Saturday, February 23, 2013

Hello 36!

It has been 35 rounds around the sun since I first saw the light of day and so far, so good.

The past 35 years under my belt have been great ones, and now as I add an another year, I am looking forward to at least double what I've lived, learn, people I've met, places to visit and experiences to gain.

So Happy New Year to me!

As I come start another year I have feeling of happiness and love but specially gratitude to God for always looking after me and all the blessings I have and get to keep everyday; my family, pets and friends being the most of important ones on that list.

Thank you Blogger readers and friends for stopping by my blog and making me a space in your lives!

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Letters

Dear Friday: Once again I am so happy and grateful that you showed up, my love for you gets bigger every day of the week and when you finally get here my heart races with the idea of you bringing me closer to the weekend, specially since I have so much to look forward on this one!

Dear blog friends: Thanks for your words of encouragement yesterday, life is definitely much better when you have people that support you and offer a kind word when needed.

Dear Aunt Cynthia: I am very excited to go home and see you (among other people) but I specially want to thank you for being such a cool aunt and lending me your car while I'll visiting, that is going to be a great help as I won't have to spend any money in a rental car.

Plus I will be cruisin' in style while driving your Fiat 500 convertible, sweeeeeet!

Dear 35 years of my life: I am just about ready to add one more, tomorrow is the day, so bring it on, I've always like the number 36, so that must be a good sign!

Dear flying weather: Please be super nice tomorrow as I am taking the twin otter plane to the Brac, I know it's a short flying of just 40 minutes, but turbulence is not a form of enjoyment for me!

Dear gym class: I am so happy I got up and joined you this morning, having a Saturday birthday among friend will consist of cake and drinks, so exercising in advance to make up for it is wonderful!

Dear Blog: I will not be around tomorrow although I am planning to have some cake for my readers, so come on by and wish me a happy birthday while "eating" some of my cyber cake... I will be in Cayman Brac celebrating life!!!

Happy Birthday weekend to me and to you all a wonderful one as well!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Keep Calm it's Thursday

Wish I had much to post about, but in all seriousness I don't... 

Today started on a weird way; having an argument with my husband who is kind of in a funk because of life, responsibilities and of course money.

It sucks that somebody stole our lawn mower, but really, it's only a lawn mower, and yes it was a good one, not a cheapo one, but it's only something material, worst case scenario our grass grows to the point that we'll feel as if we live in the jungle, but I really doubt it will come to that point!

Now, when it comes to security about our house and the fact that somebody can break in, I really don't worry so much about them stealing our "stuff", but I do worry about the fact that we have two "ferocious" dogs inside and I really worry about somebody trying to harm them just to get their hands on the few "possessions" we have. To me, anything is replaceable but people and animals.

So, yeah, not much to post about, I will be busy tonight with the first event and tomorrow as well.

I really need time off, away from work, the house, the dogs, the cats and even the husband, but nothing personal against anything or anybody, it's just that I am convinced that "if you make friends with yourself you'll never be alone" and that friendship is as important as any other relationship so it's vital to care for it as well...

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ova' da hump

Happy Hump Day everybody!

So, how big is your hump today? Mine is full of events coming up...

With only a little more than a week to closing the second month of 2013, the first event coming up tomorrow Thursday, it's our Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours event to celebrate the 6th Anniversary of the Shoppe and Gallery where I work.

This type of event is in collaboration with the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce and it's a way to invite fellow members of the chamber and general public to an "Open House" of your business, there will be refreshments, finger food, raffles and even music! Should be fun.

Then on Friday we are having a private event for YPO Florida, hoping that would be a good one too! That night after work I am going out to celebrate my birthday with my co-workers and then I am off for the weekend to beautiful Cayman Brac.

At this point I am also looking forward to my birthday specially as I am going to Cayman Brac and then in a couple of weeks going to Costa Rica to visit my family!!!

Now, If only I can turn into an octopus for a couple of hours a day from now own... I have all this crochet projects in my mind that I will like to make and take home for gifts, but of course I am kind of leaving everything last minute and I am not sure if I will be able to make it but at least I have to try.

Although yesterday I got another project almost "under my belly", an "Angry Birds" inspired owl (door stopper) for my godson Julia, specially requested by my cousin (his Mom). Here's the photo...

Isn't it cute? I think so... Now, I still have to work on the wings and also on another Owl for my Aunt who invited me to visit her new mountain log cabin so I figure it would be a nice gift to bring her, although hers it's not going to be "Angry Birds" inspired but on a combination of shades of green, lavender and purple... photos coming soon!

On another note, somebody stole our lawn mower from our back yard, cut the lock and took it, sucks! We have some suspicions but unfortunately we cannot proof anything so we feel as if nothing can be done.

So here and now I ask God to bless this person who stole from us, as he/she is very poor in spirit. God knows we work hard to buy our things and we do not steal from anybody but it's unfortunately others do.

Hope everybody has a nice Hump Day and your day is full of smiles!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

count to 10

Tuesday is here and so is another link back to 10 on Tuesday from Linny's & Co.

Yesterday was my 6th anniversary at work, more than 1/2 a decade working for a great company but specially for a man that is not only talented, but a kind human being, a devoted family man and a great boss... A man that has taught me that "A job worth doing, is worth doing it well", thank you Dr. Guy Harvey & GH Inc for this past 6 years of employment, looking forward to more.

Over the weekend we watched the movie Argo, great movie. It is very intense and of course not a light topic, but I feel it was very well made and definitely has a good chance for an Oscar. BTW, what is "Silver Lining Handbook" doing in that category anyway? Whatever...

Last night I had the worst of times sleeping, I have to say that I officially cannot sleep with a pillow anymore... a few months ago my husband had the same situation and he asked me to buy him a yoga block, well, he's been using that under his pillow for a while and seems to work fine... So last night I gave it a try and my neck feel much better today... I guess I am going to have to try that for a while and see how it goes.

Yesterday I had a hard time dealing with FedEx about sending some art to California, hoping today will be the closure of that long process to get those pieces outta door!

The weekend was great for crocheting, I've made 2 1/2 Rainbows and now I am starting a "Angry-Owl" (my version of Angry Birds) for my godson Julian, photos soon!

This is on of the neighborhood's dog, I call him "Uncle Dog" because he could be our dog Sheba's long distant relative... He is very cool dog and I think his real name if "Blacko" or something like that.

We've had this beach chair for a few year but finally the fabric on the sitting area ripped, well, after seeing all those very great projects on Pinterest, something must have rubbed on me but I decided to re-purpose it as cat bed, so I took it downstairs and as soon as I put the there, our cat LT fell in love with it.

But, my hubby still wanted to get rid of it and next day I found it in the trash, so I took it again and set it on the side while I took a photo with my phone, immediately LT was in it again... proving that he loves it, now it's his foreva'

Took this photo of a Plumeria (aka Frangipani) flower the other day after a nice rain, pretty uh?

Today's gym class was pretty though, but oh well, no pain no gain, right... so as long as the only thing I don't gain is any weight then the pain is totally worth it, right?!?!?!?

T-5 days to the BIG 3-6 Birthday... I am going away for the weekend to Cayman Brac to visit friends, flying solo as the hubby has a conference the whole weekend, will miss having him around at the Brac but I am looking forward to visit on my home's away from home.

Happy Tuesday!!!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Any day is Earth Day!

Hello Monday!

My weekend was great, Saturday was a very nice and sunny day but can't say the same about yesterday (or today) as we got a pretty strong cold front, with lots of wind, dark clouds and today even rain.

I did get some crochet done and yesterday after talking to my cousin from back home, I have a few new orders to take home, so I will be busy on that on the next few days!

On another note, for a while now I take our dogs walking around a nearby path on a neighbor property and lately I've notice that the trash situation is getting out of control, but of course it's not my property so why doing anything about, right? 

Nooooo! That is exactly the kind of mentality that is killing this planet. Why picking up anything that I didn't throw out myself? 

Well, the garbage is there and will still be there whether we pick it up or not, but we humans are the responsible of that garbage being produce, so why can't we be responsible to pick it up.

So, I went to the grocery store, got some big trash bags, latex gloves and decided to take matters on my own hands.

This is the area before I got my "hands on" it.

Well, 2 and 1/2 bags later...

Here are some before and after photos...

How does it look? Pretty nice, uh?

So, yes, I did it for myself, for the fact that I don't like me or my animals to walk around trash all the time. Because this is where I live, it's my neighborhood, my country, my island and my planet.

Would people throw trash again? Perhaps they will, but for that God gave me two arms and two legs to walk around and pick it up again, for me, for whomever walks by...

I am happy!

Have a wonderful Monday and weekend again.


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