Friday, August 10, 2012

End to the Week!

This morning we started with a nice hearty breakfast that included this "berry delicious" berry bowls...

I love it when it's summer and berries are on sale, so I am making the best out of it and eating lots of them.

Oh boy, am I glad it's Friday, dunno why but this past week felt very long and exhausting, like if every day was a Monday, perhaps it's because last weekend I only had a day off (Sunday) plus we had that whole Ernesto Storm deal around which just add up to the stress of the season.

Well, we were very lucky and blessed that Ernest stayed away, unfortunately it seems that Ernesto was a "natural born leader" and now everybody wants to "follow the leader, leader, leader" [as in the song], so we are definitely not out of the woods yet, but only really starting the Hurricane Season.

Tropical Depression 7 has formed in the Atlantic and it seems to have about the same path as Ernesto did but just a bit norther... meaning coming towards us :(

According to the computer models, if it becomes a storm, it would be around here by Tuesday or Wednesday, let's hope not.

So, what are your planes this coming weekend?

Do you have some fun and exciting plans, perhaps some "kat-a-oke" time?

Maybe enjoy the Moon and the Meteor Showers coming up tomorrow and Sunday night (up until the 23rd)?

I myself hope to enjoy the "shower" and also get some crochet projects done...

I am seriously hoping that we also get some rain, because believe or not we only got about 2 inches from Ernesto and then after that, we've been complete dry...

So, other than that I hope I get to really rest and enjoy the weekend, wishing the same for you...

Have a great weekend and don't forget to take it easy and "smell the roses"!!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

what's in a Jar?

My husband says I have this obsession with keeping empty glass jars, well I do.

The reason for my obsession comes from the fact that I actually love jars, specially the mason ones that appear to be kinda vintage looking. Also they are great as containers, the glass is much better than any plastic topper ware, specially if you want to reheat food in the microwave (which I only do at work, as I don't actually own a microwave).

But  really, the main reason comes from the fact that I feel it's a shame to throw them out, specially since we don't even have glass recycling on the island.

So, yes my obsession exists and now even more that I am an avid member of the Pinterest community and I just can't help but notice all the many DIY project with mason jars, like the following ones...
(photos source: Pinterest)

I have to say the I have tried to make outdoor laps out of them, but since I mainly have different size jars (instead of all the same) it didn't quite work well.

Well, yesterday while doing the dishes, I noticed my husband just finished one of those HUGE spaghetti sauce jar from CostUless shopping (one of those "super size" grocery store) and since the jar is so huge I cannot make myself throw it so I came up with a fab idea... Salad in a Jar!!!

Of course I made the salad yesterday evening and left it inside the fridge overnight, genius me decided to share this on my blog today and now when I take a photo it doesn't come out well... But here it is.

What I love the most about the jar is that it's big enough to even hold the dressing (in my case, Extra Virgin Olive Oil + Balsamic Vinegar)....

Genius idea, eh? Also if you ever open a can of anything (ex: olives) and have any left, it's probably better to keep them in the fridge in a glass jar than just the can itself... Your welcome!

Can't wait to have my Salad in a Jar for lunch... Have a great day!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

C is for Courage, Commitment & Chacon

In case you are wondering why I haven't posted anything about the Olympics?

Well, in fact I haven't been watching them at all!!! We don't really have cable tv in our house and the only two local channels are not very good reception either, so I just don't bother with TV much at all...

The other day while at the bank waiting for my turn at the teller, I happened to catch a kayak race which was pretty cool.

But although I haven't really been watching the events, I do follow some of the news about it and specially those about my fellow Costarican's representing my country.

And that's why today I would like to dedicate my post to courage and commitment in the form of triathlon athlete Leonardo Chacon, a 28 year of Costarican that was prepares (as many others) to give it all on his sport at the 2012 London Olympics, but failed to do it.

But the thing is that commitment and effort doesn't necessary get you there, you always have to remember that there are other factors that could affect your performance and that is why a winner is not necessary the number one spot on the race.

As many of you know, in triathlon there are 3 sports in one; swimming, biking and running which for the 2012 olympics were 0.93 miles of swim, 24.8 miles of bike and 6.2 miles of running.

Now off the Leonardo's story... 

He started his swimming and came out #17 just about 28 seconds behind the #1. Then he got into his bike expecting to get some advantage (as the bike is his -according to him- strongest sport), and that's when Canadian Whitfield (who has won Gold in Sydney and Silver in Pekin's games) fell off his bike, taking Chacon along with him.

Leonardo fell of the bike, his helmet broke hitting and cutting him in the shoulder, the bike's chain came loose and the handle broke as well...

But Leonardo did not gave up, bleeding from his back and hip, he got back in his bike and gave it all he could. But by the time he finished the bike (he was in #33) but then he still needed to run. While running, the pain and soreness caught up with him, making him loose stamina and places in the final run.

Leonardo Chacon, bruises and all, finished the race!
Leonardo finish, despite it all in #48 of 55, striking for the best.

And that's exactly why I dedicate today's post to him, because to me, he is already is in the book of best, as so are all those athletes that work hard for their dream to compete among the greatest and represent their country.

So, yeah, while lots of countries and athletes have many medals, others (like Leo) just have to be happy to have what it takes to never give up and live life with courage and commitment.

Congrats Leonardo, you made me and many Costarican's very proud!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


And it finally rained, howling wind and all included in the package, the best part was that, it was overnight which made our sleeping time even more enjoyable.

Ernesto is still out there and perhaps turning into an actual hurricane today, so although I am thankful that we got the best out of it, there are still people being affected by it, so let's keep them in our prayers, because today is them but it could totally be us tomorrow, thanks!

The rain was so nice that this morning my hubby slept in a bit longer than me, so I got to feed the cats myself, well what a nice surprise of them to leave me a dead mouse by the driver's door of my car, yay for kitty cats and their gifts of love!

I feel very loved and special to say the least... specially when I had to find something to grab the mouse with and get rid of it...

In unrelated news, I think I am finally seeing some improvement on my back.

The chiropractor has officially discharged me until next month, last week I had two massages done and my gym [and soon to be yoga] instructor gave me some fabulous stretches for hip openers in order to release the pressure on my lower back.

I have to say after the first set of stretches I could already feel the difference!

This is the pose (which is also great with people with sciatica pain).

This pose is probably the best hip opener in yoga. It opens the deep muscles of the hip and the hip flexors. 

Start in Downward Dog. Lift your right leg up and sweep it through to your mat, folding it and placing it on the mat. Keep your right foot flexed to protect the knee. Your left leg is straight behind you with the toes pointed. Keep your hips square and level, with the left hipbone pressing toward your right foot. Inhale and press your hands into the mat, getting as much length in the spine as possible.

I am totally stoked and cannot wait to be able to start yoga class again.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Monkeying Around

The weekend came and went, without much to report other than the fact that I wasn't the only one "monkeying around" as Tropical Storm Ernesto threaten to deliver and so far, it's been nothing but dry times.

According to the "Hazard Management of the Cayman Island", the storm should pass us around 300 and some miles away this afternoon... Hope to get some rain out of it (although I doubt it), our yard and trees really need it!

Me on the other hand got some progress done on the Amigurumi Monkey, finished both arms and attached them, now I am working on the rest of the body.

Amigurumi Monkey
Amigurumi Monkey
Isn't he cool?
A few days ago I mentioned that my husband was working on the continuation of the driveway for our cars, well it's finish and it looks really good, so in case we do get some rain, my car should be a bit protected.

Some of you commented last week about the status of our cats in case of a storm... Well a few weeks ago I mentioned here that I had plans to buy a cat cage for those purpose, well I did.

So yes, we are now prepare to put the cats inside in a cage in case of a store, but the only detail is that they are still feral (although we've made some amazing progress with most and now they act more like pets) so I am not sure if they'll be willing to go in there peaceful... hopefully we won't have to act upon it.

Hope everybody had a nice weekend, thanks to all the keep us in their thoughts and prayers, now please pray for some rain, our island needs it!

Have a great Monday!


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