Friday, November 12, 2010

Arrgghh u ready???

Pirates week Festival is back, the official kick off is tonight with a wonderful display of fireworks by the Georgetown Harbor and with a street dance afterward.

Then on Saturday is the big landing parade which is when the actual pirates come in land and take over the Governor and the island (of course, it is all symbolic and not actual Governors or islands are harmed in the making of this parade celebration, LOL!)

Last year I made myself a sort of pirate outfit with my own clothes, but this year I decided it was time to acquire an actual costume so I ordered the following on via, it arrived yesterday and it fits really well, I am excited! I don't have any boots but I am planning to get some fish net stockings to complement the shoes.

Also my husband this year is participating on part of the dramatization and he will be a red coat(/pirate/zombie). I know he came into town yesterday to try on his red coat, so I'm sure he'll be posting pictures on his blog about it, so stay tune right here.

So, this weekend should be fun, I am planning to take lots of pictures and share the fun via my blog!!!

Have a great weekend or... walk the plank!!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lea the cat

Today I realized that I still haven't even posted some pictures I took on my "flash" visit to Costa Rica, so today's post is going to be dedicated to my lovely Costarican kitty Lea...

perhaps too early for paparazzi pictures???
she loves to hang out around my mom's herbs

She loves to lay down anywhere, any time....
but I also know that she really love the attention!!
I miss having a cat, but spending a couple of days around Lea makes up for it, miss u kitty girl!
Have a great Thursday    >"<

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Working Wednesday

I am back to work today, unfortunately can't really say I am at full force, 100% percent performance but I am getting there, little by little.

Coming back to work was great though, last week we changed the carpet at the gallery and because of these we were able to rearrange all the fixtures as well as the set up for the sculptures in a very nice way.

Here are some pictures of the new set up.

new blue carpet
another view
The new set up with a different carpet has giving the place a much needed uplift and energy, we are having a major gallery event next week and I hope this new vibe will generate good profit to start the high season on a good note, will keep u posted!

Have a great day!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Well, I am not feeling 100% yet, even after going to the doctor yesterday where I was "pleasantly" surprised with 2 shots and a whole bunch of medication (including antibiotics) and am as of now counting the minutes for all that stuff to kick in so I can go back to feeling like myself lately (even if its going to be on meds for a few days!).

So, today instead of having a low key, sick- kind of attitude I decided to post some nice, pretty pictures I have taken randomly here on the island... enjoy!

the icing on the cake

(Renata going up for) air... the essence of life

lonely beach, perhaps it needs your company?
"here's looking at you kid!" (gray angel fish).
Have a great atti-tuesday!!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Wasted Weekend

It's Monday already, I feel like if the weekend was just a blurry 2 days of feeling crappy.

My body hurts but it's not from physical activity, my legs hurt but not from hiking, my head hurts but not because I've been solving math problems or studying for 2 days. EVERYTHING hurts and only because I've been home, sick with the flu.

I feel as if I had wasted the entire weekend, the entire time I felt like I was dragging my husband into a very boring 2 days. Weather outside was also windy and cold, so no chance to go out and do anything with the way I felt.

Now, I know I am in for a busy week, so I need to get back on my feet asap. So, eating well, drinking plenty of fluids and rest, but how much more rest do I need? All I did was rest for 2 days. Can't wait to get back on my feet!!!

Have a great Monday... I will try my best!


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