Friday, May 7, 2010

Rain please!

While Tennessee is having a very hard time after being affected by heavy rains that flooded most of Nashville and other areas, meanwhile here, we haven't had a drop of rain in days.

Our island is very, very dry but at the same time very humid. Just yesterday they were saying on the radio that temperature was around 87F but the real feel was more like 105F so that's pretty much boiling hot to me.

I only wish there was a way to get a little bit of that rain that they got in Nashville to spread around my yard, that way maybe we could get some green grass from a change and not the horrible and spiky weeds that are suddenly taking over our wonderful lawn.

 enjoying my outdoor shower

On the other hand, we are less than a month away from the beginning of the 2010 Atlantic Hurricane Season, so hopefully in a few months I won't be asking for some dry weather and complaining about so much rain, because that's just how it is sometimes with us humans...

You know what they say "The grass is always greener..." even if it's cause is full of manure, LOL!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Joy Ride

There are a lot of things in life that fill my life with joy, some are complex but others very simple ones that just bright my day and make me enjoy being alive.

People make me happy but also sometimes make me very sad, human relationships are hard and definitely not simple, still when they are positive influences in your life they can definitely bring you much, much joy.

Now, when it comes to animals, this is a completely different story in my case, I love animals and most of the time they make me very, very happy. More and more everyday I come to find out how amazing they are, how awesome it's to be able to share my life with them and wish more people would realize the same; that way they would be more loved and protected.

I have to admit that one simple thing that makes me really happy is; whenever I see a dog riding in a car. Why this makes me happy? Is not mainly because of the dog being in the car, but the fact that the people with him/her really appreciate their relationship and it goes beyond a human-pet type, is like they give their animal the value of life companion, and that is priceless.

Yesterday morning, I was driving to work, nowadays I always carry my camera with me in case I encounter one of those "Kodak moments", then all of a sudden on the side of the road while I am waiting on a red light, here comes a man driving a scooter with the most wonderful passenger...

Isn't he great?

After I got home that afternoon I told my husband:

-You won't believe what I saw this morning and took a picture of? and he answered:
-You saw a guy riding a scooter with a dog in the back!
I was like, WOW! How did you know? He says because he saw it too around the island (twice) and each time he thought of me!!! (And that's another reason why I love my man).

Have a wonderful day!!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco de Mayo

I guess when a holiday celebration is linked to tacos, tequila and maybe even mariachi music, it is bound to get popular, right? So that's probably the reason a day like today Cinco de Mayo, is celebrated in the States and other country more than it even is in Mexico.

But, does most of the people celebrating and getting drunk with margaritas really know what this date is all about? I seriously doubt it, I bet that if I go to any of the many bars having "Cinco de Mayo" event and specials around the island, and I ask a few people what is the real celebration of this day, they will probably say:

1. The Independence of Mexico

2. When USA won the state of Texas over Mexico.

3. National Day of Tequila

4. National Tacos Day

5. Speedy Gonzales Birthday

But none of this are the REAL reason why Cinco de Mayo is even an recognized date. The real reason is that today commemorates the Mexican army's unlikely victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862.

You can read more about the history of today at the Wikipedia page of Cinco de Mayo, where it also says

"In the United States Cinco de Mayo has taken on a significance beyond that in Mexico. The date is perhaps best recognized in the United States as a date to celebrate the culture and experiences of Americans of Mexican ancestry, much as St. Patrick's Day, Oktoberfest, and the Chinese New Year are used to celebrate those of Irish, German, and Chinese ancestry respectively. Similar to those holidays, Cinco de Mayo is observed by many Americans regardless of ethnic origin. Special events and celebrations highlight Mexican culture, especially in its music and regional dancing. Commercial interests in the United States have capitalized on the celebration, advertising Mexican products and services, with an emphasis on beverages, foods, and music".

So there you have it in case you didn't know... Anyhoo, whatever is your reason for celebrating Cinco de Mayo, have fun, be responsible (specially when dealing with Tequila) and at least know the real reason in case somebody asks you what today's date means you don't sound like idiot (you've been warned!, LOL!)

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Unwanted guests begone

Living in the Caribbean and in a house that is built on 10 foot columns we usually get pretty good breeze so there's no need in running the A/C 24/7 which is great, doors and windows open most of the time, I love it.

The only little detail about it, is that with doors open "policy", we also get some unwanted guests: mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches and even those annoying geckos that leave their droppings everywhere, ugh!

The other day I even found him (or her?)

don't even know what kind of bug this is? It has wings like a dragonfly but then the body is completely different and it has antennas as well. It seem pretty harmless so I decided to take the picture.

Last year we had some pest control done and it helped, but damn it is expensive! And because of this, I've been procrastinating about getting it done again, until now  that it's gotten to the point that instead of just mosquitoes is more like clouds of them, not nice, specially for our blood count, LOL!

Finally tomorrow we are having the Pest Control guys coming in, they are spraying both the yard as well as the inside, I think it's important to do that now before it starts raining and more bugs start coming out of the bushes to look for shelter in our lovely house, hope this helps!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Wonderful Weekend

It's Monday again and I am no longer a "newlywed", feels great as it is and I can't wait to have many more years along my loving husband.

As an anniversary present I wanted to give him something special, that you don't do every day and something that we both have never done before, so I arranged a Helicopter ride around our beautiful island, it was AWESOME!

Like I said before it was a one of a kind experience and we really enjoyed it, here are some of the best pictures of around the island.

taking off

flying towards the East End of the Island

View of 7 mile beach

Our House from the air!

Our beach house, not! The Ritz Carlton Hotel

Nice houses in the South Shore

George town's Port

Isn't it a beautiful island and how about the color of the water? Just amazing...

Helicopter tour is definitely a must when you come visit, it's worth the money and the time... We already want to do it again, hopefully we won't wait for another year to go by!

Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

1 lovely year

A year ago, May 2nd, 2009 was one of the most important and unforgettable days of my life, I was getting ready to become a wife to the man that I love with all my heart.

Thinking back on that day at times it seems kind of blurry, I had so many mixed feeling of love, happiness, excitement, nerves, but all were good ones, the kind that you only have once in a lifetime!

Now a whole year has passed and like many things that you only do for a first time, we are having our first year anniversary.

I can't really say it feel like the first day we met because our love has changed, grown and evolve in many levels, and one thing I am sure of is that is not the same love, but a much, much better one, that will keep on changing as we do, otherwise we get stuck and that's when things don't work out as well.

So, yeah, it feels really fast that a whole year has already passed, I guess "time flies when you are in love", and I don't mind that, as long as I am next to Mark to share it with him.


Mariasol & Mark
May 2nd, 2009


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