Friday, October 15, 2010

enjoying day & night...

It's time for the weekend, time of enjoy each and every minute of our day and night. Although we don't really need to wait for the weekend to do this.  We just need to focus on the fact that every single thing that surround us was created by God in perfection, and if only we stop ourselves from focusing on what we don't have, or what we don't like, I am sure we can find beauty and enjoyment in all...

If don't believe what I am saying, just watch the following video and you'll know what I say is true...

So, whatever you do, take time to really enjoy it to the max. Perhaps this weekend there is an opportunity to meet somebody new, to do something that you've never done before or simply to enjoy being alive!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

a flash of global joy!

Yesterday was a pretty amazing day for 33 miners, but also for their families, friends, the country of Chile and even the rest of the world as we watched them being rescued.

I didn't really followed much of what was going on during the time they were trapped, I knew it was going on and I felt really bad for them and their situation and although I don't consider myself claustrophobic, I am sure I will have a hard dealing with something like this was to happen to me.

capsule in which the miners traveled about 15min back to the surface

On the other hand my husband was constantly keeping track of what was going on and even posting on his blog about it several times. Even the night before (Tuesday) when we were watching the local news he got irate because they said that the miners were already rescued when in fact the rescue wasn't even started yet...

when there still about 8 left to be rescued
I am just in general very happy with the outcome of their situation, that people have been making so much effort to take them out safe and sound, and I cannot even start to imagine the feelings of their family member to embrace them one more time...

rescued miner #25 hugging his wife
So in a time when you turn on the news and it's mostly all about violence, war, terrorism and many other human tragedies, I believe the rescue of those miner was a definitely flash of global joy.

With God taking care of them down there for about 70 days (the longest ever record of somebody survive trapped underground) and the perseverance of the rescue team as well as the government of Chile, this had the best outcome possible.

I can stop thinking about how much joy those miners feel today after seeing the light of day again, to hug a loved one and for something as basic as having a bed to sleep in, God Bless them and their families as well as all of the people that helped physically and with prayers!

Let's all have a wonderful day!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

STOP and think...

What feelings do you get when you see these images?


happiness or freedom?
Well, how about the feelings of guilt, shame, sadness and regret?

Sounds like weird feeling to describe those beautiful bunnies, right? Well not really.

I believe these should be the feelings that us humans should have towards rabbits (as well as many other species of animals) nowadays. And all because we are still using and abusing many species (including rabbits) by performing lab testings on them, and all  for the soul purpose of our own enjoyment of many products that are available in the market, like soaps, cleaners, fragrances and specially cosmetic products.

If you were to do a search for google images of animals testing, I am sure it would be like watching a scary movie, in fact probably worst, because in movies mostly is people who get killed or abuse and not so much animals.

Why are we still doing this?

click here for another very useful list of do and don't animal testing companies
If you would like a list of the current product on the market that still do animal testing please click here.

I know for a fact that only awareness about this sort of issues make a difference, I myself stopped buying shampoo, first because of the chemicals on it and also because most manufactures of such products do animal testing on them, now I make my own shampoo and I love it!

Although, I have to admit that it's so hard and frustrating when (like in my case), you live on a place where not many products are available, so basically you either buy the product from companies that abuse animals and test products on them or you don't.

But, there's always the option of becoming greener, it's all about choices. With the kind of information available to us through the internet I believe if you want, you can make a difference. Down the road it's also better to not have so many chemicals in your life; it's better for the environment, better for your health but also for the health of many animals out there... So, NO demand, NO market, that's why we should STOP and think to start making a difference.

Just some FFT (food for thought!)...  Have a nice day!

Monday, October 11, 2010


illustration by Warwick Goble
Lately I've notice there are lots of Dragon flies around, I guess it's the season but don't know why there are so many.

The weekend we were in Cayman Brac I notice them there as well, I wonder what is it that brings them out this time of year, maybe it's their matting season?

But then, where do they disappear to afterward? To me, Dragon Flies are very mystical insects, unlike any other around.When I was a little girl I always loved to catch them but they I would always release them again without harming them. In Costa Rica most Dragon flies are very small and have different colors; green, brown, blue and yellow.

In Spanish we call them "Libelulas" and my favorites to catch were the blue ones!

I love them, they are very magical creatures. Do you have them where you live? I wonder how many different species there are and what do they eat, pollen from flowers like the bees? If you know more about them, I would love more info.

Have a wonderful week!


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