Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day 2

A photo of "what I wore today".

Well, today being Saturday I am off and at home, also for the first time in a long time the weather is cooperating a bit so I am attempting to lay down and catch some says, although at times it's still cloudy and very windy.

Hope everybody is having a fabulous "sunny" Saturday!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Day 1 Self Portrait

The way I see myself it's definitely to the same way the mirror reflects my image when I am standing in front of it, or what the camera captures when I take my photo... But I guess it's me in my many forms!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Say cheeeeeeese...!

Mainly because I am not afraid of a challenge, because my blog has survived the "terrible two's" or perhaps because I just need another reason to take photos, I've decided to take on [yet] another photo challenge.

But this one is not going to be as long as my first one, the "famous" 100 day photo challenge I took on last year, but just a little tinie tiny 30 days one, which will involve the following;

Now, I am going to try to take every photo with my phone and with Instagram, but in certain cases it won't be possible because for example, you can't really take a long exposure photo with Instagram- not sure about the phone camera either (like on Day:16), but I am still going to try to do them all via this app.

It should be.... a piece of cake!

So, stay tuned!!!!

Have a great Thursday :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wisdom Wednesday

At times when we need help to remind us of what's important, what we need to be changed or just to hear the right answer to an unsolved situation. No matter the day or the time, we can always use some words of wisdom.

So today on my blog, I've decided to share some, hoping those will bring a little light into the dark places we sometimes keep inside our souls.

Hope you found some inspiration on the Wisdom I shared today and now you can go out into the world and spread the love and joy to others!

Happy Wisdom Wednesday!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

3 Lucky Fishes

First things first. Today I would like to thank all my readers that left me a comment and signed up for the chance to win one of my "Lucky Fish Pouches".

But before I reveal the winners, I would like name the 3 things I myself, like about my blog:

1. This is a place where I can share parts of my life with everybody and anybody that is willing to give me a few minutes of their daily reading.

2. Through my blog I have met some amazing people from all the corners of the earth, with some of you, my daily interaction have gone beyond the writer/reader relationship and has developed into a wonderful friendship.

3. Having a place to share my love an passion for photography, animals and my crochet projects.

So, now off the winners.

The first "Lucky Fish- Pretty in Pink" goes to my dear friend Joan @ God's Little People. Hers is one of the very first blogs that I ever found and now after 3 years of following her amazing love and dedication to animals (specially cats), I am convinced that it was faith who brought us together into Blogger world.

Thanks Joan for always stopping by my blog, for your kind words and specially your friendship... Hope one day I will be able to meet you in person.

Joan's "Pretty in Pink" Lucky Fish
The second fish "True Blue" goes to Caren @ CAT CHAT. Caren and her cat Cody have a wonderful blog, all about Cats- can't go wrong with that being that I love animals and specially cats and dogs.

Thanks Caren for keeping up with my blog via email and for your comments, also thanks for the lovely giveaway my Kitties won on your blog a few months ago!

Caren's "True Blue" Lucky Fish
The Third Lucky Fish goes to Anna E, who has become a regular visitor of my blog and although we are miles away I feel as we have been friends for a long time, she is a great lady and I really enjoy reading her comments on my blog, so Thanks Anna E. for always coming by, hopefully you will get your blog going again soon, I miss reading it!

Anna's "EverGreen" Lucky Fish

As you have probably notice this giveaway was not a random generated one, I have chosen the winners according to the comments, so just as I chose the winners I have decided to add an extra winner.

The 4th Lucky Fish pouch goes to @the bench, a brand new reader and a fellow blogger, I really enjoy reading her blog so it's an honor for me to give an extra fish to a brand new follower/reader.

Because I don't have a 4th fish ready, in her case I am going to ask her to give me some ideas of colors she will like me to use on her fish... So please @thebench, email me here to get your address details as well as color preference!

Hope everybody is happy with the little gift, Caren and @the bench, please send your addresses via email so I can get your little package on the way!

Have a wonderful day : )

Monday, June 18, 2012


Today is yet another holiday here on the island (the Queen's Birthday!)... So, even though I had to work on Saturday I still have a full 2 day weekend and even managed to go out with Yanique to watch Madagascar 3 after work on Saturday!

So, in order to celebrate today's holiday I decided to share some of my latest Instagram photos.

First, here are some old , historic and cool places around George Town, which is the capital of our little island.

Cayman National Museum
GT Townhall
Very old tree by the Legislative Assembly building
George Town Library, built in 1939... empty now, new building shown behind it
And now off to some random shots...

Our dogs chillin' on a Sunday
Papperman's Coffee Shop in town
Ocean Front "al fresco" dinner at Morgan's Harbour
My hubby's new Bob Marley tank top
Camana Bay Island Dock
Yanique enjoying the Shell Wall Fountain at Camana Bay
Our kitty Al-bina greeting me when I get home
Yes, in case you were wondering, I do love instagram. It's just that it add up some pizzas to your photos and makes them so cool and different...

Hope u enjoy the photos and that the week is a wonderful one for you!

Thanks to all the reader that have left a comment on my giveaway 3rd blog-versary, there's still time to sign up and win, so good luck!

Happy Monday and week ahead!!!


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