Saturday, September 26, 2009

32 yrs ago...

On a day like today, but in the year 1977, my birth mother Gilda passed away of an aneurysm.

She was 23 yrs old and I was only 6 months, so unfortunately I don't remember my time with her.

This last time I was back in Costa Rica I went to see my grandmother (Gilda's Mother) and got a hold of some old pictures that she still had. My grandma used to always have tons and tons of pictures, but I guess with her being sick and having lots of different nurses and helpers the pictures as well as a lot of her stuff has gone missing, I was glad to be able to get some of my mom's pictures as well as some from when I was a little girl.

I can't really say I miss her because as I say before I really don't remember her, plus like I mention in a previous post (my two moms), after she passed away God and my dad gave me the opportunity to have another wonderful mother that has being more than I can ever imagine in my life.

But I know that mom Gilda is always looking out for me and although she was very young when God called her to his side, and we did not get to spend much time together, she is always in my heart and I live each day thinking of the best way to carry her memory and legacy of love!

Here are some pictures of her through the years...

2 years old

first grade 6 or 7 yrs old wearing a CR typical dress

Graduation Pic. Aug 4th, 1971

She did a little modeling

circa 1976 @ work

our last picture together Sept. 1977

Friday, September 25, 2009

Fateful Friday

This is kind of how I feel at work today...

...things are not good and it's been like this for a few days now. It's really nothing directly related to me, but with our Manager.

Sometimes she is a very unstable person when it comes to problems and confrontations (maybe because of the fact that she is bipolar or else). Unfortunately she took some bad decisions in the past few months and besides that she has changed her version of it a few times as well. Now upper management has found out about the whole situation, so the future at the company is not looking very bright for her.

Next week things might get worst because the Vice president of the corporation is coming down to sort things out with her or maybe to give her to boot for good.

Meanwhile her attitude towards everybody at work is horrible, it's like she blames everybody for her mistakes and I'm sure she thinks we are all conspiring against her, but this is not true...

I really don't wish her any harm, I know she is got a lot of issues in her personal life and with her finances but that doesn't give her the right to give grief to everybody at work because things are obviously not working for her, right? Also I think that the fact that she is pissed at everybody and is walking around the place with a horrible long face doesn't really make her look like a positive leader that can handle a staff, never the less manage a store.

Personally I am being affected quite a bit and the stress is really awful, this morning I even woke up with a cold sore on my lip, which I get every now and then for various reason but I'm sure this one is 'cause of stress...

So as I'm writing this, then only thing that keeps me going is the fact that it's Friday so it means I will be out of the office for 2 days, hopefully things will get better next week and we can have the harmony walk into our place again... Have a wonderful weekend or at least try!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

My shower buddy

It was at a friends house the first time I saw you...

At first I found you very intriguing.

But then, we took our first shower together and that's when I knew there was a reason why our paths crossed that day.

My first reaction when I realized our destinies belong together was to take you away for good. But then I thought, if my friend is a real friend, she will understand love at first sight and would let me depart with you.

So I told her, that I wanted you, that I have being looking for you all along, and because it took me this long to find you, I couldn't let you slip away like that, and then grieve your lost and the opportunity to have you in my life, for as long as we both shall live!

And she understood and wished us farewell.

Now we are together, so today I want to dedicate this post to you.

Thank you shower buddy for being with me on my daily shower and not only untangling my hair but at times even my ideas... You are awesome!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday Movie Post

Today's review is about a movie that might not appeal to many but it's definitely an animation jewel, and the reason I say this is because it is an animation movie but not the same old computer animated characters but a type of animation with figurines hand carved with clay, and this wonderful movie is not other than
"Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit".

If you've never heard of this wonderful duet which is Wallace (as the leader and inventor) and Gromit (his loyal assistant and friend), you are definitely missing a lot. I was first introduced to them by my husband that have always liked them and has a few (maybe even all) of their episodes, which are mostly short films.

Anyway, back to the movie and the review. This one feature film is about Wallace & Gromit owning a very respectable and efficient pest control company (Anti-Pesto) that deals with pest control but in a humane way. But just days before the big vegetable competition in town, all of the crops are being affected by rabbits that are eating the competitors precious produce.

So that's when W&G had to come in and help, but by using one Wallace's many inventions things take a bad turn and they end up dealing with a were-rabbit (instead of a were-wolf, get it?).

I think this movie is very unique and the animation is awesome, it is very british but that gives it even more character. My favorite character by far is Gromit, I specially like it when he knitts, but I also love that he is a dog and can do anything humanly possible but talking.

Maybe another reason why I like this film so much is because I'm going through a very strong phase of Farmville addiction (in case you don't know this game it's a facebook thing), so I'm all about farming, vegetables, fruits, animals, crops... but that is just going to have to be left for another blog post, LOL!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

So far today...

It's Tuesday, there are going to be 3 cruise ships on the Georgetown port today (Carnival Valor, Carnival Legend and Disney Magic) each one of those ships with and average capacity of 2k passengers but lately it feels like they are not even half full.

Work is being horribly slow and I don't even want to mention the sales of this month. It's so depressing for me to think that today, I made the first sale since Sept. 10th, that's 8 business days!

At this point I'm trying to convince myself that this just another low season on the island, that the economy is picking up and people are just being cautious about spending as Christmas is aproaching, right?

Besides that, weather is slowly going back to the normal rainy season but without any threatening storms or hurricanes around. What I really like about this time of year is that you can see patches of clouds and rain all around and sometimes it's raining out on the sea and you can see some beautiful scenes around...

Just the other day I was driving home from work and got to see one of these nice scenery and managed to stop and take a picture.

West Bay public beach

Also in the past few days, I felt like dressing up one of my dogs (Sheba) for the first time, just to have a laugh, so I found one of my shirts to put it on her and I knew that this was going to drive her off the wall, here is the result... she was quite annoyed, LOL!

Sheba is very annoyed here

She is over it...

Also last night we went to a very nice Italian Restaurant (Edoardo's) to celebrate our friend Ben's 40th birthday, it was a surprise party organized by his wife through facebook with a secret event page and all.

It was really fun, specially because he really had no clue of the party and he was truly surprised and happy to see so many people there to celebrate with him and specially on a Monday night. Here are some of the highlights of the night.

Ben (bday boy) and Jenn (his wife)

the best looking couple @ the party, LOL!

I got tattooed!

we had some good Italian coffee

when they brought the cake, she almost throwed it at him!

don't even know what's going on here...

Monday, September 21, 2009

Typical Work Week

Not much to write about today. It's Monday and after quite a rainy weekend, it's time to be back at work and now the weather is gorgeous (go figure!).

Don't know about you, but I just think Mondays are not the best way to spend 1/7 of your life, right?, but then if Mondays didn't exist I would be saying the same thing about Tuesdays, right? It's just that the weekend is way to short and the week is too long...

Well, everybody have a great week and just think that in just 5 more days we will be back to the weekend... So, just hang in there!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Desert Rose

I've always really liked the song "Desert Rose" by Sting.

On a side note: I saw him once in concert in Costa Rica. After the concert a couple of  my friends and me went to a sushi restaurant at a hotel were one of friends was living at the time and were Sting was staying (but we didn't know), so we saw him at the restaurant and even got to sit at his same table... it was cool!

But anyway, as I mentioned before I always really liked this song and even the video is o.k. although I never really knew there really was such a plant/flower (the video does show a single one of this plant/flowers) until one day my husband brought home a plant with that same name.

He said that when he got it, they told him that it's supposed to be a very beautiful flower, we waited a few months and finally it bloom and I agree it is very beautiful.

I've read a little bit about them and they seem to grown in really arid areas in Africa so they are a very good option for people that want a plant that needs barely no attention or water as they are pretty adaptable. Also I hear that the very big plants are very valuable and expensive... ours is small still! Unfortunately I also read that the flowers are very poisonous if eaten, so if you are ever lost on the desert and feel like eating one of those flowers to survive it would not be a wise choice.

Our beautiful desert rose


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