Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Letters

Dear "Me": We did it....

Dear Maxine; you totally get me, LOL!

Dear Maya Tulum: After watching this video I can't help but miss living in your premises, the beautiful white sand beach that you rest in, the wonderful people that works there, the massages and even the Yoga Classes.

For those readers that don't know, I lived in Mexico for about 3 year and worked at the wonderful Maya Tulum Yoga Retreat and Resort, I was the Front Desk Manager and enjoyed my work and life a lot...
I miss it but wouldn't change my life right now, well, unless I can go back there with hubby and pets included!

This is a video of the hotel and the property, if you even have a chance to visit, don't hesitate and let me know if you would like some tips about the area!

Dear Tina Fey: You are awesome, love you as Liz Lemon on 30 Rock and enjoy watching re-runs of the show.

Dear Sheba: I am sorry your itchiness is coming back and you have to wear the "cone of shame" again, tomorrow we are taking you to the Vet and hopefully we can get you some relief again.

Dear Weekend: I can hardly wait for you to step into the picture, I want to sleep in, relax and I am even looking forward to a lil' party tomorrow night, yey!

Dear readers: have yourself a merry lil' weekend, enjoy every minute!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Random Thursday

Today I am trying something different and for the first time, I am joining a group of awesome fellow bloggers and from now on I am going to do my best to link up for...

Every week Em, Lin and Meg choose a random theme to post about, and today being my first day, the theme is...

Well, that is and easy one to figure it if you have read my blog before... Wanna guess what my #1 addiction is?

I am a BIG TIME...

Yes, I am addicted to Coffee... I love the smell, the taste and the fact that it's something you can pretty much find anywhere and it's usually good or decent.

I take my coffee, black and no sugar, to me that is the best possible way to really enjoy the flavor. Although I do sometimes enjoy a nice Cappuccino with brown sugar and cinnamon on top!

Now, when it comes to "iced" coffee, that's not something I am very much into, but if it's the only form of coffee available I will surely go for it!

But my addictions don't stop at coffee... My next addiction (which is not that bad in the grand scheme of things) is no other than Crochet!

It is by far the best indoor hobby I've ever had and it's such a HUGE part of my life that at this point I cannot imagine not crocheting for the rest of my days.

Plus it's amazing that with my own two hands I can create such cool things to gift to people and even keep to myself.

Here are the latest project I've finished...

Red Eye Tree Frog for my Brother and SIL

Pot Holder for my SIL

Kitty Cat for my friend Paxton
And right now I am working on another potholder that I am going to take for a House Warming Party on Saturday...

Like I said before, "in the grand scheme of things" I think my addictions are not too, too bad, at least I am not addicted to sugary things or anything illegal... right?

What about you? Have any "addictions" you want to come out clean with, LOL!

Happy Thursday... Now I am off to check out the rest of the link up for Random Thursday!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wisdom Wednesday

Wednesday is here and I think we can all use a little doze of Wisdom to remember what we know deep inside our souls but that we tend to forget because of burdens and situations of daily life...

Today I have choose the following pieces of Wisdom to light up your day!

Happy [Wisdom] Wednesday!!!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Photo Competition

Hello Tuesday, hello all!

Today I am starting my post by asking a favor from all my lovely readers. Yes pretty please, say yes?

What is it?

Well, recently I decided to submit three of my photos in a photo competition for the Cayman National Cultural Foundation, so I am participating in two categories "Arts & Culture" and "Nature and Wildlife"... Plus a Bonus category, the "Color Me Yellow" one sponsor by the Cayman Islands Yellow Pages and that voting takes place on Facebook.

Here are the photos I have submitted on each category, to vote please click on the link below the photo and once on the website just click on the "star" that appears on the side, Thanks in advance!!!

Arts & Culture- "Little Pirates"


Nature & Wildlife- "Curious Dove"


And for the "Color Me Yellow" category, here's the photo and link to vote.

For the "Color Me Yellow" voting, once on Facebook please scroll down and click on page 7 to find my photo.

Of course if you feel like browsing through the rest of the photo and vote, please do so, I don't expect everything for me, in fact I have already voted for some other nice photos too!!!

Thanks again and have a wonderful day!!!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday Thoughts

It's Monday again, I know... scary thought, hey?

The weekend was a dark and gloomy one, but not necessary because of the weather but because of the fact that my hubby was "under the weather", in bed and with a terrible cold...

But, that didn't stop me from going to my friend Nora's birthday party, it was a nice even at her condo complex, we had a BBQ in between the pool and a lovely lake they have... Had a good time but it would have been better with my hubby by my side!

From Left: Nicola, Nora (in the middle) and Me!

Other than catching up with some crochet projects I didn't do too much... Next Saturday we have a House Warming party at our friend's Helen place so I am making a set of Pot Holders for her...

Remember these I made a while ago?

This time I am making them sort of Daisy looking (which is my favorite flower), once I have them finished I will share the photos and perhaps I can start thinking about a giveaway in the lines of this, What do you think, like them?

Well, this is it for today... But before I finish today's rambling, here's a nice picture I took yesterday.... Looks inviting, right?

Hope everybody had a nice weekend and a wonderful week ahead!


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