Friday, August 3, 2012

weather wise...

Considering it's Friday, I have to say that I'm not particularly excited about the weekend coming up, first because I have to work tomorrow Saturday (although it's only 9 to 3pm) and second because just out of the blue weather doesn't seem to be cooperating as this is the outlook for the next coming days...

Tropical storm Ernesto is officially in the near future and perhaps by the time it comes closer to us it would be a Category 1 hurricane.

So yes, perhaps Ernesto will be only rain and wind, we are fully prepare at home with our shutters and generator, but it's still a stressful time until we know for sure what is going to happen... Hopefully it's nothing to worry about!

Have a great weekend :)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

my point of view

Although this is a personal web blog in which I mainly talk about my "very interesting" life and random thoughts, today I am stepping away from my regular "programming" to write a bit about the social/political happenings on the little islands that I reside in ... because believe it or not, it's not all about me all the time, LOL!

So yes, it is summer here and getting pretty hot, but not only weather wise, as life here on the island from the "political arena" is getting heated up as well.

As I mentioned the other day about participating on a peaceful protest, that didn't quite happened that day because of the cancellation from the government side.

You might ask, what was the reason for the protest?Well, no other that the latest announcement by the government of their new plan to start taxing expatriates on they payroll (10%), but only those that have a work permit on the island, plus the elimination of expats pension benefit.

Although this isn't a tax but a "community enhancement fee" as the Leader of Government said last night on a public meeting, well, to me, "no matter how you dress up your dog, it's still a dog", right?
So, it looks like the plan is a go, because the current government cannot find another way to make enough revenue and have the UK accept their 2012-2013 budget... Go figure, another government in debt, never saw that coming, LOL!

Now, we have to remember that these islands are and have always been a tax haven, this being the main reason why so many companies and people come to get established here and the same way they came, they can leave, right? So, is this the beginning of the end for the non tax benefits these islands have enjoyed for so long, I personally don't know...

What is this going to mean to the overall economy and future of the these islands. I just hope for the sake of both local Caymanians as well as Expatriats that live here, that the government makes good use of all the money they say this new fees will generate, but again, this is a government we are talking about, right... so you never know!

And that folks is a very broad description of what is happening here and now, from my point of view but with no political, financial or law background whatsoever... So, if you feel like you want to read and find out more about this issue, please feel free to visit and read our local newspaper, news website and local tv news channel found here, here and here.

Have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New Month

Well hello August, so good to see you again!

Like I mentioned a few days ago, weather is getting pretty hot around these parts of the world, seems very hot and it doesn't rain, so what's up with that?

Unfortunately today we woke up to no breeze and hoping this is not what August is going to be like. Last year I had my Mom visiting and it was so hot during the night that we ended up using the A/C most of the nights to be able to sleep without sweating like a pig!

At this point like a said, no rain but already something (weather wise) forming in the Atlantic, here's the latest update on the NOAA website.

Hoping this "little cluster" of weather stays away and does not become a Tropical Cyclone (aka Hurricane)... Although I really would like some rain to tone down the heat just a bit.

So, anything special you are looking forward this new month of August? Not on my end, other than annual inventory at the gallery and perhaps finishing the Amigurumi Monkey... will keep up posted!

Happy Wednesday & August!!!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tasty Tuesday!

Lately I've been on a seefood diet, meaning, "I see food I eat it"!

But at least I try to only focus on good, healthy food... most times!

As most of you know, breakfast is a vital part of our day. When I was high school I was so lazy that I would try to sleep until the very last minute, skipping breakfast most days, perhaps this might be the reason I am over my healthy weight and still dealing with it... But not any more.

Lately I try to eat my protein (eggs and sometimes only egg whites), Ezekiel bread and berries (oh, and in case you noticed the bacon, well that too but not very often).

photo by sunshine
I wasn't really a very big fan of fruit for a long time, specially during my "Atkins Phase", but now I am over that and taking advantage of the fact that it is summer so berries are fairly cheap and plenty.

photo by sunshine
For lunch I've been hooked on vegetables, salads and every now and then fish. Just the other day I had  delicious Flying Fish with vegetables lunch, yummy!

photo by sunshine
For dinner we usually Chicken, sometimes Pasta (which I love but I am conscious it is very starchy), fish and salad/veggies too!

And then, there's the occasion treat, yesterday I had a delicious "psychedelic sorbet" at TCBY, yummy!!!

photo by sunshine
Now, the seefood diet is not complete without lots of water, lately to make it even better and easier to drink I add a cinnamon stick to my water bottle and drink the water with it as cinnamon is great for your digestion and your metabolism.

How about you, what's your diet? Any special tips to keep your weight down but still enjoy what you love?

Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Double Sunday

Today is my 3rd day off, I am at home enjoying a 3 day weekend mainly because I will be working from Tues to Sat this coming week as my boss is going away next weekend.

These past two days were a combination of relaxing and catching up on ongoing project and a new one, also on Saturday we went to a BBQ that I baked a cake for and everybody loved it, we had a good time!

The ongoing project I have right now, is the amigurumi Monkey I am making for Julian, my Godson, so far I have the head, face, muzzle, one arm done and I am doing the rest of the body as we speak...

Still long to go but I can start to see some progress now.

Also during the weekend I took on a brand new project, I saw it a while ago (probably on Pinterest) but can't remember where and I figure it was something right up my alley, I made a tool caddy for our garden tools... Here is my invention!

Isn't it cool?!?!?
The best part of this project is that, it's so easy and you can make it in an hour...

All you need is a beer (Smirnoff Ice in my case) six pack caddy, some Mod Podge (with a brush to spread it), scissors and whatever paper you want to wrap it with... that's it!

My plans for the day are basically no plans other than, there is a peaceful protest going on this evening.

The reason of the protest you might ask? The government trying to impose payroll taxes on the "expats" living on the islands but not on the natives, and as we are part of that group and so is most of our friends, we have decided to go and show our support, will tell you more about it later... wish us luck!

Happy Monday everybody!!!!


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