Friday, July 31, 2009

Weather conspiracy

The way I see it, this is how it work on this island (at least) maybe the same happens in other places around the world.

Week days are nice and sunny, the ocean looks wonderful and you just want to be able to go to the beach, diving, just lay down or read a book on a hammock or something but outdoors... But NO! you have to be at work, from am to pm missing most of the day time and the great outdoors.

The on Friday, Saturday and Sunday is a whole different story... it starts getting cloudy and rainy and then you are off, at home and with bad weather. Today, it is pouring down outside as I write this, just in time for the weekend!

To prove my point, last year we had two alerts of hurricane proportions during the whole season, and guess what? They were both on Friday, just in time for the weekend. WTF?

So, yes I'm convinced that there is some kind weather conspiracy going on and I am going to get to the bottom of this... someday!

Have a great weekend, and hope the weather is nicer on your side of the rainbow!

Double rainbow from the back porch at our house

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Harry Potter 6

Last night we ended making it to the latest Harry Potter saga. So even though today is not Wed. anymore, I am going to give you my humble review of the movie:

As a big fan that I am of Harry’s adventures, after reading all of the books and watching all of the movies that are out so far, I have to admit that the movie is up the standards of the story, so I give it a good review.

Maybe the special effects on the movie were not as spellbinding as on the previous ones, but I’m not sure if that is because there was so much information that they needed to include in this one movie in order to prepare and connect it well to the grand finally (which are actually two movies), or maybe after 5 movies I am more used to most of the "magical" effects that they have been using before.

Besides that, I have to say that if you guys have never read any of the book or most important the last one, I really have to say that Snape is definitely a very overrated character, I can’t wait to the final movies when you will see a lot of the real reason why he is like he is and acts like he does…

(Random thought: even though the actor that plays Snape in all the movies (Alan Rickman) does a fantastic job with the character, when I'm reading the books I don't really picture the character as him, I imagine him taller and skinnier with a longer face and nose... but that's just me!)

So, if you've watched the previous Harry Potter's I would definitely recommend you to watch this one. But if you have never watched any of them, this is definitely NOT a good one to start with, watch the first 5 first and then this one... I am sure I will be watching this one again!

One last thought though; How come if I have read all of the books and watch all of the movies, I still cannot do magic??? LOL

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday Movie Post

When you live on a small place like this island (or any small town) there's just a certain amount of activities you can do every day, working, shopping, going to the beach, swimming, diving, reading a book, watch TV (but if you are anything like us, that do not have cable TV), watch TONS of movies...

Last night we rented the movie Angels and Demons with Tom Hanks, a I think it was pretty good.

I read the book a few years ago and I liked it, but last night watching the movie I didn't remember most of it but bits and pieces of the whole story.

It was pretty funny that both my husband and me, changed our idea of who the "bad guy" for a few times during the whole movie, and even at the end when we found out who was really behind the whole deal, it was a surprise!

So, for those out there that have not had the chance to watch it, I recommend it. Some friends of mine watched it at the movies and said it was boring, but I guess I missed that part, because as s good Dan Brown story it was full of facts, symbolism and a tick plot.

Also I felt it was a quite a refreshing rest from the whole Islamic/terrorism theme that is being going on around Hollywood now a days.

Another movie I really want to watch now is the latest Harry Potter one, I pushed for tonight but it looks like my husband is working later today so we would not make it in time to the movie, I just really hope I'll be able to drag him to the movies on Friday, we shall see...

Well, I guess starting today, Wed. is going to be my Movie Post Day, I will "TRY" to review recently watched movies and I even other ones I really like or not... So stay tuned!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sheba's Anniversary

Yesterday was our 1 year anniversary of the day we adopted/rescued our dog Sheba a.k.a Girly Girl.

Sheba on her first day with us

Life definitely changed quite a bit from having one dog to having two, everything doubles; the walks, the food, the vet bills, but so does the companionship, the fun times and specially the LOVE!

Like I said on my first post about How Sheba came to us, at the beginning when we got her it was not easy to get Ditto our other dog to get used to her, because of him being with us so many years he really didn't want to give up his kingdom, besides he was worried that he had to compete for food, attention and probably our love.

"Cayman Gladiators"- just doing some wrestling, playing!

Cause of this, we had a few encounters that were pretty scary, once when Sheba was on the "zone" of the fight even bite my husband, but not by attacking him, but because my husband used his arm to separate them. Most of the encounters were over food, treats and a couple of time because of toys... The last incident was over 3 months ago, so I guess I can say we live pretty much in harmony now!

Things started to get better though, I guess either Sheba started to understand that Ditto is the alpha dog or Ditto started acting more like it. Then we started taking them to obedience training and that helped as well.

Still Sheba is less than 2 yrs old, so she has a lot of energy, she is funny, active and extremely playful, loves to catch anything and if you don't want to play with her, she'll play by herself. But also she is very sweet, loving, love the beach and swimming in the ocean but also she is very much protective of the house.

Sheba at the beach

So, after a year, I really do believe that Ditto and Sheba are getting along real well, they play at time (even though Ditto is much older and not so much into playing any more), they keep each other company and even give each other kisses sometimes.

Sheba close up

I am very lucky to have them both and along with my husband make the perfect family for me! Looking forward to more years with the three of them by my side.


Monday, July 27, 2009

All diving Sunday

Yesterday was an all diving Sunday for me, for the first time in a long, long time we did 2 shore dives on the same day, and for the first time in my life I did one on my rebreather and the other one on regular open circuit.

Me, just cruisin'

The first dive (the rebreather one) was FANTASTIC, we saw a huge and chunky green moray eel, a lobster, tons of trumpet fish, queen angels, my favorite fish which is a spotted drum and even the infamous lion fish.

But what I liked the best about the dive; the fact that it was only my husband and me, and while we were diving I felt so connected to him, us alone, doing what we really like and sharing it with NOBODY but us.

Aaaah, life is good and God gives me so many blessing and of the many I have my husband and the life we share together here in the Cayman Islands are definitely on top of my list.

So, here are some of the pictures we took yesterday, have a great week!!!

Queen Angel


Green moray eel

Spotted Drum (juvenile)

Trumpet Fish

Lion Fish

Parrot Fish


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