Friday, October 5, 2012

For the Love of Fridays

Today I am thinking of things that start with the letter...

First and For most... 

Friday [insert "so glad we made it" theme song here for Friday's soundtrack].

Flowers are so beautiful and they really bring a smile to my face.

Funny is this...

Friends come in every size and form... this Friendship is unique a very special to us (Our dog Sheba and one of our feral cats Goldie) <3!

and Finally, check out this wonderful video starring the Fabulous Feline Norman, it's a great ad with a good message!!!

Have a Fantastic Weekend!!!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Throwback Thursday

Hello All, today is Thursday which mean another change to go back into memory lane with...

Today's photo takes me back to 1998 and one of the best times of my life!

1. This photo was taken near the Blue Hole in Dahab, Sinai Peninsula of Egypt.

2. I got there with friends while backpacking through Israel and found a friend of my brother- Mohammed the guy smoking on the side!

3. The two girls are Shari (from Canada) and Debbie (from Australia). I met them both through my travelings and became very good friends with them, now they are both married and with kids but we are still friends and keep in touch.

4. Diving in the Red Sea was amazing, would love to go back someday.

5. At the time I had very short hair and I used to wear it in different colors... few days after this photo I shaved my whole head!!!

Well, that's it for me, hope you guys enjoyed another peak of my past! Now, how about, feel like joining in the fun?

On an unrelated note, I am very happy because yesterday I added a "Scroll to top" lil' button to my blog which now appears on the lower right side of the screen (well, that's if you are reading it on a computer). What is this for you might ask? Well, easier navigation to read below and go back to top, you're welcome! Have a wonderful Thursday!!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

think before you talk (or write)

Whatever happened to;

Respect to others and their choices?

Accepting others like they are our own brother' and sisters?

Not judging others in their decisions because nobody knows what anybody is going through other than ourselves?

Loving thy neighbor as ourselves?

Well, in this crazy world all those values are probably mostly sleep, forgotten or worst case lost, but that doesn't mean we can reach inside our souls and wake them up, find them in the little back corner or even regain new ones.

Today I want to share a video that you have probably seen or heard of, that talks about many of the values that I mentioned above, so if you have about 4 minutes, please watch it!

If you watched it, tell me what do you think?

I am happy that she was brave enough to stand up for herself and specially had the support from family, friends and even viewers...

But to the man that email her, what is up with him? Doesn't he have anything better to do than to question other people about their life and their choices, making them feel bad... And by the way, what did he accomplish with that email other than trying to hurt the lady?

Anyway, just wanted to share with you as she also mentioned that October is "Anti-Bullying" Month!

Happy Wednesday!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

10 on Tuesday

Happy Tuesday. Today I am liking back to linny's for another 10 on Tuesday!

Love it when I can start the day by going to the gym and get the exercise part out of the way.

Can't wait for the new season of 30 Rock, that show is just hi-la-rious!
My favorite phrases are: "Good God Lemon" and "What the what?"

Last night I had an awesome Skype Video date with my cousin and her lovely boy (my godson) Julian. He is getting so big. The last time I saw him was back in Feb when he was about 9 months, he is now 1 year and 4 months old or should I say 21 months?

Today is my Dad's 61st birthday, I called him in the morning hoping that I was the very first one to congratulate him, but 2 other family member beat me to it... 
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD, you are the greatest and I am so very bless to have you in my life and have so many great attributes that come from you!

with my Dad on my wedding day
Lately in my car I've listening to the John Lennon's album IMAGINE and I can't help but twist smile a little when I listen to "Twist and Shout", it's such a great song and it reminds me of one of my favorite scenes from  the movie Ferris Buller Day Off... 
Please tell me you cannot help but dance when you hear this song and specially watch this video?

Right now I have 3 crochet project on the way, the monkey for my godson, a bath mat for our bathroom and another door stopper owl for my Mom.

I am already thinking about my next giveaway and I think it's going to be on "I Love Yarn Day" which is on 10/12/12... Stay tuned because it's going to be a nice one!

Of all the "Keep Calm..." art I've seen, this is by far my favorite one.

Saw this the other day while browsing Pinterest and it truly made me smile and feel as if Human Kindness can still be found and with acts like this one, there's always hope for a brighter future.

Finally I leave you with a peek of today's morning sight of when I was coming back from the Gym.

Happy Tuesday!!!

Monday, October 1, 2012

October is here!

It's the beginning of a new day, a new week and a new month, a fresh start to do whatever you didn't get done yesterday, last week and even last month...

A fresh new month it's here!

Yes, it might sound kinda' crazy, but it's true, today is really the first day of the 10th month of the year. To me, this year is going by so fast, that I am almost convinced it's going way above the speed limit!!!

Which is one of the reason we need to truly enjoy and seize the day as much as we can, because if we don't it would go so far that it will only leave us with regrets and desires not fulfilled.

Also today is the first day for my husband's new job. I am very excited for him, keeping my fingers crossed for a great start and praying that this is a place where he will be happy, learn new things, gain new challenges and become an even better person and professional than he already is.

If you feel like giving him some encouragement, click here to visit his blog, thanks!

On another note, our weekend was very nice but it rained A LOT!

For those of you that do not live around our area (meaning the tropics), right now this is our summer a.k.a rainy season, but this years is been very dry, up until a few days ago and now the rain is catching up for all those dry and hot days we've had.

The above photo was taken over the weekend, a very dark ugly sky... but at least the plants are happy and all is green around.

Wishing everybody a wonderful Monday, new week and specially new month, let's make the best out of it!!!


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