Friday, March 9, 2012

RIP week...

Last night on my way back home from watching "The Lorax" with Yanique - which was pretty good by the way- I drove by a dead black cat on the road, very close to our house.

As soon as I saw the black bulk on the road, my heart skipped fearing that it was an animal, then when I saw it was a black cat, my heart sunk thinking it could be our own Shadow.

But Thank Goodness it wasn't.

Unfortunately, it was another black kitty that have been around our house before... He was dead.

And that's the thing about outdoor cats, there are much more vulnerable to the dangers of the roads, people and other predators. In the case of our 6 cats, I think that perhaps they don't go very far anymore as we find then hanging out around the house most of the time... where they need there's food waiting for them!

Anyway, we can't really prevent those things to happen and although I fear for their safety I also know that if God allowed us to rescue and care for them I know he is also keeping and eye on them at all times.

RIP little black kitty.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

I am woman

If you are a woman reading this today, Happy International Women's Day to you and the women in your life...

If you are a man reading this today, perhaps you should be wondering why there isn't a International Men Day? LOL... But instead of getting depressed about that, how about treating the women in your life like the queens they are, and perhaps they will give back to you in ways that would make you feel like a King?!?!?... Anyway, u get the idea.

To honor today's Women in the world here's a song that describe us in many ways...

Although the lyrics of the song express power and strength I am not sure if it applies to my lately...

It's been more than a month since the last time I crochet anything.

I guess I could say that I have some ideas of possible projects but I just feel way to exhausted when I get home to do anything of the sort.

Perhaps my next project should be a pillow so after I finish it I could go right to sleep, LOL!

Again with the tiredness I am.

It wasn't that long ago that I posted about being extremely fatigue here and it's back with a vengeance.

Although I am exercising twice a week (quite hard) the events and stress of last week at work, left me with a feeling of total fatigue, one that I have not been able to get rid of.

But besides the exhaustion part, my eyes are still swollen at times and although I already know I have a severe allergy to nickel, I know for a fact that this is not the only thing that is affecting me, so yesterday I went to the doctor.

After explaining all of my symptoms to the doctor plus how long this situation is being going on and what have I done about it, Dr. B decided that I need: a TSG, Free T4, CBC, ESR and an ANA with reflex test done.

So what are these test for? Mainly to find out how my Thyroid is working,to know if there's any possible disease developing (like Lupus) and possible infections anywhere in my body.

While we wait on those results, I am supposed to take some pills for a few weeks just to find out if there's any improvement on the eye situation.

So other than the exhaustion and my eye situation, there isn't much going on in my life at the present time. 

Oh yeah, I just remembered tonight I am planning to take Yanique to the movies to watch The Lorax- hope to be able to stay awake during the whole movie! 

Have a great day!!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wordless Wednesday


Happy Wednesday!!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

ready to reconnect

Some times when things fail the only viable option is to disconnect to then reconnect to get things back on track...

Well, that's how I've been feeling for the past couple of days, I feel like the only way to connect again with my blog is by disconnecting from it for a few days... and that's why I've been sort of MIA.

The 5th anniversary events from last week were good, the very first one at the theater was super busy, the gallery one was a success with lots of great networking and possible future sales, but not many done that night.

Saturday was our family fun day and I think everybody was having fun, specially the kids at the "Duck Pond".

Also the kids really enjoyed painting with Mr. Harvey... I think they did a fantastic job, don't you agree?

Here's the final master piece...

This week should be a bit less hectic... looking forward to some of that.

Have a great day!!!


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