Friday, May 14, 2010

Flower Power Friday

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
on my blog today,
I have Roses for you...

This is a little rose that is growing on my back deck, I think it's some kind of hybrid plant because the flowers are very small and don't last very long... still beautiful.

I am really looking forward to the weekend because Monday is a holiday on the island (Discovery Day- something to do with Columbus coming around this area). I will be diving my rebreather again for the first time this year, yey for that!

Have a wonderful weekend and don't forget to smell the roses!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

i heart coffee

For those who read my blog and those who don't (shame on you, LOL!) I have to tell you all that I LOVE coffee!

Coming from Costa Rica where one of the 3 top industries is coffee plantations, I cannot even recall when was it that I first tried coffee for the first time, but I do remember at the beginning I used to drink it with little milk and sugar, nowadays I am all up for the good all black no suga', the best.
Now, I take my coffee in the mornings before coming to work, then sometimes mid morning, sometimes mid afternoon, and sometimes both, jeje... So that's at least 2 or 3 cups a day.

Of course when I drink it at home I don't spend much money, but then when I buy a cup around work it's at least $1.95 KYD (Cayman Islands Dollars) = $2.40 USD x 5 days a week= $12usd x 4 weeks a month= $48usd a month just on coffee.
Now, we have a new manager at the store that contrary to our previous manager this one drinks coffee, so she has decided to get a coffee machine, so we are renting this:

It's the Keurig B40!

If you've never heard of it, this are all it's amazing features:

Two Brew Sizes 8oz and 10

Ready to brew three minutes after turned on

Brews an 8 ounce cup in less than one minute

Optional Auto-off feature shuts down brewer after 2 hours

Water Heating and Refill Tank indicator lights

Removable 48-oz. water reservoir

Descale indicator for long use

Easy-clean, removable plastic drip tray

Nice, isn't it, we should get it delivered by tomorrow of maybe Monday, can't wait!

Have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

80 sec. Wednesday

Wednesday is here, the middle of the week day, hump day or just whatever you want to call it...

I myself always liked Wednesdays, it's my favorite "business" day, dunno exactly why but maybe it's got something to do with the fact that I was born on a Feb. 23rd for the year 1977 which was not other than a Wednesday, maybe that's why!

I feel pretty energetic today, must be because lately I've been walking/jogging for a 1/2 an hour in the mornings, I really want to get into running. When I lived in Cayman Brac (the other island) I used to run about 2 miles a day, sometimes on the treadmill and other times (when it wasn't too hot) on the road... I really want to get into that again.

In fact this morning I feel so full of energy that I could probably walk around the world in 80 seconds, wanna join me?

Isn't this video fun? Have a wonderful Wednesday...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Got my dose of Vitamin

For those who keep a blog and even those that read them, there's always a time when you feel it's a struggle to think about what to post, when the inspiration fairy just took off without notice and you feel that whatever you are sharing just don't appeal to anybody and that maybe there is really no one out there reading, sharing and enjoying what you decided to write about...

Well, just when some of those feeling appeared on me and I start doubting if my life is interested enough to continue sharing it through a blog, yesterday I got a unique surprise, a bit of my life on the island was featured in another blog/web site, it's a wonderful site called Daily Vitamin Sea, and Oh WOW, what a great honor to be feature on a blog that is all about coastal lifestyle!

So, go head, check me out, I know you want to... (click here to find it).

I think Maya did a wonderful job taking a little bit of information about my life and how much I always wanted to live on an island.... I really had not idea that she even reads my blog and that is probably one of the things that makes blogging such a wonderful experience, being able to reach to people from different cultures, backgrounds, different opinions and very different places.

So I want to thank Maya for the honor of mentioning me on her site, hopefully one day she can come down and visit me to have a better idea of what life in this little rock is all about.

Meanwhile I will keep trying to share more about my life here and today with this little video I took on Sunday at the beach, enjoy!

Happy Tuesday!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Any given weekend

Over the course of the year I've had all sorts of weekends.

When I was a little girl it was all about birthday parties, going out to family events or just try to stay up a little later than usual.

Then when school years came, it was all about sleepovers or pajama parties, going rollerblading, maybe to a friends pool and if lucky, catch a movie without any grownup supervision!

As I ventured into my teens and high school years, weekends were about being on the phone for hours with girlfriends taking about the latest gossip, boys and that family event we were pretty much forced to attend. Also in my case I can't forget those times when I used to leave homework for Sunday night ( last minute deal after procrastinating all weekend long) when the assignment was due Monday first period.

Years went by and then weekends were all about going out with friends. This are the years when I was either close to 18 or already 18 so in CR this means legal to drive, to drink and to vote (but not necessary in that order), and that's when the fun on weekends begin, I had a few "party hardy" years myself. Those were the years when I would go out pretty much every night of the weekend, sometimes getting home with the early morning newspaper, just in time to crash for a few hours, charge batteries and then go out again at night... good times!

Then the real deal with college begins and in my case so was my first job (part time while in school). Then that's when things start to change because, you either have too much to study or you simply start working on weekends, so so in my case I started slowing down, maybe got together with friends, have some drinks or even just catching a happy hour after work to get home early, study some more or just get the "beauty sleep" for next day.

Now a days my weekends are all about chilling out, I like to stay home, watch movies, maybe go for a dive (although with my arm situation I haven't been doing much of that lately), work on the yard, etc. But mostly, my weekends nowadays are to rest and spend time with my husband. Sometimes we go to dinner at a nice restaurant and go shopping together for stuff we just can't go do during the week.

This past weekend, for a change, in a long time, we catch the release of a brand new movie: Iron Man 2, it was awesome! (well if you are into super heroe/action movies or into Robert Downey Jr- like me, I'm into both!!).

To the movies we went with some friends that are going through a very difficult time; their dog Angel has been pretty sick for a while, so finally they had to make the decision to put her down the next day on Saturday. So a movie on the previous night was a good deal to take their mind off such a hard and difficult decision, I am very sad for them.

On Saturday I went to get another test for my arm, this time it was an EMG which is an electromyogram, that measures the electrical impulses of muscles at rest and during contraction. So basically, I went to see a doctor that gave me electric shocks on my arm (not pleasant!) to find out if my problem is a pinched nerve, well it looks like I don't, what's going on is a chronic tendonitis in both my elbow and my shoulder (more on treatment later). 

Also I have to mention that my doctor was a Russian visiting Neurologist and after watching IM2 the night before, getting electric shocks from a Russian was not that fun (when you watch the movie you'll know what I mean).

The on Saturday afternoon we finally made up our mind and went looking for a new grill, we found a great deal and upgraded in a very nice way, this is out new baby:

Then yesterday was just a very nice day, sunny and hot, we went to the beach, did some snorkeling and then watched a movie at home, now my batteries are charged and I am ready to start my week.
Have a wonderful Monday!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Everyday but specially today

 One of Gods greatest gifts to mankind is a Mother. 
HaPpY MoTHeRs DaY!!!


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