Saturday, April 21, 2012

Rugby time

Working at the Cayman Islands Vs Mexico rugby world cup qualifiers.... Place is not very busy but still gotta be here until game starts at 4pm.

Got this new blogger app on my phone and this is officially my first post with it... Hope it will work well.

Happy Saturday!

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy Weekend!

Coming to the realization that the weekend in here, makes me very, very happy!

I do have to work tomorrow at a Rugby Match event for the Rugby World Cup Qualifiers, so tomorrow's game will by Cayman Vs. Mexico.

It's going to be a big festival during the day and once again we will be working to promote my boss's Ocean Foundation and try to get more people to become members.

Also this year we are giving priority to a new GHOF project to encourage the government of the Cayman Islands to pass a protection law for Sharks!

Hope everybody has a great weekend :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Life is definitely more beautiful when you can capture moments via photos...

Here are some of my latest random instagrams, all taken with my Samsung Galaxy S2 phone.

Indoor Plant
BTK, the Momma of our clan
Goldie ready to flee...
Our Dogs & Cats
My hubby's  ride
Sheba & Ditto posing for the camera
Hungry Felines
If you have Instagram on your Iphone or Android and feel like "following" me, please do so... I am in there as "caymansunshine"!

And last but not least, today I wanna thank EVERYBODY that left me a comment yesterday about the "BB&BS" video and my relationship with Yanique, I really appreciate the support and your kind words!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mentor & Mentee

As most of you my readers know, I am a volunteer mentor for the Big Brothers & Big Sisters of the Cayman Islands.

A couple of months ago they asked me and my mentee Yanique to take part in a video/commercial and talk about our match and what we get out of the program, this way perhaps encouraging people to join this very important program and help out.

Well the video is now ready and here it is... It's about a bit less than 5 minutes long, but worth watching with lots of information about the organization and what a great cause this is.

I believe "BB&BS" is a worldwide program, so if you are thinking of making a difference in somebody's life, how about a child's life?

Perhaps this could be an option for you or anybody else that would like to volunteer for something... think about!

If you don't wanna watch the whole video but want to see me and Yanique, we start coming up at around min 2:21... check it out!

Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, April 16, 2012

In the land of submarines

About 3 weeks ago I mentioned that I was taking Yanique to the Atlantis Submarine tour but things didn't work out. The following 2 weekends after that I didn't get to see her, one she was spending time with her Dad and after that, it was Easter.

Finally we got to go last Saturday, we had a fabulous time and I was quite pleased with the whole experience.

This was not my first time on a Submarine, but my first on the one here in Grand Cayman.

About 15 years ago in Eilat, Israel while on vacation with my parents, we took a Submarine tour of the Red Sea, I don't remember much about that trip but I do remember having a great time because I wasn't a diver back then.

Now, after more than 10 years of being a diver, I wasn't quite sure what to expect of this tour and now I can say with confidence that perhaps it's next best thing [to see the reef] after scuba diving.

Here are some photos of that day.

Boarding pass in hand.... not sure if she wants to smile for the camera!
Here comes the Sub, ready to get it...
Yanique going down... I'm next!
Inside the Submarine
The reef
The infamous Lion fish (2 in the photo)
Tiger Grouper "at the dentist"- getting his teeth cleaned!
Lovely Hawksbill Turtle waved us good bye at the end of the tour
As you can see from some of the pictures, we saw lots of different species and although it was hard taking pictures over 2 layers of plexi glass, I think those came out alright!

It's a tour I would definitely take again and I in fact I'm already thinking about taking my Mom and my Aunt when they come visit this year.

Hope everybody had a great weekend and that this coming week is even better one!

Happy Monday <*))))><


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