Saturday, November 12, 2011

Parade ready

It's Saturday and the whole island is getting ready for the 2011 Pirates Week Landing and Parade.

Yesterday we pretty much got our entire float ready (see photos above).

I think it looks fabulous and it's going to look even better in the parade.

Will try to get some pictures of the event but being that I'm goin to be in the actual float I'm not sure if I would be able to...

Happy Saturday!!!
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Friday, November 11, 2011

One Love Day

Today is 11.11.11. and although some people think that 1 is the loneliest number I think that it only takes 1 to make a difference in somebody's life, to love and make the world go round!!!

So today, let's celebrate the love for others but specially the love for ONEselve... 

And let's also celebrate that it's Friday and the weekend is already knocking at our door, yey!

On another note, tomorrow is the 2011 Pirates Week Parade and as I am in charge of the logistics of our float, I will be working on that pretty much all day... Tomorrow will post some pictures of our float.

Anyway, Happy 11.11.11 to all!!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

staying a float

photo by Patrick Weir
If you are reading this is because I'm still alive and able to type.

And in case you are wondering; no, that is not me on the photo [insert silent crying here]

I am typing but mostly feeling like a confused zombie writing a medical paper on the anatomy of a working heart... LOL!

Kidding, it's not that bad.

But yes, I am pretty exhausted, still. I am working today but deep inside my entire body is really yearning for some lounging time!

Today I have one of last school visits to promote the protection of the Nassau Grouper.

At midday I am meeting a friend at the airport as she is going to Costa Rica so she has agreed to take a little Christmas package for my parents.

Tonight we are having some friends over for dinner, finally an event that I am really going to enjoy because it's not a work/public affair, yey!

Well, other than that, just barely trying to stay a float.

Have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Story of my life

No, this isn't a huge long post where I recount every single year of life where, where I've been or what I've done.

Instead this is just an expression people use to describe something that typically happens in their lives.

So, story of my life: either I don't have ANYTHING going on; no events, dates, invitations, work projects or everything happens around the same time and then I feel as if am not going to have enough time or energy to pull it all off.

But this week, story of my life [again], I have events every night but last night that I managed to get my self to the gym and squeezed in about 45 minutes or extenuating exercise, so I feel less like this

And more like this

Tonight's event is a corporate thing at the Ritz Carlton, should be a nice set up because it's in front of the ocean, unfortunately I will be there to work and not as a guest of the event... still will try to get some pictures to share.

Tomorrow we have some friends over for dinner, they live in Bermuda and come visit every year, this will be the first time to come by the house.

On Friday is the official opening of Pirates Week Festival 2011 and we have been invited to go on a boat to watch the fireworks from the water, that is going to be awesome...

Saturday is the world famous Pirates Week Landing Parade, this year the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation is putting in a float on the parade and I am in charge of design, set up, decoration and to be there that day... It's going to be fun to be so much fun!!!

And finally on Sunday I would be in bed, barely breathing and asking for an IV!!!!

How about you, any event coming up?

Happy Wednesday :)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tasty Tuesday

Looking for an easy and tasty appetizer to impress not only your taste buds but your family and friends?

Well, you are reading the right post then, today I am sharing a delicious and super easy "Cranberry Salsa and Cream Cheese"recipe that I am so sure you and those around you would love (and perhaps love you after that!).


1 12oz Fresh Cranberries
1/4 cup of green onions (chopped)
1/4 cup of cilantro (chopped)
1 small jalapeno (chopped without seeds- use gloves or plastic bags in our hands so you don't get them burned)
1 1/4 cups of sugar
2 Tbsp of lemon juice
2 8oz cream cheese packs

Put cranberries in food processor (or blender; if using this method make sure to move the cranberries constantly inside the blender with a wood spoon until they are all chopped- careful not to chop the wood spoon as well- just be patient!).

Once Cranberries are all chopped mix them with the rest of the ingredients (but cream cheese), mix well and refrigerate covered for at least 4 hours (or more), the more you leave it, the better cranberries will absorb the sugar.

When the salsa is ready take the cream cheese out of the fridge so it can get softer then use a plate to spread the cream cheese and then put the "salsa" on top of it, serve with crackers or wheat thins and enjoy!!!!

In another note, last night film festival was really good, very interesting little films were featured.

I participated on the Lobster lotto and won a $25 dollars gift certificate to one my favorite kitchen stores on the island, 2 dives with gear and scooter included and also a lunch at a local restaurant, yummy!

My favorite part (besides winning some prizes) was the presentation by Michelle and Howard Hall who is a couple of award winning Natural history photographers and filmmakers that are world renowned for their underwater IMAX films like Into the Deep, Island of Sharks and Deep Sea 3D, his films are amazing!

Here's one of the short films that they shared last night, it's less than 5min long and very worth watching

Isn't that footage amazing and mesmerizing? Well, if you would like to watch even more amazing shorts, please visit Howard's website at

Happy Tasty Tuesday!!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

it takes two days...

Batteries are charged and I am ready to start another week.

our dogs "chilling" on the weekend
Two days off made quite a difference and I am feeling somewhat better, but my battle is still not over, I am still feeling very tired in the mornings, but improving.

Can't stop going to the gym because that does make a difference on my energy level, so I will have to keep it up, no matter what.

The weekend was great, had time to rest but also kept busy with other fun stuff.

Yesterday we attended a bbq party at my brother's party, had a great time! I made some "Cranberry Salsa" that was just to "die for", everybody liked it so it's definitely a way to go for the holiday's, I will share the recipe tomorrow.

photo taken on the way to the bbq party

Tonight we are going to an "Underwater Film Festival" although it's above water, LOL! Kind of a weird name but I guess it's because the movies feature have all to do with underwater related themes!


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