Friday, March 8, 2013

Hasta la vista, baby!

Today I am here...

On my way here...

This is where I'll be spending some of the next few days!

And this is going to be the view I'll be enjoying for you...

So, 'till we meet again!!!

Have a wonderful Weekend!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Is it Friday yet?

T-1 day and I am off to Costa Rica to visit family and friends, I am super excited and looking forward to some "tico times" surrounded by loved ones.

I've been packed for a few days now, and that makes me happy because I am usually last minute pack kinda girl and then I ended up packing too much stuff or even stuff I don't need.

But even though all my packing is done, I do leave a piece of my heart back here and carry instead my amazing husband and pets inside my heart, and although I wish he was coming along for the ride, this way we don't have to pay extra on tickets, dog/cat sitters and even somebody to look after the house.

The hubby will be definitely missed and even more every times somebody from my family or my friend is going to ask about him and how he is doing...

Although I will have internet access and my phone with me, this will be a very much needed and wanted hiatus, but, if you still feel like stopping by and leave me a comment while I am gone, please feel free or even drop me an email here and I will be happy to answer you!

Miss you guys already.... 

Happy Tuesday, Friday and beyond....!!!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hump Day T-2days

Mainly because I am a big sucker for animal movies and specially when those animals are big, fun and can talk... I am looking forward to take on my phone, one of my favorite movies to watch while I fly to Costa Rica.

And this movie is no other that big ol' MARMADUKE!!!

I just totally love that movie, makes me laugh and makes love animals (cats and dogs) even more (if only that is possible).

Plus Marmaduke is a Great Dane with with a big heart and lots of ways to be naughty and fun!!!

Do you like animal movies? If so, which one is your favorite? Have you ever watched Marmaduke before? Do share....

In other news, thanks to all my readers that gave me some input about my the dresses to wear to my friend upcoming wedding and for those that haven't just visit yesterday's post and tell me what you think, thanks!

Happy Humpday!!!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

10 on Tuesday

T-3 days to go away, and I am so excited that I'm just about to burst into dancing like this...

All I need is the "tutu"!!!!

Three more working days for this week sounds just about right for me, yey, can u tell I am excited? LOL

Even though we live on a small island, Victoria's Secret just opened down the road from where I work, but since I am going away I haven even dare walk down there cause I know I could be spending money I need to take on my trip, so VS is going to have to wait!

Saturday at the botanic part was very nice, took lots of photos here are my favorites.

Also on Saturday my hubby took one of the nicest pictures of me lately... thanks hubby, got a new facebook profile pic!

What is the deal with the "unsubscribe" of certain newsletters? Once you decide to unsubscribe is either because:
a) you don't care anymore about what they have to say, or,
b) because you are sick and tired of receiving so many emails from them...

So you hit that unsubscribe option and then they send ANOTHER email to reconfirm that you in fact DO NOT want any more emails from them, LOL! Don't get it... kinda defeats the purpose of stopping their emails!

So, the cold front is still around, in less intensity and of course the sun is actually out now that we are on a business day, but on Sunday when I was home and off it was raining on and off plus lots and lots of wind, go figure!

Tomorrow my girlfriends are planning a girly dinner night to celebrate my belated birthday, yey, can't wait to see them and catch up, it will be fun!!!

While at home I'll be going to one of my best friends wedding and although I have idea what I am going to wear, I am split between two dresses, one is this Red one (which some people say a Red dress is not entirely appropriate for a wedding)...

 And then there's this Royal Blue which is nice and "flow-ey"...

Which do you think is the best dress? Red or Blue, any comments and advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend Flowers

Although we are back to Monday already, it was a nice weekend...

Despite the weather not entirely cooperating (as I mentioned a Cold Front coming our way), on Saturday we managed to get out of the house kind of early and we head out to the other side of the island to go see the Annual Orchid Show at the Queen Elizabeth Botanic Garden.

The morning was beautiful, we saw the orchids and then we walked around the park while taking photos and enjoying being a part of nature.

These are some of the beauties they had at the show...

And of course no Orchid Show is complete without the National Flower of my dear and lovely Costa Rica (where I'll be on Friday- yey!)...

Which of the photo flowers is your favorite? I guess you can imagine which one is mine?!?!?!?

We walked around quite a bit and took a bunch more pictures, will share more soon.

While in the park the weather started changing and then it was rain and lots of wind the rest of the weekend.

Now it's 4 days of work and then off to see my family, can hardly wait!!!!

Happy Monday!!!

Hope everybody had a wonderful weekend.


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