Thursday, June 16, 2011

Attention All!!!

I am very happy to announce that today, we have a

for the Picture Perfect Giveaway.

Randomly selected by RANDOM.ORG, it was chosen today at 7:19am (Cayman Islands Time).

Here's the winning number:

And the BIG WINNER is Jess from "This life is Mine", whoot, whoot!!!

I do have to say, this is pretty exciting because I've been reading Jess blog almost from the day I started blogging and I love her crazy, savvy and always entertaining life and occurrences.

Besides by following her blog I know that she just bought a house, so I think this little surprise will be very well enjoyed and used.

Now, for the big price this is what she gets:

4 already matted Cayman Islands Photos (2 underwater and 2 above), taken by yours truly!

1 Set of 8 Cayman Islands Coasters with art from a local artist- By the way, the art on one side of the coasters is the same beach that I included a photo of... Smith Cove, beautiful spot!

A few hand picked sea shells from our lovely Caribbean Sea plus a some of other little surprises!

Congrats to Jess for winning this fabulous giveaway, I hope that you like it... Now you will own a little piece of the Cayman Island, perhaps this will help so that come one day to visit us.

So, this goes to show that sometimes the lasts could be first, LOL!... As for me, I think today I will be buying some lottery in #19, what do you think?!?!?

And for those who didn't get to win today, don't worry I kind of already started planning my next giveaway and it's going to be awesome!

Happy Friday and enjoy the weekend!!!

Mirror, Mirror...

The gym I joined a few weeks ago is located at this strip mall that has lots of other stores in the same place.

Because it's a pretty busy area, for privacy, the gym has the main front windows covered with a decal that makes the windows into a one way mirror (meaning you can see your reflection from the outside but people on the inside still see outside as if it's just a window).

It is so much fun being on the treadmill and see people walk by and check out themselves on the windows.

Some I'm sure don't even realize this and can't even imagine that there's people right inside looking at them.

Most people walk by while pretty fast and although they don't really stop, they still check out themselves in the mirror, just cause it's there I guess...

Others walk by and once they've realize there's a mirror, immediately as a natural response, they start pushing in their tummy, ladies checking out their make up, if their pants fit right and some might even attempt to squeeze that one zit that is being bothering them all day.... yuck!

Trust me, while you are there sweating your ass off it's quite amusing to see this kind of stuff, even better than watching what's on the TV's; as it's usually some FOX show (NCSI, Criminal Minds or anytime of that matter) playing on one TV and CNN on the other. To me point of view, pretty depressing stuff to watch the news while you exercise...

So instead, I choose to just watch the people go by and see how they react to the "mirror, mirror on the window"....

And since we are in the topic of mirrors... What's up with those picture that people take of themselves in front of the mirror, most of the time people trying to act "all sexy"...  all I have to say is: What's up with that?!?!?  I find them stupid to say the least! LOL

Anyway, talking about pictures now...

Don't forget to sign up for my Picture Perfect Giveaway, there's still time until this evening at 12 midnight (EST)... Tomorrow I will be announcing the BIG WINNER as well as the BIG PRIZE!

Have a "picture perfect kind of a day"!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Now what?

The 100 Day Photo Challenge is finished... now what?


Just kidding!

I am ready to take over the world...

Because I was looking for a challenge.

Found it.

Then worked hard to make it.

Finally conquered, so this pretty much sums it all...

Today is a brand new day and I feel it's time to get back to basic and enjoy the fact that I am free, have a voice, own a computer and can type well enough to put my ideas into worlds and share them with the world...

Oh how blessed I am. Yes, I am!

And so are you for being here today and reading, Thank You for that.

Now, all I want to say to everybody out there; those being the writers or being the readers (or perhaps both at appropriate times) is;

Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I did it!

The final day of the 100 day Photo Challenge is finally here, this is been a roller coaster kinda ride, with some very nice up and popular posts and some low, not so exciting ones and all I can say is;

"It's been fun, thanks to all for sticking with me through this whole process!"

Now, for the 100th day it's all about posting my picture (again) and 15 facts about me, in no particular order.

1. I have been in the blogosphere for exactly 2 years today... and counting.

2. Animals, Trees and Plants are in my top 10 of most favorite things.

3. When I eat toast (or a sandwich on toast), I always eat the crust/sides first and then the inside which is the best part.

4. The only time I've ever ride on an ambulance is one time that I went partying with some friends. One my friends is an EMT so the only ride we had that night was the ambulance. We had a fantastic time, but I do have to say that my friend (the EMT) was on call so he wasn't drinking, he was the designated driver!

5. Back in 1998 when I backpacked around Israel and Egypt I had a really nice group of traveler friend from all parts of world (South Africa, Australia, Canada, UK, Yemen and Russia) with me. Still to the day I keep in touch with some of them.

6. One of the saddest day of my life is the day I lost my cat Tica, I still miss her every day and a part of my heart is always with her wherever she might be.

7. My favorite quote ever is "Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today".

8. I've been to the lowest point in earth, being The Death Sea at an elevation of −1,391 ft below sea level, and at the highest point in my country Costa Rica, which is Cerro Chirripo with an elevation of 12,533 ft above sea level. (Next stop: Mount Everest. Yeah right!)

9. When I was a kid I used to suffer from asthma, I tried many remedies and one included eating Brazilian Peanut beetles... I know, don't ask details, LOL! But they cure me, believe it or not.

10.I love photography and what it involves to see something through the lens of a camera and be able to tell a story, make the beholder interpret what they see in their own unique way.

11. I am level 1 in Reiki, which is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by "laying on hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive.

12. When I used to live in Mexico, I worked at Yoga Retreat Resort that used to lodge many "yogis" as well as famous people, so I got to meet: Sienna Miller, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins and Julia Ormond among others.

13. I've had my few shares of good partying years, and I can even say that during my most "crazy"  years I've even kissed a woman (she is one of my best friends ever, so that kind of makes it worth it!)... We are still very good friends 'till the day and I am glad she's my only one!

14. I love movies and my favorite type are those based in real facts as well as a good comedy.

15. I love to blog and specially read other people's blog, learn about the way others live and how they share their lives with the readers... So I definitely plan to keep on blogging as well as reading for many more years if God allows me to!

Well, I guess with fact #15 I conclude the 100 day Photo Challenge, what an amazing experience this has been, I am so glad I decided to do it and God gave me the strength to do it all without missing a day!

Now, if you are reading this but for some reason did not visit my blog yesterday, please do not forget to sign up form my latest giveaway to celebrate my 2nd anniversary as a blogger as well as the Photo Challenge Finale.

So now, go back to yesterday's post and leave me a comment so you are up for a chance to win my wonderful giveaway... If you don't have time to do it today, don't worry, there's time until Thursday Midnight.

Have a wonderful day!!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Picture Perfect

Photo Challenge Day 99- Something that makes you feel accomplish.

Well, obviously after 99 days of following up the 100 Day Photo Challenge and doing it as best as possible, without missing a single day, I feel quiet accomplished about that!

But, besides that, I feel very accomplished about this.
My very first post back in 2009
Today, after 580 posts (which of those, 99 are included in the 100 day Photo Challenge), my blog is turning 2 years old tomorrow... And that right there is my very big accomplishment!!!

So this celebrate both of these achievements, today I am starting my 2nd ever giveaway

This time I am giving away a one of a kind, personalized package that contains; photographs and momentous from the beautiful Cayman Islands among other little surprises!

Now, all you have to do to join/enter on the celebration, the main and only requirement is to be an official follower of Such Life in The Tropics.

For additional entries (meaning more chances to win the prize) you can do one or all of the following:

1. Be an "official" follower of my other blog "A Photo a Day".

2. Grab the "Such Life in the Tropics' button and place it on your blog.

3. Mention the "Picture Perfect Giveaway" on a post.

Please make sure to leave a separate comment for each one of the entries.

I will be announcing the big WINNER on Friday June 17th, so there's time to leave me a comment until Thursday June 16th at 12 midnight EST (in the USA)... And hopefully it would be YOU!!!

So, get right on it and best of luck!!!

Have a wonderful week :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

didgeriddo your nails?

Photo Challenge Day 98- Your favorite nail polish color.

I have to say I am not really into nail polish, but that doesn't mean I don't like manicures and pedicure, because I certainly do!

When it comes to painting my finger nails, I rarely do it, specially cause I don't even like to keep my nails very long.

In the case of my toe nails, I have to say I do it more often, mostly because living in the Caribbean I wear lots of open toe shoes and nail polish protects the nails from getting as dirty.

So, if I was to choose a favorite nail polish, it would definitely be any OPI brand, to me those are the best kind, excellent quality and an amazing amount of colors to choose from...  Even the names are quite fun!

If you visit their website (liked above) you will see all of their amazing collections (now even a Pirates of the Caribbean one) and colors...

One of the colors that I really like and owned (because the bottle suffered a deadly accident and now it's long gone) was the Didgeriddo Your Nails.

It's a fresh, modern and not too out there color for every day use... Hope I can get myself another bottle soon!

So, that would be my pick.

Now, did I mentioned that I am on day 98 already? And did I mention there is a very nice giveaway coming to celebrate not one, but two major accomplishments... I think I did, so stay tuned!

Have an awesome Sunday... I am off to the BEACH now!!!!


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