Saturday, May 14, 2011

something red

Photo Challenge day 69- A picture of something Red.

Well, here is it... Our very own Kool-Aid spoon, isn't it cute???

it's a little bent on the side because it had a minor encounter with heat one day, still I think it give it character!
I sure brightens our little utensil holder, right? Plus also using the "color accent" mode on my camera makes it look really nice.

Well, we are having some minor internet difficulties at home, but I am not it ain't nothing that my husband can't fix... So I am going to leave this post short and sweet!!!

Happy Saturday to all!!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

lucky to be here

The way I see it, Friday the 13th is a lucky day and not the contrary, I have many reasons to believe this, and with blogger being down today, I can proved it. 

Today's post is lucky to have survived publishing, unfortunately I can't say the same for yesterdays :(

On today's photo blog calls for- A picture of your favorite magazine.

Well, once again with the "favorites"... Why is it that on this photo challenge, everything has to be favorite, is it that difficult going on in life loving everything and equally. You know, like a grandmother that has many grandsons (granddaughters) and she loves ALL the same?

I guess if I have to choose a favorite magazine, my top 3 would be:

How about you? Any favorite magazines out there???

Well, hopefully yesterday's post will come back again... miss it already! LOL

Monday is a Holiday here on the islands, so I am sure to have a wonderful 3 day weekend, can't wait!!!

Have a great one!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

field of dreams

Day 67- A picture of something green.

What can be greener than nature? What can be better than a photograph that makes you wanna dream; perhaps on a green field, a place where you can just lay down, forget about all your troubles and dream all the dreams possible.

Well, today I would like to share a image that kind of makes me feel that way, it's green and it's almost like a field of dreams.

Maybe I've already post this image here, maybe not, but it's definitely one of my favorite images, specially because this was just taken in my back yard.

It might appear as a beautiful field with amazing flowers, but it's really nothing but grass and weeds... although one can always dream, right?

Have a dreamy day!!!!

In my room

Photo Challenge Day 66- A picture in your room.

Took this picture in the morning, right after my dog Sheba woke me up with her barking right outside my bedroom window... Of course now she is acting like a "little angel"!

Happy Hump Day!!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Photo Challenge Day 65- A picture of you and your best friend.

A person can only hope that in life, when finding love, happiness and specially friendship; it comes wrapped as a husband or a wife.

In my case and at this point in my life it would be impossible to call anybody else my best friend.

Yes I have other friends who are great friends, but the person that knows me best, share daily life with me and gives me most of what my heart desires, its my wonderful husband.

Here's a little poem I wrote today for him:

Through Ups and Downs
happy or sad
having you in life
makes it all worth while

To most life questions
Love is the answer
Friendship the meaning
to daily coexistance

So as long as you are here
my days are full
nights restful 
and my heart grateful

Met you looking for love
found even more
because as a friend
you rock!!!

Have a great day!!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

where reality and fantasy meet

Photo Challenge Day 64- A picture of your favorite childhood book.

In my case, this book is definitely not other than "Cuentos de mi Tia Panchita" (original name in spanish), that translated to English would be "Stories from my Aunt Panchita".

I just simply love this book, it's all about fairy tales, stories from the woods, witches, magical places and situations, all very much based in Costa Rican folklore and legends, but all the stories have a moral that is definitely the best part of it.

Oh my how I used to love this book and since I started thinking about it for this challenge, now I really want to read it all over again, so if I go back home this year, I will buy it again, can't wait!

In another note, my weekend was great, as you probably read (or if not, you can still visit my Sat. post and read all about it), on Friday we went to The Wailers concert and it was fabulous. Saturday and Sunday were very low key, on Sat. I went to the bookstore and bought a book with a gift certificate that I had from my birthday!

Well, today is back to work, I hope all Mom's around the globe had a wonderful day yesterday!!!

Have a wonderful Monday and rest of the week...

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day 63

Photo Challenge of the day- A picture of a Sports Award.

It's pretty sad to think that I do not have many sports awards to be proud of.

Although back in 2007 when me and my husband used to swim 1/2 a mile in the sea (almost every day), I participated on the 1/2 mile sea swim that was held in Cayman Brac.

For this competition I won 1st place on my age category, yey!!! I don't have a picture of the actual day, but at least here is a picture of the "gold" medal won!!!

On another special note, today is Mothers Day in most places around the world (although not in my home country Costa Rica).

I want send a special greeting to all the Moms around the globe as well as our lovely Mother Earth; you all are very special, and to us (sons and daughters) you are like the sun and the water to the trees; you help us grown, make roots and keep us alive everyday!!!

I already talked on the phone with my Mom Lorena but since I cannot directly talk to my birth Mom in heaven, here's one my favorite Lenny Kravitz songs in her honor, just so she always know that I am Thinking of you, and loving you for ever!!!

Happy Mother's Day & Happy Sunday to all!!!


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