Thursday, December 10, 2009

Funny Friday

Here are some funny cartoons for those that are not quite in the Christmas Spirit, yet!

Have a great weekend!!!

What does it for ya?... on the road

A while ago I watched and episode of Family Guy when Peter gets this job on t.v. taking about "what really grinds his gear".

Well, sometimes I feel like I should have my own space to set free all those feeling of "frustration" that you get from stuff and situations that really grinds your gears... Oh, wait a minute, I do have that space, and it's right here, my one and only blog.

Unfortunately I don't think I have the time and even energy to put everything that grinds my gears, 'cause lets face if, your feeling, likes and dislikes change with time, right?

Lately something that has really being grinding my gears is all about driving in this little island I live, so here are some the things that are do it for me right now:

"You know what really grinds my gears?" (on the road)

When people are driving and their turn is coming up so they start breaking about 1/2 a block before, as to which the person driving behind them (in this case me) as well as others on the road have no clue of the reason why this person is breaking, so they continue breaking until finally they decide to use the "infamous" indicator light, and by this time you realize why they started breaking in the first place.

In my case when I learn how to drive I learned that you are supposed to first use the indicator light and THEN break, so the person behind you already know you are breaking cause you are going to turn... But oh no, not here, I'm not sure if it's something genetic or just so much sun and salt water that affects people's brain or the ability to drive, LOL!

Also "You know what really grinds my gears?" (on the road)

When people cannot park. What's up with that? The try to park and they either just plain can't or maybe they are on a hurry so they take up 2 instead of 1 parking space leaving no room for others to park. Also I've seen that people have this HUGE trucks (like Dodge Rams and others like it) that when they park they kind of park instead of straight they do it diagonal, not sure if it's because they don't care about the car next to them or just can't manage their own vehicle.

So what's up with people that not only don't know how to park but when they park they use the handicap space? I know that in the US you get fined big time for doing that, unfortunately in this country and many others around the world this is really not enforced, and that's also what really grinds my gears! Like this pictures I found on goggle...

(this police, not only can't park but also is using not 1 but 2 handicap spaces, unbelievable!)

One last thought: Always remember that when on the road and you are driving a car, there's always CAR in the word CARE, you shouldn't drive around without respect and care for others drivers and yourself, right?

So my friends these are some of the things that REALLY grinds my gears!

Now the question is, what really grinds you gears? (at least on the road).

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What's "UP" with that?

Yeah, yeah... I know it's been a while since I last reviewed a movie, so today's post features a movie call "UP", yeap, that's the whole name.

For those who've never heard of it, it's an animated Pixar movie, so once you know that, you kind of already assume that at least the animation/graphics are going to be pretty cool.

Well, I got to say I have some mixed feelings about this movie, at first it made me pretty sad, starting to tell the story of a little boy that wants to be an explorer, then meets a girl that also wants to be an explorer, they become friends, fall in love, get married, have a fantastic life together, but then she dies but without ever fulfilling her dreams of adventure, leaving him alone and kind of guilty that he was never able to give her that adventure they dreamed of as kids...

As for what happens after that, well, you are just going to have to rent the movie...

So all I have left to say is that it was pretty entertaining movie, I wouldn't say it makes it to my top 5 Pixar movies, but is still pretty good.

Now that I see the poster on the internet I also realize that it was a 3D movie, so I guess watching it that way makes a difference, unfortunately I only watched it on 2D... LOL!

Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tree Tuesday

Like I mentioned last Tuesday (Dec. 1st) for the month of December and on Tuesday's only I will be posting pictures of random Christmas Trees that I find around the island to give everybody a little taste of what the Christmas spirit is like around here.

The first tree featured today is a tiny one that I found at a new diner that just opened near our house, my husband and me had breakfast there last Saturday and they had this adorable little trees in every single table...

Then, who says Christmas trees have to be traditional, a friend of mine and owner of the Cobalt Coast Resort (also near our house) had the fantastic idea of using an agave flower (once is dry) and decorated as a Caribbean Christmas Tree.

So, here's how those flower look in the wild and when they bloom...
And here's the agave Christmas Tree, pretty cool, uh? I think so...

More trees next week to help you (and specially me) keep the Christmas Spirit.

Happy Tree Tuesday!!!

Monday, December 7, 2009


Yesterday we went to the beach for a while, I did a little snorkeling. A couple of weeks ago we were at the same spot and I found this anemone

but yesterday I went to the same spot and the anemone is gone (as they move around), I still got to see many common yellow grunts (and a few other fish).

but as you can see, mostly yellow grunts!!!

Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Waiting to inhale

Today is Sunday and after a very busy work week plus getting the gallery event organized and ready (last Thursday) the weekend felt like when you dive in the pool and then you come up waiting to inhale again...

Now another week starts and I'm sure because Christmas is just around the corner is only going to get busier!

Happy Week to all!!!


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