Friday, September 21, 2012

hello, is there anybody out there?

Sometimes I wonder if I am alone out here in this massive world of Blogger.

Yesterday specially, I felt as if I am, as nobody cared to join in the fun and share a Throwback photo, oh well, I will continue doing it every week and hopefully somebody out of my 110 followers decides to give it a try.

And that's the thing with followers and following blogs, those numbers are just numbers and nothing more.

I've been already blogging for more than 2 years, and although lately my "followers" number has increased up to 110 people, on daily basis I perhaps get only about 6 to 8 comments tops, which obviously means that there are about 100 people that really are not there.

Well, that's o.k. just the fact that whoever you came in and check me out, decided to "follow" my ramblings and daily recounts of my so called fabulous life, is already more than I expected!

So, if you really do read my fabulous adventures and enjoy my photos, please make sure to at least say hi every now and then, o.k? Just to remind me that I am not entirely alone out here, in the rain, without an umbrella and with nobody to rescue me... just kidding!

Or not... whatever, it's Friday, so I am sure in the next couple of days I will get over it and come back to my usual rambling, whether anybody is reading or not!

Weather is pretty bad here from last night, lots of showers and specially thunderstorms, hoping it will clear out for the weekend as I've also been nursing an ear infection back to health.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 20, 2012



Today is the second edition of Throwback Thursdays but as of today it comes with a twist... It's a blog linking party!!!

But first things first, here's my Throwback Thursday photo for today.

1. This photo is from a not so distance past, taken in 2007.

2. Where? While visiting my Mother in Law's family in Wilmington, Ohio.

3. I still have those pants but the top is long gone.

4. I loved the way my hair was back then, I really need to make it grow again that long!

5. This was my very first and only visit to the Big Boy fast food chain [ever].

Now, all you have to do to participate is to click on the following button to include your blog and link back to mine so others can visit you and your "Throwback" Photo... and that's that!

But, if you don't wish to link your blog to mine and participate on the Throwback Thursday, no worries, you can still leave a comment as usual.

 Have a great Throwback Thursday!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Window Shopping Wednesday

It's been a while since I posted about window shopping, well, in this case it's more like "computer screen" shopping, so today I decided to give it a go.

As most of you readers know, I love animals, so my love for all of God's amazing creatures extend beyond the animals but anything and everything animals theme or decorations.

Lately I've notice that Owls are pretty trendy, because c'mon "who-who" doesn't like Owls, right?

Here are some cool things that I've seen lately while "screen shopping" around.

How about a comforter for your bed with Owls all around?

source wanelo

And if you want, there's also an "almost" matching shower curtain.
source Modcloth
And to give the final "touch" to the curtain, there are also rings to go with it!

source Modcloth
I am loving this Owl side table.

source unknown

And how about this serving set?

These hooks are pretty cool too!

source pbteen
And the last Owl item I have seen around lately that I really like, is the following Wall Clock.

source uncommongoods

Which one of the "Owl" items is your favorite?

On another note, tomorrow is Thursday, or should I say "Throwback Thursday"?

Well, if you feel like linking up with my blog and posting your own "Throwback" photo, please grab the following button and post it on your blog to link back to me, also come visit my blog tomorrow and add your blog to my "linky party" so other readers can visit your blog too!


Happy Wednesday, can't wait to see your Throwback images tomorrow, yay!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Last night as I lay down in my bed, I could see a clear starry sky out the window, then I though to myself
"I wish I could see a shooting star from here" and immediately I did!

So now, do I get to wish again on a wishing star since that was my actual wish [and it came true immediately]?

Well I did!... just because it's vital to never run out of wishing, specially when you get a free one, right?

Now, today is a different story, I wish I had something excited to share with you, but I don't, so instead I am going to share some random recent Instagram photos.

Some are from a local nursery we visited on Saturday and the rest are from around and my lovely kitties!

Beautiful Bromeliad Flower

Zen Corner

Heart Shaped Leaves

morning hang out
Goldie Boy!

Yellow Eyes
Wishing everybody a very nice day!!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

so much blue

My weekend was very blue, but not the "down, depression" kind of...

Well, although we did not see any sea horses (mainly because we never made it to the water), we had a wonderful weekend full of nice activities and good times with special people.

The play "Rumors" on Friday was a riot, loved it, and my friend Adam stole the show, although the rest of cast was pretty much close behind, they were all brilliant!

"Rumors" cast- Photo by Adam Cockerill
Even my husband who was a bit hesitant about going to the show, really enjoyed it. If you ever see this play around your area, make sure to check it out, it's so much fun!

On Saturday we went to the beach for a little Family Fun Day for a local charity we are supporting, we didn't stay long but the day was completely and absolutely stunning, I did manage to take a few photos and specially love these panoramic views...

click to ENLARGE

click to ENLARGE
There were also offering "tours" on a Cayman Catboat which is a traditional type of boat made on the islands.

And of course there's always kayaks...

And good shady gazebos...

So much blue, eh?

Yesterday my brother came to visit us and we had a brunch at home, had a great time and it was so good to see him and spend a good amount of time with him. Oh, how I miss having more of my family around!

Hope everybody had a nice weekend, Happy Monday!!!


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