Saturday, May 21, 2011

can you read me now?

Well, let me start today's post by saying that if you are in fact reading this today and you can still come by tomorrow and read my blog, you might wanna start re-evaluating your position between sinner or saint, LOL!

I guess the "so call" Rapture for some people, it is due today, around 6pm? So my question is, if you are in Australia a few hours ahead, what time is the rapture for those people?!?!?

Not that I am trying to be rude or disrespectful to those folks out there that truly believe this is it, but it's just that I think when God decides to call you either individually or with a big mass of people, I don't think he will be setting an specific date or time to do this.

The last rapture back in 1987 (when I was 10 years old) went by smoothly for me, so smooth and in fact it took me 24 year more to realized I was so close to it...

Anyway, back to my dear old 100 Day Photo Challenge, which by the way I hope no to get interrupted at all,  even by the rapture, LOL!

Today's photo challenge is day 76- A picture of something that annoys you.

Do you like Ice Cream? I bet you do, in fact I don't think I know anybody that doesn't like ice cream at all. Maybe there's people that don't eat it because of the lactose or other reasons, but I am sure there is at least one flavor they've tried and liked.

Well, I like ice cream myself, but the only ice cream I don't like it's the one that sells out of a truck, but not because of the actual ice cream itself, but because of the fact that the ice cream truck tune is SO annoying...

Here where we live the ice cream truck guy seems to love an enjoy driving around our neighborhood for a long time with that super, mega annoying tune that gets inside the deepest, darkest corners of your brain and then it bugs you for hours ahead... THAT really annoys me.

Of course I don't have an actual photo of the truck, but I was lucky enough to find an actual video in You Tube of another ice cream truck that plays the exact same tune as the one around here, [insert sarcastic tone here] yaaaay!!!!!

So, here it is, possible one of the world's most annoying tune played over and over and over, again...

Lovely isn't it? NOT! If you play it long enough you would find that perhaps "the rapture" would be a good option, LOL!!!!

Once we were in Tropical Storm Watch, it was pretty much raining cats and dogs out there, lots of rain and it was about 5:30pm, but the Ice Cream Truck was out there, playing his tune like it was lovely summer afternoon... Makes you wonder what kind and flavor of ice cream they sell, LOL!

Any who...Have a great rapture... I mean, Saturday!

Friday, May 20, 2011

F is for Friend & Friday!

"Friends are the family we choose for ourselves"

-Edna Buchanan-

Today's photo challenge (which by the way it's already) day 75, it's about posting a picture of me and a friend. In my case I've decided to post a picture of two of my best girl friends and me!

Aracely (on the left with the green top)and Claudia (in the pink pointy ears, wearing her chef jacket).
The picture was taken back in 2004 when I was living in Tulum, Mexico. This particular night we went to this local bar where they had an "Alux" Party (Aluxes for the Mayans are some sort of elves) so you were supposed to wear pointy ears.

Anyway, going back to the girls, they are both great friends, loyal, trustworthy, fun and the kind of friends that are always there for you (even if we are miles a part).

When I left Mexico in 2005 I still stayed in touch with both of them. Five years later (last July 2010) when we went back for a holiday and I got to see them again, it was like time never passed and it was the same wonderful friendship we've always had.

Although I miss spending time with them, our friendship is one of a kind and in a way they are my Mexican sisters!!! I love them both :)

Oh, and by the way, talking about one of a kind friendships, have you seen the following video? It's a wonderful display of animal connection and friendship, enjoy!!!

Well, today is Friday and I can't wait to have a nice, relaxing weekend... Wishing you the same!

Happy Friday! : )

Thursday, May 19, 2011

look what I found

When I was a little girl, I had this thing about not being able to fall sleep with the lights on. I would see monsters coming out of the shadows of the furniture. I thought something was out to get me and if the lights were on I would see this horrific monster full face, coming right at me.

So for a few months my Mom would have to turn off the light and stay with me, sitting on my bed making sure that I fall sleep and that no monsters were out to get me. I made her promise me that she will be checking on me every so often even after I had fallen sleep.

Fortunately for my Mom I never had any problem falling sleep so she basically stayed about 2 minutes and maybe return to check on me only once or twice (as I am a pretty hard sleeper)! Months went by and then I was able to fall right to sleep without the lights off and on my own.

So once I had the lights on and off figure out, them it came the fear of a monster under the bed. At the time I would literary stand by the door of my room, take enough impulse and then jump right on the bed without touching the floor at all, that way the monster had no chance on getting me by the feet!

image @ Joshua Hoffine
Then one day I made the big mistake of letting my brother convince me into watch Rosemary's Baby and by then my monster moved from under my bed to behind the shower curtain (thanks Bro, owe you one!).

So to make sense out of this post, today's photo challenge Day 73 calls for- A picture of something you found under your bed. 

Well, believe it or not there's is nothing under my bed right now (well, besides dust). A few weeks ago I actually did a massive cleanse under there and mainly what I found was the odd sock I been missing and a couple of pairs of shoes, but no monsters!!! (maybe is because of the fact that we have two ferocious dogs to protect us at night!).

So, yeah, although I am relieve to say we do not have any strange creatures under there, I'm also happy to know no mundane things either!

How about you, have you check what's under your bed lately??? You better check and make sure, LOL!

Have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

let's do lunch?

Today's photo challenge comes at a very appropriate time, as day 73 requires to post a picture of my lunch.

In my case, I've been on a diet for almost 3 weeks and I'm sort of using Bob Green's The Best Life Diet. I bought the book a few weeks ago, read it from beginning to end and now I am really putting lots of effort to eat healthy, eat well portion sizes, add some exercise and still enjoy life as much as possible.

So lately I've been really health conscious. I've increased the amount of fruit and vegetables I eat every day, decrease the sugar, refine carbohydrates and even joined a gym where I go use the treadmill and walk about 2 miles (1/2 an hour) at least 3 times a week, yey for me!!!!

Now, here's the picture of today's lunch...

The menu? Well, since you've asked, I got: Whole Wheat Turkey & Spinach Lasagna, Baby Carrots and Mango Avocado Quinoa Salad, yummy!!!

I guess the hardest part for me when it comes to diet, is to get home in the evenings and plan a healthy yummy meal, some times I am so tired that I don't want to cook at all so we end up getting pizza (frozen or delivery) or even cooking massive amounts of pasta...

But not anymore, I am making a HUGE effort to actually plan meals in advance and buy many, many fresh natural ingredients to have a nutritious evening meal, also I am sticking to a cutting time of 7:30pm as the last time to have my meal, as Bob says it's better to have dinner at least 2 hours before going to bed.

So, what's for lunch on your side of the world? Hope it's something good and yummy, bon appettit!

Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

my own creations

Photo Challenge Day 72- A picture of a stuffed animal.

For today's challenge I cannot go with anything else but one of my own Amigurumi creations.

Although I do not make the patterns myself, I do the crochet, the adding of the eyes, the stuffing and I give them their very own personality and style!

Here is a picture of a few of my creations.

In the case of "Ant-nee" the tiger, that pattern was made for another animal (I think a bear), so I all I did was add "my own" stripes and a personalized face to make him a tiger.

I think he came out pretty cute, uh?

In another note, I am already thinking about my next giveaway and I think it's going to be yet another one of my creations, but a new one I've never done before... I am not sure when I'm doing it, perhaps to celebrate the ending my photo challenge, we shall see!!!

Have a wonderful day!!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Bling Bling Monday

Photo Challenge Day 71- A picture of your favorite piece of jewelry.

Well, in my case my favorite piece of jewelry is no other than my engagement ring.

This amazing piece of designer jewelry, is not only gorgeous, as well as the most valuable piece I own, but it also symbolizes the day my (now) husband asked me to be his wife- probably the most romantic moment in my life.

Now this ring together with my wedding band, make a couple as wonderful as we are.

Isn't my ring beautiful? My husband does have good taste (both in women and jewelry, LOL!)

Have a wonderful day!!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

it's not 50, or 60 but 70!

100 Day Photo Challenge Day 70- Something you borrowed from someone else.

The other day I went to some friends house to watch a movie and in their coffee table they had this cool book of sketches from the Cayman Islands.

Since the book looked really interesting I asked to borrow it, that way I can take my time and really look into it, this is it;

And here are some of the images from the inside.

old style Caymanian Home
Police Station
The Legislative Assembly Bldg. (which still looks pretty much the same)
A Church
Aren't those sketches pretty cool? I think so...

Now, I guess it's time for me to return the book!!!

Have a wonderful Sunday : )


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