Friday, September 2, 2011

1 life down, hoping for 6 more to go...

This is post #2 for me today...

My day started like any other.

Got up, showered, had breakfast and got on my car to go to work... As I was going just down the road from my house, in one of the narrowest roads around, out of the bushes and really fast came out a cat running to cross the road.

I didn't even have time to react, nevertheless brake...

Once I realized it, panic started to filled my heart and soul.

I immediately stopped and look back on my rear-view mirror, to see him laying on the road, bleeding.

My heart stopped and I started to feel tears coming out of my eyes.

Did I kill him? Was he o.k?

I swore it was Leroy (one of the kitties that we feel every day).

The worst part of it was, I couldn't stop and check if he was alright (as the manager at the store is away right now, so I had to go and open the store myself).

Still, I could see him still laying there and I was ever more worried that he was going to hit by another car and kill him (for sure).

So I called my husband and he immediately got on his bike to go rescue him.

Took him to the Vet.

Looks like he only got hit in the head, not a single broken bone or main organ damaged.

They sedate him, gave mi some sort of medicine to prevent the swelling of the brain and lots of rest.

Well, the cat is not Leroy, in fact is a completely new cat that we have never feed, and perhaps he even belongs to somebody.

He is now at the Vet's clinic. Still very much in pain, very swollen in the head and I just now came by from visiting him.

The doctor is not sure if he is going to make it, only time and God can tell what's going to happen.

I am still very sad and very much in shock of what happen although at any point I meant to hurt him/her, it was a very terrible accident that I wish would never happen again.
Please keep him/her in your prayer and hope God puts his healing hand over him/her and may he be recovering very soon.

More news tomorrow and hoping those would be good news.

Have a nice weekend!

Finally a Video!

Finally it's Friday and finally I am here to share a little bit of my visit to Costa Rica with a video I took at my parents house.

In the video you can see the front of their house, the big trees that surround and the birds singing.

Towards the end of the video, you can see the 3 Labrador girls they have. The dogs are Gaia (which is mine), Emma her sister and the mother Negra... aren't they awesome?

I know I promised to also shared pictures, but I haven't really had the time to sort them out, but now that my Mom is gone I am sure I will find the time to get around it.

Hope everybody has a great weekend!!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Did I mention?

It's been raining quite a bit here the past few days.

To me, this is fine, I don't mind rain as long as it's no Hurricane. Plus I just got a brand new raincoat so this showers give me a chance to wear it!

Did I mention? I happen to love rain coats, I think they are fabulous and a much better option that the good ol' umbrella, well unless it's a head one, like the one I used to have a as kid...

Mine used to look just like this, but I'm not sue if I would be up to wear such a thing in public nowadays, LOL!

Did I mention? I am loving my new phone, it's such a cool gadget and contrary to what I thought about the very first time I got my Treo years ago and that I thought I wasn't going to take full advantage of everything it does, with this phone, I am sure to enjoy every single application it has.

Did I mention? My Mom left this morning. Oh boy, oh boy am I am going to miss that lovely lady. Spending time with her was amazing and the minute I gave her the last hug, I started looking forward to the next time we will be together.

Did I mention? It's already September (wow time is flying by!!!), plus it's Thursday so we are getting very close to the weekend, yay for that!

Have a great day and wonderful month of September!!!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

M is for Mom

It's been simply amazing and such a great joy to have my Mom around for this past couple of weeks.

I am definitely a very blessed daughter for having such an amazing Mom and best friend.

This past couple of weeks we've talked, laughed, learned and teach each other interesting stuff.

We cooked together, went shopping a few times, drank a few cocktails, bonded like the very best of friends.

And of course during this special time, we went to church together and thank God for these and many more blessings we have in our daily lives.

Now, tomorrow we say "So long" (because I am not good at Goodbyes) as she goes back home, to my Dad and her life.

It's going to be hard not having her around. But the time we've spent together, leaves me full of joy and wonderful memories that filled my soul with the best possible kind of love.

Her energy and teaching will remain with me, always inspiring me to be a better person, a better daughter and a better wife (like she is!).

So, how about you?

Is your Mom close to you? Have you talked to her lately?

Perhaps today is a good day (as any) to call her up and remind her of how special she is and how much you love her... I know I will make sure my Mom know that today!!!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Feels Good!

Feels good to be back to work after 3 weeks off and just on my second day back, guess what date is today?

Yeah... it's Aug. 30th, which means?!?!?

Feels good to have a job, to be productive and get paid for something I enjoy doing (most days).

Feels good to have so many blessings in life, specially my family, friends, my job and my blog!!!

And also I have to say that it feels good to be back on blogging, but mainly because I have some many nice people reading my blog and I thank them for that!!!

And last but not least, I have to say, feels good that I got a new cell phone, a brand new Samsung Galaxy S II and so far I LOVE IT...

Well, there's many more things that feel good right now, but I don't feel so good about not posting my Costa Rica pictures yet.

I promise that soon I will get my head around which ones to post, so please bear with me and soon I will be sharing them all!!!

Have a wonderful day and do something that feels good!!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

The sweet life of a baby

My name is Julian, I am 3 months old now and like most babies at my age, all I do is sleep, cry when I am hungry, then eat and sleep some more... aaaah, that is the life!

I just recently got Baptized and got a very special Godmother... isn't she pretty?

And what about me? I am pretty cute too, uh? Plus, I can stay awake, to write this post...



now that I think of it,

I am getting kind of tired...

and I could use a little nap...


What a sweet life, don't you think?


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