Friday, April 30, 2010

Almost 1 year

The weekend is here and with it also my one year wedding anniversary. WOW! it feels like it was just yesterday that I was starting to plan our wedding and now we are getting ready to celebrate this "milestone", how exciting!

I have a wonderful thing planned for Saturday afternoon, something both me and my husband have never done before, can't really say what it is because my husband reads my blog, so for now it's going to remain a mystery, but promise you'll know all about it in a few days. I am very excited and hope we are going to have a great time!!!

Also this weekend is Batabano Carnival on the island, last year the parade was the same exact day as our wedding so of course we didn't go, maybe this year we'll catch a little bit of it, we'll see, promise pictures if I make it, meanwhile here's a little video so you could have an idea of what's all about.

Have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lea for the soul...

There's nothing like nourishing your soul by connecting with somebody or something you love dearly.

These past few days back home with my family were exactly that, nourishment for my soul. I felt loved, appreciated and through this connections I kind of "recharged" batteries to keep on going in life.

I am a firm believer that without God and specially this kind of amazing energy that our loved ones provides us, our lives will be dull and just too difficult and exhausting to deal with...

But in my case, not only my family and being in my country gave me this amazing nourishment I needed, my parents animals did most of the job, but specially my Mom's lovely and dear cat Lea.

She is an adorable kitty, just loving and fun to be around. I miss having a cat so much, but with our two dogs bringing a cat into into our household right now, would be an absolute nightmare for us and them...

These past days with Lea filled that need that my soul has of having a cat again, so for that I am so incredibly happy and thankful!

Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'm back!

As of yesterday afternoon I am back to Grand Cayman and back to reality, but you know what? After spending some wonderful (although short) days with my family back home, reality of the kind of life I have here (on this pretty little island) is not bad AT ALL!!!

Of course I miss my family, the fact that we have such a great and close relationship, is like you always have a "support group" at a short distance, and that's what I probably miss and lack the most here.

But besides that, now when I go back to visit, I see that I don't miss city living and specially all the cars and craziness that goes on the roads now a days.

Our visit was short but sweet, I really got to spend time with my Mom who was in the need of some serious TLC, after falling and then having to be on a wheelchair for the past 2 weeks.

Before we left, I talked to my dad over the phone and he said she was very depressed (and who wouldn't having to be on a wheel chair with a cast on your leg and a shoulder immobilizer, when you are a very active person!)....

But now after a few days with her I believe she is in much, much better spirit and happy with all the love and appreciation that so many people showed her over the weekend but specially on Sunday that was her 60th birthday.

So, remember I was planning to get her 60 presents to celebrate this special milestone??? Well, I did it. She was surprised, happy and mesmerize by so much thoughtfulness from me, I was just delighted to see her smile, happy and enjoying the whole 1/2 an hour that it took her to open everything I got her... Plus I am sure this is a memory she is going to cherish for a long time, besides the fact that most of the gift were very useful things that she will really enjoy using...

 60 ways to say I LOVE YOU MOM!!!

  The doggies love you (and your presents too, LOL!)
  Some of the presents ("guard dog" not included, LOL)

Like I said before, the visit was SHORT but sweet, took some pictures (specially of the dogs, the cat and some at my mom's party), will share more later, have a wonderful Wednesday!


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