flying, high up in the sky (then as a teenager some of us also experienced other ways to get high, LOL!)...

Then that desire of flying changed, not that I don't think is not a good idea anymore, but because I learned how to swim (around age 5), first at the pool and then at the sea.

Once I discovered the sea, I begin to enjoy the water, the waves, the surf and later in life also discovered the beauties of the underwater world, so my super power changed from flying to breathing under water.

And I mean breathing like fish do, so you can go down and stay there for as long as you want. I guess the closest humans can get to this type of power is by scuba diving, which I also got to do later in life and now is part of my daily life, so in a way I kind of have that super power now!

But also when I think about this kind of "super power" I can't help but think about the amazing Tanya Streeter, a Cayman woman that holds the world record for free diver with an ability to hold her breath for 6 minutes, imagine that!

The other day a friend of mind shared this beautiful and literally breathtaking video of her swimming with humpback whales... (video quality is not that good, but if you go to her facebook page you can see the video with a much better quality).

Isn't she amazing??? Doesn't she kind of have that super power I was talking about before????

There are many other super powers I think people might be into, but not me, like reading people's minds, or moving things with their minds, become invisible, and more... I'm not saying those aren't cool either, but not for me.

Lately I've been thinking that there's one super power that I would love to have, the ability to speak/communicate with animals. Wouldn't that be cool? To know what they think, feel, and imagine all the knowledge that you can gain, but not to be their leader but to be more one on one with them, I'm sure that they would be able to teach me so much.

So far I think I have a pretty good relationship with them and I can get myself understood, but not as much as I'll like.

I do think though that people in the past and still in our life time have that super power;

Saint Francis of Assisi

Jane Goodall

Cesar Milan

Kevin Richardson (the Lion whisperer)

And even the late Steve Irwin (R.I.P)

So, yeah, that would be the one super power I would like to have. Maybe I would change again in the future, but to me, animals are up there in the top 5 things I love the most, so I don't think that would change any time soon.

So, What's you super power???

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Funky new shoes

When I was in Florida in October I bought some Vibram Five Fingers a.k.a. "toe shoes" and I have to say this are pretty comfortable shoes, it almost feels like waking barefoot (which by the way I love to do).

Unfortunately I don't get to use them as much as I'll like to as they are quite too sporty and funky for work, but they are great for the beach, walking on the road and even as water shoes.

Oh, well not much else to share today, so if you feel like getting a pair I totally recommend them.
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Glitter anyone?

It's not even December yet and I'm already dreading the glitter...

but don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't like Christmas decorations:

or the glittery "My Little Pony", I had a few growing up and loved them...

or what about the fantasy carnival suits? those are very nice and glittery... not that I would like to wear one!

I even like the crazy glittery make up, even though I wouldn't wear it either...

So to me glitter is fine until I get to work and it's all over my desk, paper and carpet because of the Christmas decorations and I'm the one that ends of cleaning it, not fun! LOL...

Anybody up to some glitter cleaning with me today?


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