Friday, February 26, 2010

Thursday, February 25, 2010


This morning I had an MRI done to find out for sure what's really going on with my neck/shoulder/arm situation.

This was a very interesting experience to say the least, but definitely not something I want to do again (unless I really have to).

In my case, the test today was done on an MRI "open" machine like the one shown in this picture

(In fact this is probably just how I looked while doing it- but only with out the pink pants, LOL!)

Because of the area they needed to get info on me was the spine/neck/shoulder area I was not allowed to move my head of even swallow.

And here's the thing about swallowing, it something so mechanical for your body to do, that you don't even have to think about it at all, but once somebody says to you that u are not allowed to swallow, then it's a whole different ball park, you just feel the constant urge to do it, right? Well at least in my case that's what happened.

The MRI took about 30 minutes, with 4 to 5 minutes intervals of pictures and during this times is when I couldn't move or swallow, the first 4 minute interval I felt really uncomfortable and at some point thought I was going to loose it, so I tried to get very relaxed by praying and meditating, and that way I managed...

In the case of the results, well I got them already on a CD that I need to take next week to my next doctor's appointment, hopefully they will get to the bottom of this situation to start getting it resolved, looking forward to some real relief.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

cognitus interruptus

According to Urband Dictionary

cognitus interruptus (which was the word of the day for yesterday- my birthday) A disruption of the normal thought process, normally by an external distraction. This occurs most often at times where mental focus is a necessity. Cognitus interruptus sometimes leads to procrastination, leading to further cognitus interruptus and creating a cycle.

Coincidence? or is it that maybe because I'm a year older that I have less inspiration for posts. Today I woke up after some very weird dreams, besides being exhausted I also realized that I don't have anything to post about, so I guess I'm going to have to resort to tell you about my day yesterday...

It was like any other Tuesday, with the difference that I got a call from most of my family members and some of my closest friends from back home (and that definitely doesn't happen everyday) and they at night I had a lovely Sushi dinner with my husband.

Besides the wonderful calls and dinner, my Facebook wall was packed with wonderful messages; some people sending me many blessings, wishes of a happy day, and some even wishing me many more wonderful years to come. But one thing nobody wished me was inspiration, which makes me suspect this might be the main reason of the writers block I feel today...

The good news is that this coming weekend I have a trip planned to one my favorite places in the world, Cayman Brac, and liked I mentioned on this post I haven't been there in more than 1 year, so besides getting some well deserved R&R, I'm sure it would help with my inspiration situation. Not sure if my husband is going to come with me as he is still on stand by for an afternoon flight, but I really, really hope he does...

Tomorrow is my MRI appointment so that might be another topic for posting purposes, meanwhile this shall do... Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

it's my party...

 My 6th Birthday

On a day like today (only Wednesday), but in the year 1977 approximately around 11:30am, I was seeing the light of day for the very first time ever, probably crying my lungs out cause "it's my party, and I cry if I want to, cry if I want to, cry if I want to... you would cry too if it happens to you", right?

Now, 33 years later, I'm still here but not really crying, more like wondering where have all the years gone, I have lived as best as I can, and to this point I know for a fact that "growing up is mandatory, but growing old is optional", life and specially God has been so, so good to me that it's impossible to even try to complain because I've been blessed for 32 wonderful year...

This year is different though, or should I say 32 was the different year? This birthday marks the first year of my life that I am actually in some way different. I am a married woman now, last time I celebrated my birthday I was single, and now this year I'm married, so I guess this year is sort of a milestone for me.

Anyway, today is just another day, I have to work and life goes on with me being 33 and all... I usually don't really celebrate very much on my birthday, most of my family (well actually all, besides my husband and my 2 dogs) are not close enough for me to want to throw a big party, specially on a Tuesday, but we are going out to have some delicious Sushi dinner, so that's plenty celebration for me!

As for friends, I have very few on the island that actually deserve that special title, but at least there's Facebook and blogger to get some nice greetings from friends that will make my day extraordinary...

So on a day like today, I would like to share my favorite quote and it goes like this:

"Dream as if you'll forever.
Live as if you'll die today"

Monday, February 22, 2010

33 reasons

to be thankful for...

1. Waking up every day
2. Having God in my life and in my heart
3. My body
4. My mind and soul
5. My past, present and future...
6. Family
7. My wonderful husband
8. My pets (past and present ones) and other animals
9. Spirituality
10. Health
11. Happiness
12. Feelings
13. Traveling
14. Ideas
15. Dreams and goals
16. Fun & being able to laugh about life
17. Inspiration
18. Creativity
19. Hope
20. Companionship
21. Friends & Friendship
22. Abundance & Harmony
23. Love
24. Faith
25. Work
26. Empathy
27. Success
28. Food
29. Coffee & Wine
30. Nature
31. My blog
32. My life
33. Being able to see and enjoy another year...

Of course I have more than 33 reasons to be thankful for, but since tomorrow is my 33rd birthday I'm going to stop there...

It feels just like yesterday when I saw my father turn 33 and I was only 8th, now it's my turn... Dad, I'm catching up with you!!! LOL

After I finished my list, I guess I am most thankful for not having the need to include many of my material possessions, because to be honest, without the stuff on this list, those possessions don't make much sense, right?

Happy Birthday to me!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Week Wrap Up

Friday I went to an orthopedic doctor to get some answers about my right arm, according to his diagnosis I have 3 different situations going on.

1. Carpal syndrome.
2. Tennis elbow.
3. Either a muscle spasm, a pinched nerve or something else on my right shoulder/neck area.

For the 3rd diagnostic, the doctor is not very sure what I have, so I am supposed to get a MRI done to have a better idea of what's next. As for the other 2 situations, I am starting physio therapy in March, can't wait to get some real relief and get my arm sorter out.

Yesterday Saturday, was a very cloudy day, the 19th Annual Humane Society Dog show was going on, but we didn't make it this time. In my case after 10 straight days of work, all I really wanted to do was, sleep in and rest, so we never make it to show that was supposed to start at 9am.

After spending most of the day at home, we ended going to the beach in the afternoon, walked around a little, searching for shells and some other little treasures...

It was sprinkling a little, but that didn't stopped us from finding some nice little shells and if you take your time and look close enough, lot's of things appear...

So even with clouds around us, we managed to have a quiet, enjoyable day.... Pretty good for charging batteries to start another week.

Have a wonderful week!


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