Friday, July 29, 2011

Flashback Friday

The weekend is almost here.

It's so close I can almost touch it!

But before we make it to the weekend, how about a little "Flashback Friday" in honor of the week that is almost gone...

Still lacking some inspiration to exercise during the week?

Perhaps this video will make you change your mind and get you in the mood the "get physical" [insert your own interpretation here!].

Or not.

Maybe it would make you dance or as a last resource, at least make you Laugh Out Loud- I know that is the effect it causes on me. [besides wanting to know where I can get one of those machines that show at 0:13, I could use one to improve my much wanted JLo backside, LOL!]

Still not inspired to hit the gym?

Well, you can't say I tried my best to bring some "flashback" inspiration your way... You are welcome!

Have a great weekend and if you don't get physical, then get lazy instead!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

hair issues

Lately I've been pretty tired of my hair.

When you have very tick curly hair, maintaining it moisturized and in good shape is HARD WORK.

Back in high school I was never pleased with my hair, always wanting and trying the latest product or treatment on the market to make it straight and manageable. But in many ways I sort of felt like I was living in function of my hair and it was the ruler of my life.

Until one day I say: "the heck with it!" and cut all off, literally, went to a barber and asked him to use the #2 blade on me... And oh boy, did I felt great, renewed and from then on, during the years I used my hair short, it was lovely not to live around the fact that my hair needed styling.

me with some friend in Egypt, when I had my hair shorter

By the time my hair started growing I had already made peace with my appearance and instead of fighting the fact that I have very curly hair, I just decided to make the best out of it and let it grow, be happy and grateful, I believe that this phase in life is called "maturing!"... LOL!

Time went by and I've had very long hair since, at times it's in good shape, but at times not so much, lately I feel my hair is pretty bad, lots of tangles and definitely need some chopping (but I am scared because most people can't really cut curly hair well, and this could be a disaster!)....

Another little detail is the fact that during the years I have acquired quite a few gray hairs and although I am still pretty young, I believe it comes from the fact that my Dad has had gray hair from the age of 21... perhaps it's in my roots (literally!) and it's something I just can't avoid, well, that is unless I get it color.... Which is what I am planning to do tomorrow!

Dunno yet what I am going to go with exactly, but at this point and because of how bad it looks, perhaps even this psycho Bob look is an option

Kidding! I am not that crazy desperate!!!

And I promise I won't go for something like this either... that is just plain ugly and ridiculous!!!

So, although I am not sure what I want, at least I am sure of what I don't want... A crazy looking hair color or anything blond (because that is just not me!)... But I do need to revive it, with color, some light or just something different for a change.

Tomorrow is the day and I am looking forward to it, will be posting some photos next week, hopefully I will be happy with the result, wish me look!

Have a great Thursday!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

let's get physical

It's been almost 3 months since I joined the gym and at times I wonder about new exercises for some specific areas of the body.

Well, you know the saying: "Ask and you shall receive"!

I have found a website that has an fantastic exercise finder at (Canada's Online Women Magazine), and being that this is a women magazine, of course the exercises are specific to the women body and each area.

The best part is that you can find exercises for the front part of the body.


And for the back side as well.

Most exercises are pretty specific and some of them to be done in the water or even as simple as in the comfort of your own home...

So, now there's no excuse for no exercising at least a couple of minutes a day, right? Well, other than laziness (but then that's another story!).

Have a great day and let's get physical!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

not your average blockbuster...

Every now and then comes a movie that breaks the so called "Hollywood blockbuster".

Perhaps it's not an Oscar winner, an action pack edge of your sit kind of a ride, or even a deep inspiring story line that will change your life forever. But it's a movie with character, funny and charming.

This time, that movie is Larry Crowne, starring Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts - which by the way have great chemistry together!

Tom Hanks is enjoyable as always, but this time, not only was acting, but directing and he co-write the script as well (pretty good, uh?).

I had forgotten that he is the kind of actor that does not hogs the spotlight on himself too much, he lets every supporting person shine in there own way, and I like that in a movie.

We watched this movie on Sunday evening and it was a great way to wrap the weekend, with a blend of comedy and drama.

So if you want to get away from the overrated blockbusters hitting the screen nowadays, and instead you would like to see something light on it's feet, then Larry Crowne is that movie for you... Enjoy!

Have a great Tuesday!!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Con te partiro

When I think about my weekend I am happy to report that nothing major happened, it was a relaxing one, where I got to stay home, work on my amigurumi project and just be happy.

But in this time of day, just being here and having a quiet life is a big blessing and probably better than most people have.

Because nowadays in our world, there's so much to be sad about, as there are so many bad news (wars, killings, poverty, etc.) and unfortunately the amount of bad news is usually higher than the good news.

I am still in shock and deeply sadden by the devastating news of the massacre in Norway, where so many young people lost their lives.

Terrible crimes like these are an inexplicable part of us humans. In my heart and soul, I find it very hard to believe that a monster like that can be made in the same image as God and should be call "our brother".

So, when I think of all the people that lost their lives, their families and friends going through their loss and trying to accept their departure in such a terrible way, makes my heart aches.

I try to reflect on the way my life is and all I can do is ask myself:

Am I ready to die, either of natural causes or any other way?

I'll like to think that I am.

Because I have a good life, I don't have debts with anybody (morally or even financially), I don't harm people and if I ever judge or offend others, well, that's something we all need to work on at some point...

I feel I am very close to God and if he is ready to call me to his side, all I hope for is a good way to go, in peace and with my heart full of love.

But, if God doesn't call us and instead we get rushed to meet him; by the hands of somebody that just wants to steal our wallet, or perhaps just wants to kill a bunch of people and we just happened to be in the crowd.

I just hope and pray for Him to still be waiting for us with open arms and to fill the hearts of our love ones with peace and strength in such times of sorrow.

I like to think that when people die in a terrible way, angels will come and sing for them. And to me an angel must sound a lot like the amazing Italian Singer Andrea Bocelli.

So in honor of all the Norwegians that lost their life this past weekend, their families and loved ones that are going to miss them, as well as all other people around the world, dying in vain and for the wrong reasons, I dedicate this song to them.

God Bless us all, today and always! Happy Monday.


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