Thursday, February 23, 2012

HB #35 to me!!!

Today I want to start my post by sharing my favorite quote;

Maybe I won't live forever so instead of dreaming it I can strike to do things that would last forever, to make a difference in other people's life, making my passing through this life a forever to remember one.

Perhaps I won't die today, but if I do, I would still be so thankful for the blessed 34 years that I've had so far...

I have many reasons to be thankful for... And since today marks my 12,783th day on this earth, or should I say my 35th birthday, I am specially thankful for the following.

1. God and my spirituality.
2. Life and living each day to the fullest.
3. Be able to breath, see, hear, talk, touch and be healthy.
4. My family.
5. My husband and our life together.
6. My pets and all animals that walk/swim/fly on this earth.
7. Having friends, co-workers and even the strangers I get to interact with on day to day basis.
8. Food in my table.
9. My job.
10. A roof above my head.
11. My yard and plants.
12. My car.
13. My alarm clock (so I can get up and go to work).
14. Money in my savings account.
15. My comfy bed.
16. Clothing.
17. Water.
18. My creativity.
19. My education.
20. My new "natural habitat" a.k.a my pool.
21. My godson Julian.
22. Being able to speak more than 1 language.
23. Having a computer to communicate with family and friends.
24. Being able to draw.
25. Coffee.
26. Dark Chocolate
27. My crochet creations.
28. My kitties (all 6 of them)!
29. Being able to travel.
30. Chapstick.
31. Hair ties for a bad hair day.
32. My relationship with Yanique.
33. My smile.
34. Music, specially Bob's.
35. My blog and all the people I can interact with through it.

Now, if I was to blow off the candles on my cake I'll wish to be able to give back as much as I get daily from God's blessings.

So this year to honor such a milestone of 35 years, I have decided (as part of my new year's resolutions as well), to do 35 random acts of kindness. So far I've done 4 but the best part (besides giving/helping others) is how aware I've become of opportunities to go the extra mile and be friendly and helpful... I love it!

Anyway, Happy Birthday to me... May you all enjoy MY special day!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Driving by...

While in Costa Rica a few weeks ago, I sometimes would ride on the passenger side of the car and just random shoot photos...

Here are some I like to share with y'all today!

Old Mercedes Benz parked near my parent's house
beautiful new lots selling near my parents place (love and miss Costa Rica's sky!)
New highway, drove on it for the first time
Old and abandoned train station
Nicoya Peninsula dirt road
Sharing the road
Made it to the beach by sunset time!
Today is a holiday here on the island and although I was supposed to have the day off, I ended up working but instead will have the day off on Friday, so 3 day weekend, woo-hoo!

Happy Wednesday!!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Did u know?

Since my last visit to the Dolphin Discovery interactive center here in Grand Cayman, I have to say that I've learn a bit more about dolphins (specially the Bottlenose species).

Did you know?

Dolphin sheds their skin every 2 to 3 hours (and us humans about once a day- in some cases maybe more if your don't moisturize, LOL!), to keep their body shinny smooth and be more aerodynamic to swim fast.

Did you know?

Dolphins have only one set of teeth for life, so instead of chewing their food, they swallow it whole in order to protect their teeth.

Did you know?

Dolphins have no vocal cords, all the noises and "whistles" they make, come out of their blow hole, which they also use to breath.

Did you know?

The largest dolphin is the killer whale (Orca) which also sometimes can kill and eat other species of dolphins...

And on a side note...

Did you know?

Our dog Sheba has amazing skills with her paws, she can hold a tennis ball while trying to impersonate a dolphin- well, she doesn't really try to impersonate a dolphin, but she can hold that ball...

Have a great day : )

Monday, February 20, 2012

my natural habitat

Monday is back on track.

The weekend was nice but as always way to short.

Saturday I got some housing cleaning done and then spend the afternoon in our fabulous "ool" which I decided to rename "my natural habitat".

But why "my natural habitat" you might ask? Well, because whenever I am in there I just feel as if I could live in there forever, so thinking about it, if God would have decided for me to be anything other than human, I am sure He would have made me a fish...

Anyway, to tell you a bit more about my weekend, yesterday Yanique and I participated on a group outing for "Big Brothers and Big Sisters of the Cayman Islands" at the Dolphin Discovery (same place we visited for her birthday a few weeks ago).

It was an activity with the purpose of taking a video to promote the program and hopefully get more volunteers.

But other than interacting with the dolphins (kissing, dancing and more)...we got chosen as the interviewed "matched couple" to be in the video!

"Copernicus" giving me a smooch...
So we did, got interviewed and everything went really well. At the beginning Yanique was very nervous as she calls herself "shy" (but who isn't shy at 11 years old in front of a camera, right?!). Well, she is kind of a natural and really nailed all the questions they asked her...

The best part was at the end question when they said: Yanique, is there anything you would like to say to your big sister? And Yanique answered, "That I love her with all my heart and that we have fun together"... Awww, how sweet is that?

Dunno when the video would be out but if I could get a copy to share, I will definitely do.

Sorry I am not sharing more Costa Rica photos for now... I will get around to do it in the next few days, promise!

Have a great week!


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