Saturday, August 22, 2009

Shopping Spree

Yesterday afternoon after I took care of all my passport renewal stuff we went on a shopping spree...

Every Friday afternoon, my mom goes to get all of her weekly produce for the house as well as for her company (as she manufactures natural jellies, marmalades, chutney and sauces), at the local Agricultural Market...

This is a market that goes on only twice a week on Friday and Saturday and you can pretty much find anything that you can imagine... I took tons of picture so here are some of the best ones!

Beautiful colors in nature

Flowers and more!


young entrepreneur

Tomatoes anyone?

Wanna buy some socks???

All sorts of bell buckets

Have a great weekend!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

First Mission Accomplished

O.k. so I made it home safe and sound, my flight was pretty good, the connection from Miami to Costa Rica was delayed for about an hour.

When we were getting closer to the San Jose airport was incredibly cloudy and very, very thick clouds all around, after we landed I manage to get some wine at the Duty Free, clear customs and get my bags, greet my mom and get to the car all before it started pouring down like only in CR and only in rainy season.

Got home, saw my dad, the cat, the 3 dogs and just relaxed for the rest of the evening, slept well.

Now, this morning was my first mission, get my passport renewed for another 5 years, my dad took us down into town (me and my mom), and from there we catch a public bus to get to immigration. I was fearing that it was going to take a while but I was very pleased to know that the service there has improved quite a bit and I did all in under 45 minutes.

So now, we are at Denny's Restaurant were they have a good internet connection so I am able to update my blog and here's a picture of my mom and me!

Have a great day everybody!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I got this feeling...

... today is the day!!! And it is, I'm at the Grand Cayman airport and in a few minutes I will be boarding my plane to go to Miami and then over there I will catch my plane to Costa Rica.

I'm not sure how much of an internet access I am going to have because believe it or not, my parents still have this rare type of internet access call Dial Up (as they live up in the mountains) Yeah I know, unbelievable!

I got my new little 11" laptop with me, and I'm pretty confident that I will find lots of places around with free wi-fi so I will be able to update my blog from time to time.

Also I just want to send out an official notice and possibly a warning that from today and for at least a few weeks I will be posting LOTS of pictures from my parent's house, the dogs, the cat, the scenery, parties and more... so be aware and try to enjoy it, LOL!

Now I leave ya'll with a little airplane humor and I'm off, bye!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday Movie Post

By recommendation from a fellow blogger, last weekend we rented the movie Thank You for Smoking.

I have to say that I found this movie to be quite a good one and very entertaining. Even though the story line and the subject are very unconventional, I think the approach to the whole idea was done very well.

It has its funny parts and I also think the movie cast does a fabulous job.

But what I liked the best about the movie, is that it gives you room to think a lot about human choices and most definitely free will. If the information and educational tools are giving to you, then you and only you can decide what to do, and what choices to make in life.

Thanks Jim for recommending me this movie, it was quite enjoyable.


And in another note, I'm leaving to CR in less than 24 hrs!!!

Happy Hump day to all!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Thankful Tuesday

So, today my post is going to be a thankful Tuesday were I mention what I'm thankful for from the day I started this blog, including some of the people I've met, the connections I have established and the beautiful blogs that have made me think, laugh and even inspired me while interacting with blogger world.

First of all I give the honor mention to my most favorite blogger out there, FIRST TIME, I can probably say that by his example and inspiration is why I made the decision of starting this blog thing. FIRST TIME is being around for quite a while, even before we met, I guess for a while he kept it secret fearing my reaction of finding out he had it was not going to be good, but when he told me I thought it was really cool that he was able to express himself to people out there and share his life with people that were willing to share it with him as well. He is got great pics and he has a one of a kind sense of humor, if you even check out his blog, just make sure to leave him a comment so he knows you were there... He of course is my lovely and wonderful husband.

My next thankful note goes to This Life Is Mine. Boy, do I enjoy her blog, Jess is simply awesome, she is young, fun and loves a good party. She is also very authentic and has some crazy ideas for her posts... I am so glad I found your blog Jess, keep it up! (PS. I'm still waiting for you Helium Karaoke video, don't think I forgot, LOL!)

My third thankful note is to a blog that has some a lot of amazing and eloquent ideas put together (for a man, joking!). speaking in CAPS gives me chance to explore the male mind. When I first find Jim's blog he had posted something about his dad that was very inspiring and weeks later he wrote about his wife and that just made me realize he is an incredible individual with an amazing talent to express and put into words what many of us would only dream off... great blog!

Another blog that I cannot help myself to mention is Gods Little People, because I love animals and it makes me some happy to find other people that share the love I have for them. Her posts are always beautiful and inspiring but unfortunately not always happy. If you even read it, it would remind you about the beauty that life will bring you by loving animals and by giving them care and kindness, something all humans being should pay more attention to!

And at last I want to thank Moonstruck for her kind words and all the comments on my blog. Maggie has a great blog, very genuine and fresh. I can tell by reading her blog she is a very fun person to be around and I'm glad I have found her.

O.k. I've seen this being done in a couple of blog, they call it either "shout out", "pass it on" or in some cases people give out awards. Well, not sure if I'm ready or worthy enough to give out awards, but here it goes...
Feel free to copy and paste to your blog, and again thanks for your blog and sharing it with me!!!
Have a great day : )

Monday, August 17, 2009

Another week, Another Monday...

When you move to live in a place like the Caribbean, back in your home country and other places people tend to think that here we live some kind of "resort life".

They imagine for us, it's all about beaches and daiquiris. That we spend our days deciding between going snorkeling, laying down to catch some rays, having a colorful cocktail with one of those little umbrellas or just watching the sunset from our hammock.... But not without forgetting to leave your sandy flip flops by the door so we don't mess up our place!

Well, I guess some people do have the pleasure to live that kind of a life, because they either have the money, the time or both....

But for some of us, even though we live in a wonderful paradisaical setting, we actually get some work done around here. We have schedules, meetings, responsibilities, bills to pay, house chores and everything else that involves living in society.

Sure I have a wonderful view working at a place that is right on the waterfront but it also can make you sad when you have a gorgeous, beautiful setting outside but you are stuck inside, having to run reports, inventory, trying to sell people some stuff... When all you really want to do is to be out there and try to live that life that you guys somewhere else think we live, a "resort life".

my window view from work

So, for me and of you reading this; it's another week, another Monday... And with that being said, I only have 3 days left of work this week and then I'm off to Costa Rica for two weeks!!!!

Have a great week!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lazy Sunday

Not much to post about, just laying down, enjoy the fact that it is Sunday.

Weather is nice but quite windy as activity is finally starting on the Hurricane Season 2009. Ana is currently a tropical storm but barely there, so hopefully it would go down to Tropical Depression and that way my flight to CR won't be delayed on Thursday.

Just 3 more days to go and they I'm off to see my family and friends, can't wait....


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