Saturday, December 15, 2012

Beautiful weather!

Weather is so beautiful today that I decided to go out and make me a snow man...

So I went out in the depths of winter but I couldn't find any snow, so decided on the next best thing.

Here's my Sand-Man, cute, eh???

 Like I said before, the weather was beautiful, went to the beach for a few hours, had some fresh fish from a local restaurant next to the beach and enjoyed the day doing some snorkeling...

Will post some photos of the snorkeling tomorrow!

Happy Saturday!

Friday, December 14, 2012

the best combination

There's no better combination I can think of than a Friday and Pay Day on the same day, isn't it? So, today is such a wonderful day... plus it's only 10 days 'till Christmas.

So, remember I few days ago I shared this photo?

I mentioned how nice it would be to be able to take such a photo of our dogs but it would be almost impossible to have Sheba stay still or have anything on her for more than a millisecond.

Then, my hubby read my post and suggested perhaps we could just wrap them in the lights so they would stay still... well, then I contemplated the idea, until I saw the following photo, which would be closer to our scenario... LOL! Poor lil' fella...

So, officially I've given up on this idea, but still contemplating others... Now I only have this and next weekend to come up with a nice photo op for a Christmas greeting, so let's see what I can come up with.

Well, hope everybody has a wonderful weekend, I don't have many plans but baking some cookies on Sunday for work related gifts, trying a new recipe for the first time, so wish me luck (specially because I am still on a diet so I won''t be able to try them to give them the o.k- but thanks God for my hubby and his rather amazing "tasting skills"), LOL!

Happy Weekend everybody!!! 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Throwback Thursday

Hello All, it's that time of the week again...

Being that the past is relative thing, meaning the past can be 20 minutes ago or 20 year ago, today I am dedicating this post to a wonderful couple and event that happened just yesterday 12.12.12!

My dear friend Jessica Vellela married her new hubby Siddharth on 12.12.12. at 12:12pm.

Isn't it a beautiful photo? From what I hear it was a beautiful but simple ceremony back in India.

My friend Jessica is originally from Canada but moved to India to study Ayurveda Medicine a few years back, now she is officially a doctor and has her own clinic called Ayur Village, if you want to learn about her place visit her website at or ck out her facebook page here.

I am so happy to know she has found love and happiness back in India. She is a friend I made back when I lived in Mexico and I think she is a wonderful girl. Wish them all the happiness in the world.

Now, feel like joining in with a Throwback from you distance or not so distance past? Hope so, just link up next...

Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

eyes wide open

Every now and then comes a video that opens our eyes wider, and help us to see some of the the amazing things that happen in our planet and the different realities that exist for others around the world.

Today I want to share with you an video that has widen my perspective towards human dedication and what the human spirit is able to achieve with the right set of mind to better a situation against misfortune.

If you have a few minutes to spare, please watch the following video and give me your thoughts... I hope you enjoy it and find it inspiring!

Have a wonderful day!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

10 on Tuesday

Another day, another post, but this one today, comes filled with many wonderful things, as I am sharing once again a 10 in Tuesday and linking back to Linny's Vault.

Of all the things I cannot eat right now because of my diet, I think I miss bananas the most! I know, I could probably say many other things but I guess my body is sorta already detoxed from many other things that have carbs and sugar! But if only I could eat a banana... 

For this coming Christmas time, I am loving my new "Curly Q" Santa Hat... I think it's a mix of "Nightmare before Christmas and Dr. Seuss", seriously cute, right?

Lately we've been having lots of "#2 accidents" on our back deck from our long time house broken dog Ditto. He is getting old and I am afraid something physical is causing these situations, although I have also google the problem and some people mentioned "dementia" from old age... 
We are even considering taking him and Sheba to another Vet for another opinion.

different kind of accident that what we have going on!

Wish I could make my dogs stay still long enough to take a photo like the following one... Wouldn't that be awesome?!? (Also would need to make Sheba keep the reindeer head band on for more than a millisecond!)

At Church they had a "Giving Tree" yesterday, basically you can pick up a tag an get a gift for a person that needs a gift this Christmas, I picked 3 and got; an Adult Lady, an Adult Man and a Older Adult (they specified that needed toiletries). It's hard to buy things for Adult men that you don't know... So I got them both the same.... hope it's o.k! For the lady, I got other ideas (of course!).

Next Sunday I am planning to bake Gingerbread Cookies and it's going to be a HUGE test for me, as I am still on the diet and cannot eat any of the ingredients but butter... Still, I gotta do them and will be made with even more love as it's going to be a test of endurance, wish me luck!

Have you seen all those projects, photo ops, ideas on Pinterest? Well this is the funniest "Fail" attempts I've seen so far... HI-LA-RI-O-US!

Source: via Andrea on Pinterest

So, think about it twice or maybe even three times before attempting those very tempting ideas, LOL... Otherwise please feel free to share your results!

My husband shared this on his facebook page the other day...

 After being on a diet for a few weeks and not eating absolutely any processed food (other than the Jerk Chicken Sausages I had on Sunday, and still those are 100% natural made on the island), I have to agree, natural food is the best for you.

Although I don't like wearing pantyhose very much, I would like to have a pair (or two) or these lovely tattoo pantyhose and would totally wear them, well at least during the winter months cause otherwise I would probably melt in the Caribbean heat, LOL!

Next Monday we are having our ALL GIRLS Christmas Party, cannot wait to see all the girls and have our Secret Santa and a much needed glass of wine (which I'll be allowed to then)... I am really looking forward to it.

Hope the weekend is going well for everybody, have a great Tuesday!!!

Monday, December 10, 2012

weekend recipe

What is the recipe for a good weekend?

A quiet time at home, mixed with good food and entertainment? Perhaps a bit of shopping/errands while catching up with friends? Or, enjoying the games on TV while eating and drinking to celebrate or drown your team sorrows away?

Well, the recipe for this past weekend was, a nice mix of Christmas party, a much deserved sleep in on Saturday morning, a pinch of shopping while we got a new sink for our kitchen (which we badly needed) installed and then just relaxing at home for the evening.

Then yesterday (while my hubby watched his favorite Team -Washington Red Skins- win) I finished my Sunday with a "cherry on top"; a bit of blogging, good food, a nice story and wonderful actors, all mixed together in a wonderful film.

The film I am talking about is "Julie & Julia", Oh what an enjoyable film!

If you are anything like me and love good food, recipes, cooking and even blogging, you are certain in for a treat! But not only the movie delivers a wonderful story, but one told by many great actors; from Meryl Streep, Amy Adams and Stanley Tucci, among others.

But, viewers be ware, this is not a movie to watch with an empty stomach, as it is sure to make you hungry, LOL!

So in my case I am so glad that I decided to watch it while having a late lunch, specially cause I made some delicious Oven Roasted Mini Tomatoes and they were yummy with the Jerk Chicken Sausages in my plate!

Perhaps the recipe for my roasted tomatoes is not up to Julia Child's standards, but they were so good, specially with "Herbes Provencale", hey at least that sounds French!

How was your weekend? Well done? Hope so... Have a wonderful week!!!


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