Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 6

Today's photo challenge is about posting a picture of me and somebody I would like to switch places with, for a day.

After some thinking and realizing that I probably would not like to do that (if I had the opportunity to) at all, my gut reaction tells me that in any case I would really like to switch places with one of my dogs or any other animal.

Otherwise maybe I would like instead of switching with anybody just go back to my past for a day and see if my way of thinking would change the way I see life!

Anyway, the challenge must be taken, action is required so here's my number one choice. If I was to switch place for a day with somebody I would choose... My husband Mark.

Of course if I had the opportunity to do such a thing, it could be good or it could be very bad and dangerous, although being inside my husband's head and see how he thinks might be the only way to affect my actual life in any way and get some benefits out of this one day.

But in any case I have a very nice life, maybe not a perfect one (but who does?) and switching with him would just a way to see the world through a man perspective and see me with his eyes.... Still, I am glad this is just a photo challenge and not an actual one, because being in somebody's life for a day could be very freaky!

Who would you switch life's with for a day???

In another note, today's Sat. Around the World at Amanda & Don's blog, c'mon go check it out, it's fun and you could discover some amazing blogs in the process...

Have a great Saturday!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 05

Today I am starting my blog with a prayer for all people in Japan and those that might still be affected by this terrible catastrophe or earthquake/tsunami.

Dear God.
Please help all those who's life is being affected by this and any disaster. Please, give strength, love and understanding to those who are devastated by this and others to come. Please, help loved ones and friends who are suffering right now...Help us all to understand this and accept your will. Amen.

In another note, today is day 5 of my photo challenge and one thing is for certain, this is not getting any easier as days go by. Today I am supposed to post a picture of me and the person I've had the best memories with.
Now, when I think of such person I am very tempted to post a picture of me and my wonderful husband, who since I've met has made my life even better than it was before, but again I've only known my husband for 5 years; dated him for 3yrs and now we are getting closer to our 2nd anniversary this coming May.

I have great memories with him and everyday day I look forward to many more years together that I am sure will be full of amazing and the best memories.

Today's person is somebody I call my cousin, my friend, party girl, confident and the closest girl that I can call a sister...

We have been together most of our lives, gone through happy & sad times, worries and joys, and even though we have drifted apart at times, our bond goes beyond ties of blood... She is my cousin Maria Jose.

Maria Jose & Me at her wedding in 2009
Now, she is about 7 months pregnant and I am anxiously waiting for my new nephew/godson to arrive, can't wait to meet him!

Have a great day!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 4

Today's photo challenge is about posting a picture of my "favorite missed memory"...

Mmmmm, not sure what that really means? Because the way I interpret it is; if in fact it's a "favorite" memory, why would you miss it, doesn't that mean it's always with you because it's a memory?!?!? I guess it could be a favorite memory of something or somebody you miss???

Anyway, after much consideration I guess I could say I miss my birth Mom and although I don't remember her from the 6 months I actually lived with her, the idea of her falls into the category of a missed memory, right?

Because I mean, I don't remember her, but I do miss the idea of her in my life and from time to time I think about how very different my life would have been if she was still around, maybe I would not be here today, writing this...

Here's a little poem I wrote in her honor.

She might be gone from this terrestrial world
but I know where she is next to God
looking after me every day 
and although only a memory on my days, 
alive in my heart she remains.
Anybody has any favorite missed memories to share? 

Have a great day : )

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

tv show day 3

Today my photo challenge is about posting a picture of the cast of my favorite show.

Well, for me that's kind of hard because I don't watch much tv, but during times in life I've followed a few shows, most of them are finished at this point, but I can still watch them on the internet or dvd.

So I guess for today's challenge instead of posting just one picture I will post my top 10 shows of all time (in no particular order).

1. Sex and the City; it's a great show, full of romance, fashion, passion, gossip and did I mentioned fashion? This is a very "girlie" show but for grownups, not little girls!

2. The Simpsons, it's been a favorite show of mine for years, it's just so much fun and even after all the time it's been around, I don't think it has ever lost its "mojo"!

3. LOST, this is a great show, first few season were great but then I can of grew tired of it, I think in a way they kind of "lost" it down the road and made way to complicated, by the time it finished I wasn't into it anymore, in fact, I never even watched the last episode...

4. Seinfield, was my favorite show for a while, it's fun, clever and it's not about anything in particular, but just some very particular people living in NY, probably one of the most particular cities in the world!

5. Roswell, I used to LOVE this show, the romance, the mystery of the whole alien stuff... just love it, miss watching it.
 6. The X Files; aliens, crime, mystery, good effect, good actors... this was a great show.

7. Friends was a great sit com, great cast and always very fun.

8. Family Guy, it's definitely not for everybody's kind of humor but I got into it because of a co worker of mine and now I'm hooked... I think sometimes the jokes are a bit much, but Oh well, u can take those things personal, right?

9. Saturday Night Live, always good, always a classic, recurring great cast and special appearances.

10. Bones, lately I've really been into this show... I really like it!

So, I guess this would my top 10 of tv shows. I could think of a few more but as you'll notice I'm not very updated as 6 out of those 10 shows I've mention, are already finished... I guess if I watched more tv or had any cable my list would be very different.

What's your favorite tv show?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 2

"The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart. "
~Elisabeth Foley

Today I am posting a picture with somebody I've been close to for a while.

Roger and me, March 2009
This is my very good friend Roger, I know him since I was 12 years old . We went to the same school but he is 3 years older than me, when I graduated from primary school I went off to high school but I changed schools so I did not see him for a few years. 

Years later my cousin run into Roger again (they also used to be classmates in school), so they picked up on their friendship, at the time I used to hang out with my cousin all the time so Roger also became a good friend again.

Roger is a very nice and honest person, as a friend he is a treasure, the kind of person that is always up to help you with anything, he is super easy going and will never judge you for anything, he is the kind of friend that you could call at 2am crying over a guy and he will listen to every single thing you had to say (even if he was half sleep), then the next morning he would remember every single thing you told him before.

Roger was my only close friend that made it to our wedding, he had to do magic to connect with his flights, had an overnight in Miami but made it to the wedding 3 hours before the ceremony.

All I can say is he is an amazing friend, loyal, honest, trustworthy and fun... I am happy to have him as a friend and although we don't live closer, every time I can catch up and talk to him, is as if time does not pass by, he is the same wonderful friend I've always had!!!

Do you have any friends like him? Hope so, cause it's a blessing!

Have a great day!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Photo Challenge- Day 1

Today is the beginning of the 100 day photo challenge, I am excited to share a daily picture from now on and for a 100 days, will try my best to not miss a single day...

Here's a picture of me for the actual photo part of the challenge...

Now, as far as the 15 random facts go; I'm not sure what kind of fact I should write about, the challenge is not very specific, so it could be, facts about my pictures, about me, about life, about science....

Anywho... let's start with the picture.

1. It is a fact that this would be the very first Photo Challenge I take in my life.

2. Lately I've had on and off swollen eyelids, got a biopsy done about 3 weeks ago and the results are finally in, going for a doctors appointment on Thursday (thinking I might be allergic to Red Wine, hope not!).

3. Being that English is not my first language I've always being curious about certain little things about this language, for example; why is it that the action of removing dust is "to dust"? Shouldn't it be "un dust" of "dust off"?

4. I've always loved "crunchy" food, like celery, broccoli, hard caramel and a hard crunchy apple (hate soggy ones)!

5. I've never had a "twinkie" in my entire life. In fact on Sat. night coming back from a party, my husband wanted me to drive all the way to the only grocery store on the island that sell them, so I can buy one and try it before I made my 15 facts list!!!

6.  I've been to Israel 3 times in my life; the first time was a big family trip with the parents and two brothers, the second time was by myself after finishing school in Italy (initially went from 3 weeks, stayed about 6 months), the third was with my Mom on a short medical trip.

7. My favorite city in the entire world is Jerusalem, love everything about it, the old city, the new city, the amount of cultures that can concentrate in the same place at the same time, all with different believes and interests, it's just amazing!

8. When I was in high school I was class president for a year, it was pretty cool but it meant more work and responsibility, I am glad I did it.

9. My first dog was a Cocker Spaniel, my first car was a Toyota Celica, my first boyfriend was a guy named Mario.

10. I love plants and gardening, spending time around the yard is like meditation to my soul.

11. I like to sing to songs on the radio, in fact I've always been very good at learning lyrics and can't help but sing to the songs I know when they come out on the radio. When I was a kid and used to ride with my Dad in his car that had to stereo, I used to sing him the song I would learn in school!

12. I love books and bookstores, I cannot walk into a bookstore if I don't have enough time because I feel it is a waste to not spend the appropriate time browsing around and finding a book that calls my name.

13. I love mythological creatures; fairies, gnomes, elves, dragons, unicorns, etc... I am convinced that if different cultures and generations have all interpreted animals that look alike, it must be because they really existed.

14. I am a firm believer in destiny and the fact that God and ourselves shape our existences every day and with every action, I fully believe in Karma that we gain upon ourselves and I am constantly aware that good actions reflect in blessings.

15. I love animals and as a kid I always wanted to be a veterinarian, now I know that the main reason I didn't do it is because it is so hard for me to deal with their pain and suffering. My love for animals comes right after God and My Family.

And there you have it, my amazing 15 facts to kick off my 100 Day Challenge... I appreciate any support I can get, so stick around for another 99 day, would ya'?

Have a great week!!!


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